1. TheBoyInQuarantine


    Good morning, everyone. Today, I want to talk to you about a tribe called - Panda. Pandas are known for their adorable appearance, with their big round eyes, black and white fur, and roly-poly bellies. But did you know that they are also incredibly clumsy creatures? Yes, it's true! Pandas have...
  2. The Aces and Kings love letter to Caaapp

    Dear Caaapp, This is our love letter to you. We had a great friendship; as well as an alliance. We worked together; with a mutual compliance. We nobled and grew; eating all in our path. Our borders grew close; we were together at last! Then things took a turn; for too close we were. We...
  3. Declare war to many tribes at the same time

    If you declare a war you can only choose one tribe as enemy, but sometimes you have more than one tribe at the opposition. Then you have to wait, that your enemy invites the other tribes, which are belonging to them. But if they don't do this, you have to declare a war to each one of them. The...
  4. PepsiMaxLime

    WAR Hoodie Vs Clowns

    No thread on the most interesting war on this server. Gonna try and give weekly updates on war caps etc. Seems like clown family has the upper hand at this stage, but the stats are not as bad as they look for Hoodie, "JUMP" is basically a throwaway tribe they are using to slow down Clown...
  5. WAR The Rim Of world 123

    ThePeaceMakers is like one of those alien looking creature that is taking our land and resources in our continent. He came to our area with no promission from people and tribes in the area where he noble into. Is our time to act upon mid core and core players enabling into the rim of world 123...
  6. Failed Vote More Impactful Diplomacy and Wars

    I was looking through the tribe diplomacy title and I read that "the settings are non-binding within the game". This made me wonder if a change/improvement could be made here. This may have been discussed in the past, if so, please excuse me for the redundancy. I had a couple of ideas of how...
  7. hellosilver

    T family declares war on SuSa (unofficial declaration)

    Time to leave this world :) Unofficial Declaration: If you are NAP sharing with me, then I have decided to end our diplomacy. It's not personal. Your nukes and nobles are soon all dead. We decided to betray you weeks ago. You have given this world all the fun it was supposed to be. Any victory...
  8. La Mori

    La Mori where death awaits Seeking all experienced players & active players Good luck on the world!
  9. W119 Panzer War Coming?

    Panzer has been expanding to become a force to be wrecking with climbing to rank one on W119, slowly expanding their borders to collide with a powerful tribes on all sides Their ranks are strong, are they prepared on all sides to hold rank 1 after colliding on all sides and taking villages from...
  10. Frying Pan Warrior

    Fixed Report Stuck As (new)

    Got some report about a tribe declaring war on another, when I tried to open it I get an error and this report is stuck as (new) even though I opened it multiple times.
  11. wildwang

    WAR BIO vs DRAGON: 500 Nuke War KEKW

    Intro: Today, we come here for a historic moment. A battle of two of the 'top' tribes in W117. A world renowned for it's extremely skilled players, and excellent tribal diplomacy work (/s). I did say in my previous war declaration on DIA that after we finished them off, we go onto DRAGON so here...
  12. wildwang

    WAR The Dirty Leadership of DIA: BIO Declares War

    After respecting a perfectly good alliance with DIA even though they would constantly noble into our (BIO) cluster, we at BIO declare war on DIA. This declaration happens after receiving blatant evidence that DIA and DRAGON are colluding to backstab us (DRAGON can't backstab us again since that...
  13. Alushu

    FME declares war on HDS (council)

    How getting Screwed Again turns FME into FYOU. We could keep it simple since everyone pretty much knows what's going on anyway but hey why not stir the pot just a little bit more? So HDS council (Yes. we refuse to call you water, a namechange doesn't wash away your sins and it never will)...
  14. WAR From Spain without Love

    The 6th of September has been a date many will remember for various reasons. Back in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed from the Canary islands to make his journey over the atlantic ocean on this very date. In 1968 the great country of Swaziland became independant. Likewise the South Africans upon...
  15. Hybrid Soul

    WAR Crunch Time

    Starring: ----------- ----------- TL;DR Version:
  16. valtheran88

    Alone, with nothing but scraps

    War out on the rim. It shall be over swift, those that are Alone shall fall. Cicada have long been filled with players of skill. Even now I can not doubt their skill or resolve. Upon the rim, in the ashes of their victory against Jheez they found a place to move their players and grow. Upon...
  17. Zumi

    WAR Its that time of the month

    Where to begin..... PMS started as a small tribe near the rim on the South West corner of the world. It is safe to say at the start we were up against it we were never particularly a big tribe and we had a range of tribes at our front door constantly trying to take our lunch money. Flash...
  18. Ascacos

    WAR Battle of Naive Trust

    In the beginning, there was TagEx. A seemingly united tribe dominating the leader board at rank 1, almost double the points of their nearest competitor, holding almost an entire quarter of the map only a few months into the world. But it did not last. Allow me to walk you through the events...
  19. Hey ol' mates

    Greeting every old mate of world 9. Who are still going strong in TW in other worlds? Shout out for everyone of the warriors who are still sharpening their axes and training their LC