World Championship!

Discussion in 'W4 General discussion:' started by PIT_THE_GREEK, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. As you all know it is also worlds championship in soccer and iam sure most of us are watching the games:)
    Some teams played good some played bad,and some have impressed alot in the tournament....
    Which team do you think will win the cup?

    I know many here around are from Usa,do you think they will go to the final game?
  2. richardfrancia

    richardfrancia Still Going Strong

    Mar 31, 2008
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    if my team dont do well Im nobeling the whole teams hotel.
  3. Dorin Baba

    Dorin Baba Guest

    Usa will lose of course (no offence but it didn't look USA aren't yet a strong team at football )

    I would like to see in the final Brasil vs Argentina :)

    Or better Brasil vs Portugal (let to see some show!! )^_^
  4. Well Dorin,i would say England vs France would be a good final to watch :lol:

    but i dont think none of them will make it to the finals :lol:

    USA impressed actually,and so did switzerland...
  5. Dorin Baba

    Dorin Baba Guest

    France is out I'm think.. not sure about England. I hope not. Both country have good team I know France and England meet many time Romania team..
  6. Dorin Baba

    Dorin Baba Guest

    btw.. as offtopic
    28.04.2004 Bucuresti (Amical): Romania- Germania 5-1

    was just an non official game.. I just look from some archive on some site and this was look interesting :)
  7. Dorin Baba

    Dorin Baba Guest

    I told you Pit.. France failed :) They have poor defence and got nobled ^_^
  8. yea well they are not the only one lol :icon_redface:
    next round will be intressting to watch :icon_wink:
  9. Xterminator

    Xterminator Guest

    Pretournament I fancied Spain & Argentina,

    But honestly I was mostly concerned about France getting knocked out as soon as possible, and now I and probably all of Ireland can go back to just hating Henry, and not the whole french team :p

    Since we're not there I just want lots of great goals :lol: ,,Oh and I Still fancy Spain & Argentina.
  10. bye brazil :lol:
  11. Dorin Baba

    Dorin Baba Guest

    not fair at all :((
  12. Blitzkrieg.

    Blitzkrieg. Guest

    I LOVE YOU PERV! NOW YOU KNOW :icon_wink:
  13. Nuke nd Duke

    Nuke nd Duke Guest

    england or slovenia
  14. slytown

    slytown Guest

    what? lol ... this ended months ago. :|
  15. Bigfeet15

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    Jul 10, 2009
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    it didn't for them sly :p
  16. olympus

    olympus Contributing Poster

    May 22, 2008
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    He only just got the recorded games, don't spoil the ending ;)
  17. Jumanji2

    Jumanji2 Guest

    Do they have VHS there yet?
  18. Dorin Baba

    Dorin Baba Guest

    Romania - France = 0 - 2
    (crap :\ )
  19. Jumanji2

    Jumanji2 Guest

    Spoiler alert!!!