World Tournament - FINAL ROUND!


Hey everyone!

So you all are aware, this is the final round. Pure elimination: winner of this round wins it all, folks!

The winners have been announced in the other thread. For good measure, here they are:

[spoil]Round Votes:

[spoil]Azazel Aziz (6) vs. paolo83 (2) - Azazel Aziz Wins!
Illuminati Puppet. (2) vs. Bunny Queen (5) - Bunny Queen Wins![/spoil]

Eliminated Players:

Illuminati Puppet.[/spoil][/spoil]

Only two players left: Bunny Queen vs. Azazel Aziz, the rematch commences!

Rules are the same, but here's a reminder:

[spoil]1) Vote off what you think would happen in a 1v1.
2) Coplayers are included when you think about the winner.
3) Do not base anything off who has more firepower; assume both players start with same number of villages.
4) Assume that the two accounts have the same amount of online time per day, and timezones are the same.
5) Opinions not required when voting, but they are appreciated, so feel free to explain your point of view.
6) If you don't care how I will run the bracket, skip this mumbo jumbo technical talk. For those curious on how the next bracket will be drawn up using the double-bracket system, winners and losers will be separated into two different brackets and matched up randomly on their bracket using number generators. They will be given their assigned number based on their entry numbers (ie. 1 in the losers' category, if flux0rx1 lost and Tman93 didn't, is flux0rx1. If Tman93 lost, he would be 1 in the losers' category.) If you have questions about this, message me privately over forum.[/spoil]

All votes will be publicly made on the thread. One vote per person. If you use an alias I will know, and I will remove any further votes. I will not vote myself usually, but in the event of a tie I will be the tie-breaker, and will explain my reasoning if it comes to it.

Commence! You have 36 hours to vote!

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Az against both Muso and Ana... I'd say BQ allthought I reckon Az would give a good fight.


What does the winner actually win? Hmm...
9k Barb platinium collection ? Your account to internal , Or-el? Hmm.. Gotta be something juicy either way XD


Bunny Queen vs. Azazel Aziz

The winner gets Or-El's collection of Godliss nudes. :icon_eek:


*sniff* *sniff*
Taking Or-el villas by force it is then! I'll settle with that as a compensation prize XD Muso can have the big prize.


If I lose, I want an account in TB. We'll see what happens then :p