1. SwedishBlueCheese

    Groups not being global swapped

    Hi would like groups to not get swapped for all units. Old android app didnt make it so groups swapped on whole account if you change it. Now steam, app and browser swaps the group on all. Would like it to be device only
  2. Duplicate Global Groupings Similar to Global Quick Bar

    Pretty self explanatory based off the thread's title but to elaborate, it would be great to implement a system for the saving and/or importing of both manual and dynamic groups from one world to the next similar to the function that allows you to save quick bars as a global template from one...
  3. iDisbelieve

    Scavenging Group-specific mass scavenging script

    This is a modified version of the mass scavenging script by Shinko to Kuma. This version will first open the mass scavenging page on a specifically selected group ID and then on second execution it resumes the original behavior.
  4. iDisbelieve

    Misc Groups looper script

    Name of the script: Groups looper Demo: Functionality: - If the Groups popup is opened: Goes to the next village group of the player on execution - If the groups popup is not opened: Opens the group popup on execution How to use: Simply...
  5. Quakee

    Duplicate Enable The mobile app to show custom map icons

    Right now, if you set up custom icons from an external site (for example Imgur) they appear on the desktop version normally: But, this is what it looks like on the mobile app (both Android and IOS) So the idea/improvement here would be to enable the app to have those custom icons working as...
  6. 7Jefferson

    Rejected Reorder groups

    Hi, Perhaps a nice way to organise groups is to be able to reorganise them, perhaps by dragging? A lot of groups will look very chaotic: If we were able to reorganise them by reordering them, it would be looking way cleaner.
  7. SwedishBlueCheese

    Duplicate Mass add village into a group with coords

    Would want a option to add village to a manual group with coords. Like you can mass add village to a group on the map by dropping their coords into the box
  8. AceZSpades

    Duplicate Filter defenses by originating group

    I'd like to make a suggestion for the following: 1. Is being implemented tomorrow. :D 2. Being able to sort your defenses by GROUPS; adding ability to navigate trough groups and select the appropriate group that will give you the overview of the troops that belong to that group ONLY
  9. Frying Pan Warrior

    Add Ability To Set Manual Village Groups On Map Using Quick Command

    Note: These is about village groups, not map highlights. Let's face it, most of us plan what groups to set our villages into on the map itself. It should be possible to set groups right in the map overview. This suggestion wants to make it easier by being able to add villages to groups using...
  10. Map highlights templates

    I think it would be very handy for players to be able to create multiple map highlight templates. For example players could have one template highliting with different colours all big tribes, one template highlighting different players in one tribe, one empty template ect. I think it would save...
  11. Quakee

    Duplicate Changing the order of map group highlights

    At the moment these group highlights are displayed on the map in the order you added them. For example, if you added the group highlights in this order Depending on the groups the village is in, the Markers will appear in this order For example, if you wanted to change the order so it...
  12. Rejected Map highlight-APP

    When you manage a tribe highlight can we make a way to edit highlights from app
  13. Frying Pan Warrior

    Village Group Organization

    When you have 100+ villages, village groups become an important part of managing the account. There are countless ways you can group villages for many purposes such as building management, coin minting, farming, attacking and defending. Groups are very useful. However, at this time, the number...
  14. In Progress Add villages to manual groups by coords

    As this got misunderstood and rejected the first time I will post it again (since I can't reply in the old thread). The reason it was rejected was that JawJaw thought it was implemented but it is not. I refer to the manual group page, not the groups highlighted on the map. So I was gonna...
  15. Implemented Add villages to manual groups by coords

    So I was gonna make a new group yesterday to get my villages more organized. I wanted specific villages to be in the certain group so I picked them out through the map. I realized however that I needed to keep two tabs open. One to check the map for the villages and then use the other tab to...
  16. Submitted UI Improvement - Report hover on top of group dock

    First regarding UI: I personally am a heavy user of separate village group screen, however with addition of a new report viewing (when you hover over report and it gives you a preview) I saw some complications. I keep the village group screen on the left side of the screen, because left side is...
  17. Map highlight for favourites

    Really simple one - give the "favourites" category a highlight colour. Currently can't see whether a village is favourite without hovering over it, which isn't that useful. Use case I've got in mind is to quickly highlight villages (targets/threats/farms - anything really) directly from the map...
  18. nightblade.greyswandir

    Implemented Groups on map

    I have suggestions about improving how the map handle groups. 1. If you check the image below, groups are only ordered by creation time. Can you make it so it can be rearranged for showing on map same way you can move them in groups menu? As you can see I have troop type groups "Offense"...
  19. Allow groups to be marked on world map

    I'd like to be able to see the groups I've highlighted on my world map in game rather than having to go to tw stats and create a map. Can be useful for monitoring the growth of players/tribes across other continents. As with the allies enemies etc is should be an option box you can tick.
  20. Rejected by Developer Quickbar and Group Import/Export

    This would be a huge quality of life updated that I have been wanting for a long time. I personally, and I know many other people, dread having to set these things up each world. Not only that, but helping a tribemate via account sitting can be awful when you log in and they are missing a ton of...