Your Favourite Players


Hello Everyone,

As The world is in its end phase, I would like players to share your Favourite Players of W61. If you describe why i like that player it would be good.



1) Lucaya(cris): He was a really good leader. He was a true gentlemen, Infact i tried to convince him that if others break the rules the agreement is broken.
2) Conway M8: Good defender, when ZOMBIE tried to take him out he defended well.
3) Alyxar: A really aggresssive player, and a fine leader.
4) celestialmonkey: Good defender and player, he defended well against ZOMBIE.
5) lluisins: he was a good player and we fough well against each other.
6) alphabonkers: He was a good player and a good leader.
7) Rednecks: A selfless leader.
8)Pythagros: A good leader, and a fine player. Her inactivity cost Riot a lot as she was doing a lot of things.
9) Almurph: I think as a player he was fine but he have done a lot of other stuff that took preceading over his game play.
10) WarrChiefain: I like her as a player and as a leader. She defended well and was attacking well. She had a point that she stood for. Even though ZOMBIE leadership thinks she was a traitor, but i think she took a stand in something she belive in. People can have diffrence of opinion and so does leaders.
11) oodles of noodles
: As a leader she was fine. She brought HATE where it was. I think her mistake was not merging RIOT completely into hate, and starting the RIOT-HATE war again.
12) al budak: He was an ok defender and attacker. But he keept sending his nukes instead of keeping them at home.
13) Azzasams: He is a fine player and when he was activelly playing it was difficult to break him down.

The joined the world with Crystalized. I than left TW and my Co deleted the account. When I came back i started co-playing risharks.
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8)Pythagros: A good leader, and a fine player. His inactivity cost Riot a lot as she was doing a lot of things.

Hear that Sandy? You're a he/she!

Can't believe you missed off me, the greatest player to have even graced w61 with his presence.

Words cannot describe how disappointed I am in you right now xshah.


Hear that Sandy? You're a he/she!

Thanks mate, eidted that.

Can't believe you missed off me, the greatest player to have even graced w61 with his presence.

Words cannot describe how disappointed I am in you right now xshah.

You might be the greatest selfish player to have ever graced w61, but the thing is i do not like selfishp players even if ther are the greatest selfish players. (JK)


In no order:

1) Sobaks Dal - Great leader when he was completely active, very good offensive style.
2) Conway m8 Conway - Great defender, could snipe a 10ms train if it was possible.
3) Iamnooby Huggy - Very active all round team player.
4) Rimmednoob - One of the best players I've ever came across in TW.
5) Saphrax - Another great leader, much respect to him in TW.
6) celestialmonkey - Although I've never came across him in a fight and in the forums he's an arsehole, still have to give it to him for holding the South together.
7) Alyxar - The dream team is on that account. 2 Amazing players and leaders. Although on of them has a brilliant/sick personality.


1) Sacha du Bourg-Palette - For me that account would be number 1 on my favorite players list as she gave me an account to play after my beloved W50 ended.

2) Alyxar - I liked the way Jack trolled a lot and he didn't judge me and I hope still doesn't.

3) Conway M8 - At times we never saw eye to eye but when it came down to taking out a player with 150 villages who was 90% defensive and was receiving support from somewhere we put our differences in the past and worked together with others to finally take out renogjm.

4) Saphrax - He is an understanding guy. He allowed me to keep the tribe Smurfs nobling in order to get the tribe to rank 2.

5) O sem pavor - We pretty much had an elevator business in the sense that we had our 'ups and downs'. He gave me the chance to prove myself by making me a baron. I did what I could with the tribe with the time that I had available. While he was away for a month he allowed me to stand up as acting Duke of Smurfs and I confess I screwed up by allowing Newfieboy to create the tribe D.L.O which I intended for them to remove the smaller tribes around south while the Smurfs and the ZOMBIEs could put all their attention into HATE. and Play. That didn't work out as planned.

6) danbellthedestroyer - I highly respect this player for his courage. I recruited him along with a few others a few months back while they were in the tribe and I saw potential in them and quite clearly I was right as danbell and swainiakyeah are still with us fighting.

On I side note I'd like to congratulate everyone in ZOMBIE for your efforts in winning this world. I would also like to point out that I knew from the very start that ZOMBIE would test players to get that final spot after Yuripoo barbed. I did not know who would ask me but it ended up being Rhys on Conway for his master plan to spice up the world by finishing with a real war. I knew that was false as I highly doubt a player in a winning tribe would turn against his friends I therefore agreed to join in his plan just so I would not get the invite to ZOMBIE. I wasn't fussed of winning the world as I have already won a world (W50) and I am currently battling it out on W60 so it is possible that my tribe may win that world also if we all pull together.

If anyone here would like to help out my tribe on W60 I am sure I can find you an account that needs a player or a co-player. If you are interested you can contact me on skype: dracula6969696.

With regards,

Conor - Dovah.



7) Alyxar - The dream team is on that account. 2 Amazing players and leaders. Although on of them has a brilliant/sick personality.

I hope you mean Jack is the sick/brilliant one :p


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1) Lucaya (Chris and Matthew) - Both great guys and players, and Chris being also a great leader. Sad to see him go. Matt on the other hand, I love my hot tempered azn to bits.
2) Rimmednoob - Nicest guy I probably met on w61. Not only that, but he was a pretty sick player and I have big respect for him as he was solo throughout the entire world and went with a ballsy hc nuke strategy. Miss you mate.
3) Alyxar (Jack) - Embraced me into his loving arms. Pretty quality player and leader, out of his 1.5k villas, 1450 are probably nukes. But he is MIA atm and you need to hurry up and get back on w69!
4) Saphrax - A gentleman and was a pretty sweet op coordinator! Go Pavle!
5) lluisins - Another wonderful, kind person and done a lot of work for ZOMBIE by sorting D out.
6) To Kill a Jester (dao) - Sweet, funny guy and a great player. Too bad ya didn't stick it out in the end!
7) foghat - Interesting character indeed, and was a rock vs Riot! in the early days of Rx. Seems to be getting a lot of hate recently because of the barb nobling :p
8) aoecba - Both lawl and ghosttoy were beasts. Great defenders and done well to recover an op by Riot! Props.

Others honourable mentions I couldn't be bothered to write about: The Game of Thrones, baldi, harnak, Sacha, t0msky, tomirodgriuez, Rednecks, xshahzad, rathisamar, TG Smurf, Almurph, Menetheren, WarrChiefian, celestialmonkeyetc.

Sorry to those I missed out on, too many nice peeps to take in.


Just because we aren't in the same tribe doesn't mean I won't blaze the high grade with you Fizz :icon_biggrin:


Sup homies ;) Long time no see to a lot of you :D

1) Alyxar - Legendary player, Jack is an awesome guy and while I played he was a close friend within the game, he helped me a lot with the game and for that I give him thanks. KING OF THE FAKES.

2) Madsquad - 2 players on one account, both these players where not only good leaders but they also had the technical mind that made them one of the best players this world has seen, Alvis gave me a chance with a lot lower points and accepted me into Impact as I made my way up through the game.

3) Aoecoba - Powerhouse of the North, he was one hell of a player that eventually joined Impact from WASP, he was a very successful and consistent player and always completed tasks without problems in the tribe, if he wanted your village, it was his!

4) Lucaya - Once he took the top spot there was nobody able to knock this account off, it had some trouble with co-players screwing it over, but I see now it must have gotten back on track! Long live the Impact powerhouse!

5) Morningfrost - 2 good players on this account, both extremely friendly and helpful, also great knowledge of the game.

6) EB x innoscopez - Solid player that just keeps going, started later than most but came through in the end!

7) Shaun DK - I enjoyed arguing with him on the forums.


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LOL. Long time indeed. You should come back again so I can argue with ya ;)


O Sem Pavor- A very good friend and leader. He helped me out a lot when I was looking for somewhere to go after I left B.A.E, and gave me a chance in both SMURF and SMURFS. He also was fast to send support and attacks to help me out when I needed it.

Dovah- Another player who I have a lot of respect for. He has been a very great help in sending support to those who need it, and has been very cooperative in attacks along with Greenghost and Jasminjade. Also, just like Marsh, he really was a big help in me getting as far as I have. I have learned a lot from him.

Greenghost52- While we have had our ups and downs, I have a lot of respect for this player. This was only my second year playing the game, and he helped teach me to do a lot of things that helped me grow. Also, he was very generous with his troops and was always ready to lend them out if needed. Lastly, his drive to crush the enemy and get SMURFS to rank 2 was very admirable.

JasminJade- An old friend from a long time ago. When I first joined SMURFS, I saw that her tribe that I once belonged to was now an enemy, and had an active war with us. Later on, she joined ZOMBIE. In all the time in the game, from being a friend or foe, she was always helpful and an overall nice person, as well as a good ally and opponent. One of my favorite players I have met by far on this world.

Shade of Vengence: He messed with my co player Dan a lot, and he made the forums interesting in times where there were only like 4 posts every day.

Saphrax- A nice guy who acted very professionally as a leader, which I respect a lot.


Ghosttoy/aoecba- great guy to play with, showed me how tw is played. I hope we get another go on some other world.

Jack and Jess/Alyxar- Itchy nipps team, always there to take a sit.

Dunn and Nicole/whowantstobemyfarm- Though they didnt stay long on this world, they are great players and friends.

Matt/ Lucaya - was fun to chase after rank 1. I think you really deserve it.

Lluis and Saphrax- epic council that made path for ZOMBIE to follow.


In no specific order

1. ShaunDK - I caught a lot of flak when i first recruited him to Rx (during his trolling days) but i think he earned his place in Rx and later ZOMBIE, even t0msky admitted he was wrong about shaun

2. LeSulk - (Brad and Jason) had many border skirmishes when i was on menetheren but they were both civil when we clashed, i wish i could have provided a better fight on menetheren but it was fun sniping with lc while it lasted

3. Alyxar - One of my best friends on tw (jack and jess), jack is sick, twisted and i learned not to open links from him. but i think shaun summed it up right in that out of 1500 villas, 1450 are probably nukes

4. foghat - our little conspiracy against gians didnt go quite as planned but hes the only one from glans left standing and was a solid rock against Riot.

5. Saphrax - best op coordinator ive had the please of nuking under, great man, great leader and solo player.

6. celestialmonkey - even though he has the personality of a brick he is still one of the best tw players ive come scross

7. Shade of Vengence - (Roy, Lucaz, and Ydni) you were just lucky i had an account open for you, helped put some life into the Rx forums and a solid preasence in the north. Always helped out with sits when needed and always had an extra 100 nukes when you needed em (Indy you still owe me two scripts!)

8. Darth Pikachu - (huggy) made me feel welcome in ZOMBIE and was an awesome opping buddy in the southeast, lots of funny moments

9. Sach du bourg - Another person that made me feel welcome in ZOMBIE, was always nice to talk to when bored and waiting for send times. Sorry to see all the drama surrounding you

10. Aoecba - fought him since the start of the world, ghosstoy and lawl both great players. these guys know the amount of respect i have for them.

11. Collateral Ramage - even though i never knew you, your account was the first time ive ever had more than 10k incomings, after watching that sit day after day i got a lot of experience under my belt about dealing with heavy ops around the clock.

So many more names but i have tagging to do so if i missed you i apologize


W61 was not as fun as W56, especially on the external. the external of W61 was almost dead, and it was for quite long ago. Like thes top players and tribe threads are dead for ages. Joining W71 lets see how things go their. :)


W61 was not as fun as W56, especially on the external. the external of W61 was almost dead, and it was for quite long ago. Like thes top players and tribe threads are dead for ages. Joining W71 lets see how things go their. :)

Less talk, more action.

My kind of a world. :icon_wink:


Heard the world was closing :icon_sad:. My first world, made some great friends along the way, learned a lot of new things. Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone the best of luck. My favorite players probably would have to be, Warr-Chieffain for all the pp she gave me :icon_razz: along with Black-Fire. and Celestial-Monkey, and alot of other people.

Congratulations to Zombie for winning the world :icon_biggrin:



My favorite players probably would have to be, Warr-Chieffain for all the pp she gave me :icon_razz:

Why war was giving you PP? :)
So HE/She was bribing you to keep playing or what?