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  1. Misc Email "signature" for co-played accounts

    Hi, I have trawled through this forum and I can't see anything that does this so thought I'd try do a first, mainly to make my own life easier. If one does exist already then I guess people could have a choice! As a coplayer I find it frustrating to have to keep remembering to sign off posts...
  2. Nnnes

    Misc Next building completion time in AM

    This is a small script for the Buildings tab of the Account Manager. It adds a table column showing when the next building will be completed in each village, eliminating the need to mouse over every icon if you are, for example, looking for buildings to instant complete. It does not generate any...
  3. secundum

    Commands Hide commands

    It is hard to have a good overview if there are a lot returning attacks and fakes per village. Therefor i created this script to reduce bloat commands. Hides commands according to your prefereces. Works on the map , village Info and on the commands page. Attention!!! The tooltip on the map...
  4. Map/Coord BetterMap

    Hello, This script was created 6-7 years ago on .ro, it's approved on but I wasn't able to find the topic of the script on the .ro forum, only in the script collection. What it does basically shows the player names on the map under their villages and can make the background of the text for a...
  5. Lord DciBelia

    Misc Old School Ms Timer V2

    New version of an old version.. Nothing but ms timer. Adds a millisecond timer on command confirm screen.
  6. Farming (LA) Hide rows

    The function is very basic, when you farm, and you click on the letter after usded the script, it hides the raw you have clicked
  7. Say Bye

    Misc New Quest system reward counter

    You have to put this to one of your keyboard numbers. Open the rewards in the new quest system, press the binded button and claim one reward. After it a popup will show how many resources do you have in rewards.
  8. Say Bye

    Misc Total production counter

    Run this in one ofe your groups in Production view, and it counts your total hourly and daily production.
  9. Say Bye

    Map/Coord Mass coordinates grabber (extract coordinates from any page)

    Grabs all the coordinates from the page where you are at.
  10. Say Bye

    Misc Request for support converter (add unit icon on support request)

    Use the script on the request to support label which you want to post on forum:
  11. Say Bye

    Misc Report-to-forum converter (add spoiler on reports)

    Before run the script: After the script ran:
  12. Eakshow McGee

    Commands Support Counter

    Counts support sent to villages. * Run from Commands --> Support * Counts HC as 4 Pop (can be changed) * Doesnt seems to work on Renamed commands. * Allows to be sent with BB-codes in PM/Forum with total popcount sent to each village: Should be similar to this script.
  13. Misc Incomings mapper

    Run the script from the map, and when you click load incomings it will pull data from the incomings overview and render it on the map pretty intuitively. Can filter incomings out by sent time and arrival time, and doing this can see when attacks were sent and to what areas, as well as when they...
  14. Misc AM templater

    This script allows players to pair groups with AM templates, and selects the correct template for a given group for troops, research, or construction AM. It also clicks the select all button and focuses the save/confirm button.
  15. SwedishBlueCheese

    Misc Fill Max Coins in Academy

    pressing this makes it put max amounts of coin able to mint