fake script generator

  1. misteralb

    Commands Fake Script Client

    The client is built to run on 2 different scripts. - Rally Point /game.php?vscreen=place&target=XXXX - Rally Point confirmation screen /game.php?screen=place&try=confirm The fake script client is written in a way to not work without the user providing a config object. If no config object is...
  2. misteralb

    Commands Fake Script Generator

    This script can be used to generate sequential and random fake scripts (random is selected by default). You can also customize the amount of troops you want to send using this script. This allows for this script to generate scripts which can be used for fakes, fangs, scouting missions and with...
  3. misteralb

    Commands Extended Player Info

    Extended Player Info Approved Ticket: t14036346 - Script does not require PA to be active. - Script runs only on a single player view (you can go to the map and open a player or from the rankings open a player). This script generates on overview of the player. Listing general player info...
  4. Shinko to Kuma

    Commands Fake Script with interface

    Approved as of 2019-07-25 13:07:37 ticket nr. t13294490 Hey all since I see so many fake scripts being super user unfriendly, I decided to make my own with a little interface so there will be no longer any need to adjust code in the quickbar etc. This script can be ran from any screen, and...