World 69 Vet - Co Duke Of No 1 Tribe - Looking For Help Getting Back Into The Game.


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Yo guys,

I am basically looking for a tribe of good players that will take me in on world 126. Likely going to need co-players and will probs need pointing in the direction of efficiency build guides, current best farming practices and someone who can help me practice noble trains and sniping.

From the looks of it, the game hasn't changed too much in the last 10 years or so although I'm sure there are differences I'll need to be made aware of.

If anyone played back in the world 69 and before days, I went by the username ruler1995 (prior to world 69) and in world 69 which was the last one I played I was called Tasha Reign (our premade was pornstar themed because it was world 69 and I was 16 so forgive me lol).

Prior to world 69 I was in some of the no 1 tribes, playing with many of the top players at the time. I held leadership positions in most which eventually led to the setup of the 69 premade which was no 1 in the world for a significant period of time.

I'm UK based so the states and Australia are good for co-players.

Also wrote many guides for the forums and my tribes which I can't seem to find anymore. I don't know if any of my own build guides would be relevant anymore however I can't seem to find them anyway which is annoying.

If anyone can point me in the direction of village build guides (for the first village and following ones) then that would be appreciated.

I'm based out in K35 atm but will likely start over in a few days once I get to grips with some build guides.

Anyway nice to be diving into this game again and thanks for any help in advance.


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Join the TW discord. Current meta is mostly about learning the pp/events and knowing how to pp farm.