World 75 milestones


How going to update this list when the user has been blocked?


Maybe I should make another milestone and keep it updated.


What did he say/do to get blocked for 4 months? I know he was spamming a ton, but that's quite a while...
I assume he got warnings though.

Deep Winter.

​If anyone would like to keep this going, please let me know. I will remove this and sticky the new one.


Need to create a new thread. No edits can be made when the user has been blocked.


Congrats mike, but you won't be making nobles in that village for a LONG time... lol.

I think this topic is all about perspective. If you want to chase the awards, which is fine, then go for it. Some awards are set up for start up players, while others are designed for long term players like myself.

Some players clearly would be quietly jealous as they may have been racing for the first nobling themselves, whilst other players may not be interested in the award or the glory. These players may consider it to be a waste of a noble.

I myself have always thought of it as a short term gain but a long term hinderance, as a small first nobling will take forever to develop. With this said, my goals are different to others. I don't want to be the first one to noble someone in a world. I'd prefer to be the last person to noble someone in the world.

Again, congrats.
Funny how it works. Mikebenji is still here, and yet Faaaark has been gone for months.

Is immunesoul ever going to update it or is w75 going to be unknown to those who did not experience it?


it's never getting updated, since I got banned it's gone to poop.

although if someone wants to message me privately with the updates for it, I will update it.
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