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If you opened this thread expecting "hilarious" pictures, think again. This is merely a declaration to let the world know what's happening, and all those who have any dealings with Pencil know that they're going to get screwed, one way or the other. The main offense? The main reason why Bunny decided to end our NAP? They invited a refugee we had already cleared, forwarded reports of our attacks on, and have yet to kick him after saying that they would.

Now, they have recruited chris1234554321 over 8 hours ago at this point in time and reports have been forwarded of attacks on him. He was cleared and he was about to be nobled. After 8 hours since we talked to leadership from Pencil , someone else comes and says:

[02:13:03] Some Guy | GOWG: you know that's over 48 hours ago?

That is exactly the point he argued for this. That he wasn't attacked by us in 40 hours. That is why he cant be kicked. Why didn't Bunny just steamroll him and take what's ours? Because we chose to adhere to our NAP and not attack those flying the banner, regardless. We dealt with it diplomatically, and we got told to shove off.

[spoil][02:20:01] Some Guy | GOWG: :(
[02:20:17] Some Guy | GOWG: but could you answer my question?:(
[02:20:27] Some Guy | GOWG: why havent you attacked 40 hours
[02:20:28] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: I dont know how to put this lightly. but I dont think you guys have much more time to make a decision
[02:20:31] Some Guy | GOWG: before he joined?
[02:20:36] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: it was said. either kick the refugee or the nap is down
[02:20:44] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: you are missing the point here
[02:20:53] Some Guy | GOWG: i think im not tbh
[02:21:13] Some Guy | GOWG: you lost the skirmish vs him it seems otherwise you would have kept attacking
[02:21:15] Some Guy | GOWG: right?
[02:21:23] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: its simple. you have a refugee. in our eyes you are stalling on time.
[02:21:23] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: no.
[02:21:32] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: it has no importance even if a week passed
[02:21:32] Some Guy | GOWG: why would we stall time?
[02:21:44] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: we were against that guy, and have reports
[02:21:48] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: you should dismiss
[02:21:53] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: or you are keeping a refugee
[02:22:01] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: thus breaking the nap
[02:22:52] Some Guy | GOWG: how come? we invited a guy who was attacked by you
[02:22:56] Some Guy | GOWG: i agree
[02:23:09] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: thus he is a refugee
[02:23:14] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: by DEFINITION
[02:23:15] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: also
[02:23:17] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: by LOGIC
[02:23:27] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: keeping a refugee is violating a NAP
[02:23:30] Some Guy | GOWG: okay
[02:23:37] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: and keeping him for over 8 hours now is just insulting
[02:23:46] Some Guy | GOWG: we will kick him, but
[02:23:48] Ana Seraphinn - Warstiner / Bunny Queen: this has been discussed, nothing has been done
[02:23:52] Some Guy | GOWG: according to reports
[02:23:57] Some Guy | GOWG: i've seen
[02:24:19] Some Guy | GOWG: you have right to 1 village. we have attacks on our way to his other 2
At this point, this is a JOKE. They have sent nobles over to a guy that we have been waiting to be kicked for over 8 hours and they were warned that we were going take the NAP off. They have no interest in keeping him, they just want to stall on time and noble him out for themselves. That's right people, Pencil is stalling us for time so they can noble out OUR refugee first.

We say no more!

But wait, there actually is more! Yes, that's right folks, spitting in the face of our NAP yet again, Pencil is named the culprit of devising attacks from behind the scenes, and following up with a noble that they said was merely a cross-nobling.

mrgingerpunk Oct 13,2012 22:58
so how many troops you got left now mate :) i know you got more support! why do your tribe keep supporting you?

NobledOut Oct 14,2012 23:27
where did you think my support was coming from? I had no tribemates around me. I made a deal with [ally]Pencil[/ally] so we could make you lose your troops to noble you. They provided just enough support so your tribemates would lose there troops. I let them know when the last noble was in route and they could send their nobles to retake the villa with no fight LOL.

They intentionally made their NAP'ed partners lose troops. Then continued to pour salt in the wound by intentionally sending a cross-noble during our NAP. And then? Then their leadership denied, yes they denied, that they had any involvement. Try denying it when we've got forwarded mails as proof, and I will happily send those mails to anyone and everyone who asks.

As a final offense, they merged in a tribe of members we were attacking from Teeth?, or rather, we were retaliating against after Pencil set them on us. We label them refugees, and as the straw the broke the camel's back, we are responding with Pencil's constant backstabbing and powerplays.

For those in Pencil, I want you all to take a good, hard look at yourselves. Is this the tribe you want to be a part of? One that schemes and stabs people in the back when they do what's right? The quality and integrity of tribe leaders these days has become stale indeed, and that is being passed along to the tribe as a whole.

For those of you in other tribes who are associated with Pencil, watch your backs or you'll find a knife in them. Be glad it was Bunny who took the first stab and not your own.

For those of you merely spectating, do your thang. That's what this thread is here for.

¡Viva la Revolución!

Map as of: 00:10 17/10/2012 (P.S. My apologies it ain't all fancy 'n' shit, can only do so much on a mobile!)


About time i guess, I say turning point in this world or atleast more important wars to date. This will help shape what happens to the core, its players and a lot of tribes etc. Funny how this worlds earlier wars have such great meaning :)


I care so little that I already feel the empathy of the pain it causes you.


Should be fun :)

We're the first backstabbers to wait out a cancellation period :icon_razz:


The quality and integrity of tribe leaders these days has become stale indeed, and that is being passed along to the tribe as a whole.
yeah , It is pathetic in these days Like lying like this and manipulating the facts on externals :D


Obviously this is PnP, but uhh... Bunny was just as bad, if not worse, than our end. I'm not up on your front so not exactly up to par on the talks between players up there, but I know for sure it wasn't a tribal "lol lets own bunny". You guys would wait for ODD to spike on targets and noble them, when it was obviously us clearing the targets.

Plus, if that was 48 hours ago from today, the NAP was a 3 day prep deal. You guys had plan to declare well over 72 hours ago -- so all of this "2 day ago" business is kinda pointless.


And now Starting the attacks before the nap actually ends :O


Its a shame it comes to it in this way but hey thats life i guess :D


Lets not forget inviting a previous member of ours? Marvin da martian? :icon_rolleyes:


Im a purple llama, therefore your argument is invalid.

Good luck to all my teamies from w58 (hug)

scarlet ash

Good luck to both sides <3.

However I would preferably like to win :p.



Tell me if I need to zoom and enhance more...


Why does everyone always say GL to both sides? The wars would never end then. I say GL to one side.