Pretty sexy. I see your all still doing well, feel free to skype me Joshi, I've been one the whole day. :p. Leave some vills for me ladies. ;)


Sorry for all the mess joshi but it hurts when someone just say aru isnt the real owner.(aru my RL friend and we meet up/talk daily ) .So get his work recognition i said you harsh words because no one knew pain.carbon was aru all called him joshi.He build that account himself for ages you can get my feeling as his RL friend.I know what his losses actualy are due to all XVI/Lfah surrounding him .Sorry for harsh words but aru must get recognition with Pain.carbon account.Its his first world.
As for me i am not in XVi nor attacking Active ;) I <3 active from long time in past but its inactivity yet again is bothering me.

Well, Tis Aru is a good liar :icon_wink:

You have my word this has not been tampered with.
[Spoil][19/11/2009 17:56:31] Jack: Well, gosid wants to come back to NL :p
[19/11/2009 17:56:38] Jack: He says you know him
[19/11/2009 17:57:09] Aru: naah
[19/11/2009 17:57:13] Aru: i dont
[19/11/2009 17:57:13] Jack: o.o
[19/11/2009 17:57:15] Jack: kk
[19/11/2009 17:57:21] Aru: he is a good player??
[19/11/2009 17:57:28] Jack: 800k points
[19/11/2009 17:57:39] Aru: he is a good player????
[19/11/2009 17:57:45] Jack: Hes alright xD
[19/11/2009 17:58:18] Aru: i know him bcz he have Shared Forum with us..
[19/11/2009 17:58:30] Jack: kk
[19/11/2009 17:58:31] Aru: just check ;)
[19/11/2009 17:58:44] Aru: but he is talking too much
[19/11/2009 17:58:50] Jack: about?
[19/11/2009 17:59:05] Aru: everythings.....blah blah blah[/spoil]

And this is while Prototype. started on you.

[spoil][08/01/2010 17:19:02] Jack: Gosids getting owned
[08/01/2010 17:19:04] Jack: lol
[08/01/2010 17:19:21 | Edited 17:19:23] Aru: who is gosid
[08/01/2010 17:19:38] Jack: Dont worry
[08/01/2010 17:19:43] Jack: The anoying guy
[08/01/2010 17:19:46] Jack: remember lol?
[08/01/2010 17:19:56] Aru: naah
[08/01/2010 17:20:05] Jack: :^)
[08/01/2010 17:20:09] Jack: Dont worry
[08/01/2010 17:20:17] Jack: you just mentioned him before sometime
[08/01/2010 17:20:35] Aru: maybe...but now i forget[/spoil]

@Joshi, No-ones saying your a bad player, on the contary, I'm sure you'll get even with those XVI guys :icon_wink:


Guys, please. Take it to private mail. Your making this go a little bit too off topic. This is a thread about the trading of villages between XVI/LFAH and ACTIVE/Ni, not who got owned by who. Please, leave it be.


Are you guys seriously arguing maturity while off topic and calling each other names?

/deletes posts this refers to.