Your church's religion.(IN GAME!)

Discussion in 'W58 General discussion:' started by Volusto, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. Volusto

    Volusto Guest

    What is your village church religion and what is it belief system?(IN GAME NOT IN REAL LIFE!)

    Example: Mine is the Church of Shadows. We were born in the shades of war and will die in shades of sleep. We practice the right to be live free in the shadows and remember the Seven Old Shadow Archons who brought us the Heart of Volantis which gave us freedom. Although all history and records were burned by the light when they tried to destroy light and its cruel tyranny over the where the shadows may or may not roam. Their bodies were turned into ashes and lost. Rumors would say that someone put them a jar called the Jar of First Shades, but only a myth that few wish that were such a jar so they could bring back their old Archons back to them and continue their endeavor in the shadows.

    Volusto is currently the only Archon of the shade that lives for he is the only child of Arndos, the TwiShadow Archon. Taking charge of the Heart of Volantis, he insures the people of the shade that they will have their freedom or we will die trying. Few would say that Volusto is not an Archon for he does not possess any of the old powers, but instead a new power of intelligence of war and leadership, but he allows them to speak their mind and be free for he is not a tyrant. He does not kill them for traitorous claims. Only their actions are judged upon if they commit a crime that is against the few laws as such, do not kill unless your life depends on it and do not fight the light(Only death will come out of it and we won't be committing the death sentence, the light will).

    So basically make up your own religion for your village.
  2. -Zabimaru-

    -Zabimaru- Guest

    Church of the Pony-Polytheistic

    We currently hold Rainbow Dash as our deity. Our sect hunts down the adherents of Pinkie Pie, they are to be killed on sight.
  3. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    suck up, ^^ :icon_redface:
  4. -Zabimaru-

    -Zabimaru- Guest

    He is with Pinkie Pie! Grab him! :D
  5. door1531

    door1531 Guest

    Church of Cutlery: We battle the evil SpOrKs who are heaven-bent on taking over the universe.

    Not on our watch.
  6. -Zabimaru-

    -Zabimaru- Guest

    SpOrKs are abominations.

    FORK approves of this message. ^_^
  7. Seriously ??

    Church of Drunks, we get shitfaced and noble people :)

    Edit: oops, I get shitfaced and noble people, I co play the guy who abstains from such Neanderthal behaviour

    Edit again: I guess that makes us different religions, like a whole crusade going on in our own account, trippy
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  8. Volusto

    Volusto Guest

    ....Best Religion ever.
  9. in active

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    Dec 18, 2007
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    My church believes in Jeffism.
  10. Volusto

    Volusto Guest

    Jeffism? Whats that?
  11. door1531

    door1531 Guest

    The Ideology of Jeff.
  12. Volusto

    Volusto Guest

    Ok, Jeff who? If it's Jeff Dunham, I forfeit the church of drunk being the best religion ever.
  13. moostafa

    moostafa Guest

    lol mabe jeffie in the ringer? much respect to johnny knoxville
  14. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Still Going Strong

    Aug 30, 2009
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    Since all my villagers are atheists, it's not really a church but is a "community center" where they all gather in a drum circle and smoke pot. My radiuses are not really a radius but just clouds of smoke that provide the proper influence.
  15. netjakdim

    netjakdim Contributing Poster

    Dec 14, 2008
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    Mine is the church of MNF with reverends Mike, Jon and Ron and we worship the pigskin
  16. kolak666

    kolak666 Guest

    Mine is more is of an order than a religion. They follow the strict doctrine of the order or the black rose. Their reach is rapidly expanding, and every so often members are born with the power to overthrow entire villages with their influence and knowledge.

    We strike mostly during the days darker hours during the time of the moon, but some have been bold enough to make their move in broad daylight.
  17. Zuge Liang

    Zuge Liang Guest

    I kid you not; my nickname in highschool was Jeffie, because I had the biggest retainer you have ever seen (spring loaded too!) that when worn increased my speech slur skill by +200

    Oh ya my in game church:

    Taoism: In brief, it is all about living in harmony with your farms, enemies, and yourself. All while working to show the entire world our path to harmony, which can only be achieved once I have nobled everyone
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  18. Sterile Mess

    Sterile Mess Guest

    Church of Atheism trololololololololo

    Kidding, i'm not atheist.
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  19. moostafa

    moostafa Guest

    the church of phillip and terrance, where we are all uncle lovers lol