Yes, you are epic


Time for another nostalgia thread.

I think it's due time to point out how epic w5 was, because we were the first.

  • To have new settings: archers and coin system - future worlds would follow with pallies, churches, bonus villages etc., but we were the first to be different.
  • To have a teaching tribe (D.A.), which would prove to be a successful recipe.
  • To have regularly updating world maps - yes, w4 had Komako making the first few maps, but we went through with it and perfected it. Yes, then came the auto updating maps, but again, TPC was technically the first to provide this. *
  • To have our map fill up to the edges and force the admins to close the world. *
Yes, world 5, you did it all, sadly you've also had your dark days. One of the first worlds to go so inactive that it didn't even warrant a moderator (though the Elder kept an eye on you).

Oh, the nostalgia to the time things were so much better...

* Not 100% sure, but pretty confident about it.


please remember about our epic threads: numpty award and cat connection :) aren;'t we unique?


was a fun world back in the day

we had some great spammers here


I agree with TRE.
Why would he care to change he's forum accountname?
He will be out of W5 again in no time anyway. :)


you have missed very little..

How are you normus, thinking of coming back? :icon_biggrin:
tired bro, half the time can't think straight, the other half wishing I couldn't think at all...rather annoying when you remember what it was like having your faculties intact.

I'm in w46 much to a couple people's loathing by it, but they have Morthy and servy to blame, as I was drawn back here with the news the ummm "person" that was leading the team 2 yrs ago was no longer around,otherwise I'd still be gone lol


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Why weren't there threads like this when I was a mod. And ICECO, a mod? the TW team really are scraping the barrell now aren't they ;). ICECO, pm me, would be nice to have a chat.

Christopher McCoy

Instead of starting a premade tribe on some other world why not just get as many World 5 players as possible to a join a predetermined section of a world/map at the same time so we end up with a bunch of world 5 players in the same area. Many people will quit out of course; however, there should be enough people for a solid continent tribe later on in the game. We'd have to decide on a world far in advance in addition to the particular server time to join and the part of the map in order to give enough world 5 people fair warning.