1. Misc Toxic Donut's Group Placer

    Moving villages in and out of manual groups is something you do a lot in TW, the only thing I missed was a way to do that quickly without having to load the groups page, delete everything, switch groups again and add everything to add. With this small script you can do all these actions in the...
  2. Duplicate Make "saving groups as global" possible

    It would be very nice, especially for world players, to be able to import and export all groups from world to world, so making it something like being able to save the global fast access bar but for groups, saving both the dynamic groups and its settings and the manual groups and its images on...
  3. Duplicate Import coords to manual group

    Hello, I would like to recommend an added feature to the manual group setup. I think it would be very helpful if there was a possibility to add a chunk of coords to a manual group at once. It takes alot of time to add villages one at a time to a manual group when you have 100s of villages...
  4. TheRealNuno

    Duplicate add manual groups through map

    I think it would be great if we could add manual groups to villages through the map, it's helpfull in situations where im planning a quick mass attack and i need to make noble trains by adding lots of villages to a certain manual group that is going to take forever to do one by one. Consider.
  5. Snowbrand

    Groups: Color coding

    Right now, if you got a lot of groups, it can be pretty hard to find the right group quickly. A big wall of text can make that harder then it has to be and if you got someone sitting your acc who isn't familiar with the set up for example, it can be a mess. Suggestion 1: Make it possible to...
  6. RedAlert

    Misc Import/Export Dynamic Groups

    This script can only be run while you are creating a dynamic group, so in URLs like these: /game.php?screen=overview_villages&mode=groups&type=dynamic&group=XXXX (where XXXX is the group ID) This group helps to transfer currently existing dynamic group configuration between worlds. So...
  7. Powderfull

    Rejected a + d Shortkeys - switch to first/last village of selected group

    Hi, When you want to switch villages but you're in a certain village group and the village you're currently on does not have the requirements for that group, the A + D shortcuts do not work. Currently you need to press the blue return button manually. (picture taking in map view) I'd like to...
  8. IceFire

    Duplicate Global dynamic groups template

    As someone that uses a lot of the same dynamic groups on multiple worlds, having a global template for them would be amazing. The feature should work the same way as a global quick bar feature works. This should save some time when setting up everything from scratch on a new world. IceFire
  9. Duplicate Sub groups/Hide them

    There can be alot of groups and some of them are just not needed to be seen on the quick bar, i would love if you could hide them under a sub group or something. I don't need to see all of these groups, some are just for indicating (more groups will be added) for the map etc. It becomes...
  10. SwedishBlueCheese

    Groups not being global swapped

    Hi would like groups to not get swapped for all units. Old android app didnt make it so groups swapped on whole account if you change it. Now steam, app and browser swaps the group on all. Would like it to be device only
  11. Duplicate Global Groupings Similar to Global Quick Bar

    Pretty self explanatory based off the thread's title but to elaborate, it would be great to implement a system for the saving and/or importing of both manual and dynamic groups from one world to the next similar to the function that allows you to save quick bars as a global template from one...
  12. iDisbelieve

    Scavenging Group-specific mass scavenging script

    This is a modified version of the mass scavenging script by Shinko to Kuma. This version will first open the mass scavenging page on a specifically selected group ID and then on second execution it resumes the original behavior.
  13. iDisbelieve

    Misc Groups looper script

    Name of the script: Groups looper Demo: Functionality: - If the Groups popup is opened: Goes to the next village group of the player on execution - If the groups popup is not opened: Opens the group popup on execution How to use: Simply...
  14. Option To Hide Groups

    Hello I'm try to find some Options to try hide groups, i use a lot ou groups to change Flags, and many another things, this is real nightmare. Is possible support of game try to see some option to do that ? Like hiden, put lef or right side of game. Thanks
  15. Quakee

    Duplicate Enable The mobile app to show custom map icons

    Right now, if you set up custom icons from an external site (for example Imgur) they appear on the desktop version normally: But, this is what it looks like on the mobile app (both Android and IOS) So the idea/improvement here would be to enable the app to have those custom icons working as...
  16. 7Jefferson

    Rejected Reorder groups

    Hi, Perhaps a nice way to organise groups is to be able to reorganise them, perhaps by dragging? A lot of groups will look very chaotic: If we were able to reorganise them by reordering them, it would be looking way cleaner.
  17. SwedishBlueCheese

    Duplicate Mass add village into a group with coords

    Would want a option to add village to a manual group with coords. Like you can mass add village to a group on the map by dropping their coords into the box
  18. AceZSpades

    Duplicate Filter defenses by originating group

    I'd like to make a suggestion for the following: 1. Is being implemented tomorrow. :D 2. Being able to sort your defenses by GROUPS; adding ability to navigate trough groups and select the appropriate group that will give you the overview of the troops that belong to that group ONLY
  19. Frying Pan Warrior

    Add Ability To Set Manual Village Groups On Map Using Quick Command

    Note: These is about village groups, not map highlights. Let's face it, most of us plan what groups to set our villages into on the map itself. It should be possible to set groups right in the map overview. This suggestion wants to make it easier by being able to add villages to groups using...
  20. Map highlights templates

    I think it would be very handy for players to be able to create multiple map highlight templates. For example players could have one template highliting with different colours all big tribes, one template highlighting different players in one tribe, one empty template ect. I think it would save...