1. RedAlert

    Misc Mint Helper

    This script can be run on 2 screens, the Academy screen where it does its main functionality and the Production overview screen. On the Production overview screen the script finds the center village, so it helps the player where to start minting and it also shows how full the villages are, like...
  2. Academy in every village?

    Hello everyone noob here, Now that I have nobled some villages, I wanna ask you if it is necessary or beneficial to build an academy in my defensive villas. I get why someone should build academies/nobles on offensive villas, but is there really a point in spending resources on an academy in a...
  3. RedAlert

    Misc Coin Minting Calculator

    This script can be run on the Academy screen /game.php?screen=snob The script will grab information from the Buildings screen to check the building levels of the mines. Based on those and the world speed then the script calculates how many each of resource are being produced per day. Then...
  4. Duplicate Account Manager - Mint Manager

    Within Account Manager we can set our villages to build automatically, our troops to recruit automatically. So the suggest is that we have a facility within Account Manager to be able to mint automatically, as players sometimes have mint sessions where they send resources to a specific village...
  5. Rejected Automatic Minting Via Account Manager.

    Double flag Minting has become such a core part of TW yet we have no in game feature to ease such a tedious process. An "automatic" Minting feature should get introduced via account manager that let's the player decide when the Academy will automatically mint Coins/packets. It's nothing more...
  6. SwedishBlueCheese

    Misc Fill Max Coins in Academy

    pressing this makes it put max amounts of coin able to mint
  7. Frying Pan Warrior

    Implemented Visually Display Decomissioning Nobles In "Nobles In Education"

    Add a visual negative sign to signify this noble is being decommissioned in the "Nobles In Education" window, It currently does not differentiate if it's being decommissioned or recruited.