The Aces and Kings love letter to Caaapp

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Dear Caaapp,

This is our love letter to you.

We had a great friendship; as well as an alliance.
We worked together; with a mutual compliance.
We nobled and grew; eating all in our path.
Our borders grew close; we were together at last!

Then things took a turn; for too close we were.
We dropped our border; this caused quite a stir.
We noticed your villages; appear from behind.
You looked beyond; and the rim you did find.

You claimed all in your path; regardless of fealty.
This made us awaken; to the deathly reality.
That you saw us merely as food; here to be devoured
Well its time to show you; we will not be overpowered.

You poked and prodded; even attacked an Ace!
When we asked you why; you told us it was fakes.
Villages conquered and nobled; lies and deceit!
You thought we were happy; to fall at your feet.

Now the time has come; this letter comes to a close.
You have finally after all; stepped on too many toes.
We now announce; the plans we have in store.

The Aces and Kings hereby officially declare war!

Let the battle commence!

War stats 27/11 at 19:15:

Side 1:

Tribes: CAAAPP
Side 2:
Tribes: 4A, 4K

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1:
Side 2: 438
Difference: 308


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1:
Side 2: 4,048,262
Difference: 2,876,051


Here is a Map of our love affair.


Here is a New map as of 10/12

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Care to share the amount of times 4A has asked for diplomacy with caaap/kitty? Nice map. Give it another week and it'll look even better