World Analysis


After a brief absence from the external forums, I've resurfaced with a new topic, the world analysis.

Doing the top 15 tribes in the previous format was getting a bit stale imo so in this topic i'll look at a bunch of stuff on this world, whatever i feel like is worth taking a look at at the time.

Also going through all the 15 tribes took me quite some time so here in can break it up into smaller parts which should make it easier for me and smaller posts but more often.


Let's talk about the North-West today.

Wet has been around since the start and had some other tribes in the area compete for dominance. Jedi and TWA were the 2 large threats in the early game, Jedi in the core and TWA in the rim same as WET was. Wet was able to recruit some decent players from TWA which left TWA to implode shortly after. After some time of building up they decided to war with Jedi which they won easily. That was to be expected looking at the circumstances, there were multiple spies leaking nearly all information so any attacks on Wet could be defended easily. With Micki being duke morale in Jedi wasn't that high to start with and the tribe didn't work well together. The front with Wet was barely prestacked by Jedi so their demise was inevitable. Escape and VAPE recruited some of Jedi giving those two tribes a presence in K44 as well.

The way Wet recruited during this stage caused them to exceed the 40 player tribe limit causing them to create an academy tribe called SOAKED. Personally i don't like academy tribes, more people to manage, larger risk on spies and weaker accounts overall. Jedi went down partly of mass recruitment so Wet taking the full acad tribe approach is surprising.

Anyway Wet has major fronts with Escape and VAPE while also having Tudadar in their continent. K43 used to have a rim tribe with potential called 4AM. They had some good players there and seemed to have a decent leadership as well with confidence in the tribe to stick around.

Four days after this post was made, Wet decided to op 4AM. They took about 20 villages of 4AM so it appeared Wet was able to take this tribe out, however they chose to recruit the top members of 4AM 2 days after the op was launched.


I'm not sure if I'm more surprised of 4AM joining Wet this easy, four days after their duke said on the externals they were gonna stick around, or about the fact that the duke of 4AM joined Wet and 15 minutes after joining their academy he already nobled from 4AM.

Apart from the decisions made by 4AM members, i'm surprised by the decision made by Wet to recruit them. Wet and Soaked combined had close to 80 members already so adding more accounts to that shouldn't be a priority. After capturing 20 villages of 4AM in the first day of the op you'd come to the conclusion 4AM should be easy to noble out for Wet which would grow their accounts instead of adding more. I don't understand this decision unless the 4AM players are great players and Wet is lacking actual good players in their 80 man roster who knows or if they just need to gain fast for a war soon, that would be the only two logical explanations I could think of.

Wet and Escape are on friendly terms from what I've heard so that potential war would be against Vape which isn't too far fetched according to the rumours going around. Word on the street is that Wet is going to op Tudadar first so can't wait to see how that turns out.
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Actually prefer these deeper analysis posts over general overviews of the top whatever.


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Wet already have spies so it’s irrelevant how many players they have. Hitting vape would be dumb. They all need to fight obey.

Also wet have failed on many other worlds but have one or two decent this time. Also what happened to incoming impact? More drama as usual?


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lol @ incoming failure. every single world he needs to create some sort of drama or throw a temper tantrum.

when the entire tw community doesnt like you, its not them, its you

BiP took him in on world 90. If anything I was just happy to rim that excuse of a person there, even at a cost. @h0llygh0st merged his tribe on W92. Can’t believe people would bother with him. Le sigh. Delighted they got outclassed on that world. Anything for a win


Just a quick clarification about 4AM.

I was not the duke of 4AM, that was GroundControl (known on the externals as Marmite), he went AWOL a day or two before the Op from WET had begun.

I did my best in the situation we were thrown in to to take charge during the war, however I did not come here to lead.

The GroundControl account is still inactive, hence why I begun nobling the villages closest to me.

The rest of the assumptions I can agree with.


Is there any legitimacy behind WETS being a part of the WET family?

If so can this be seen as WET trying to get a foothold behind some of the tribes that threaten WET?


Wet already have spies so it’s irrelevant how many players they have. Hitting vape would be dumb. They all need to fight obey.

I am interested in how long it will take people to wake up and realise this.

Seems people are determined to bury their head in the sand and pretend it will go away if they wait long enough.

What an epic TW story it would be too, if people did work together to take them out. Rather than just being slowly eaten. I think even the guys in OBEY would have more fun :D

P.S - good thread interesting read. I agree with IWABM, these are more enjoyable than a top 10.


Drop this guy a like, he's doing great work with these analysis. Highly enjoyable to read and have someone look at the world with a critical and intelligent mindset.


The next part is about the South-West

The two main tribes of the South-West are Vape and [-DS-] with Obey having a decent chunk of K54 as well.

Vape is the most dominant tribe in the region looking at the number of villages they have, over double the number [-DS-] has.
Even though Vape is larger than [-DS-] they do have a smaller part of the rim to grow towards which means Vape has to fight other tribes to grow.

There has been some tension between Vape and Wet in the past but they haven't gotten into any major conflict yet and attacking Wet would probably not be the easiest way to grow for Vape anyway.
BuJok! in the core has turtled really hard so nobling them is pretty slow and no one has decided to really war Obey so far and Vape seemed to have ruled out that option as well so they decided to fight [-DS-] for more control of the South-West and they would gain a whole lot of rim if they'd succeed on taking out [-DS-].

This seemed to be a lot harder than Vape originally thought it would be, Vape decided to do a major op on [-DS-] but they were not able to noble a single village.
This was not a small time op, they decided to op three different accounts and on quite a large scale.
Vape sent about 40 nukes and 11 trains to the atmospherecf1 account for example, even though people make fun of Ronnie from time to time he did defend this superb without losing a single village.


Vape splashed about 50 nukes on this op without taking a single village, that's not a great first impression.
Vape hasn't been war tested so far this world and for their first op to have a 0% success rate must cause the Vape leadership to realise they have some work to do if they aspire a world win here.

Of course it's not just Vape failing to any villages in this op, it could also be due to great defending of [-DS-], they do have a bunch of good players.
Even though [-DS-] is in between Vape and Obey they have been doing a very good job so far, who knows how far they can get this world.
[-DS-] did lose a couple villages to Obey in the last few weeks so there seems to be no kind of diplomacy between the two of them which means they are doing a really good job so far working with the resources they have in their current situation.

Vape and [-DS-] combined have 53 members which will be lower in a week because [-DS-] is internalling a few accounts, so a future merge is still possible if the threat of Obey becomes too large for either of the two tribes to deal with on their own.


Unlike you I don't need an alias to not get mocked for simply existing.


Rumor has it that if VAPE and DS merge Obey would have to fight WET and Escape at the same time and possibly declare on Vape as well


Rumor is VAPE did some shady stuff concerning WET which might cause conflict between the two on the short term


WET has this magical skill to piss people off without doing anything, so i understand if VAPE dislikes them. Come to think of it, i must have been infested by WET :rolleyes: