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Discussion in 'World 43' started by Homepage..., Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    So you may all wonder, "Oh no, another pointless 1 man Vs a tribe topic" and you may all think its simple that the tribe will win, well yes, it is simple for the tribe to win, if they work together, however... This tribe cannot, they are unorganised, unco-ordinated.

    So you might be reading this and thinking "Oh no he is declaring on a noob tribe"

    Well your right, a noob tribe it is indeed, but they have a head start, i have lost alot.

    My ODD skyrocketed, 9k isnt exactly sky rocketing, but remember, i only have offence, imagine how much offence i would have needed to have to kill 9ks ODD worth of troops?

    This is exactly how much i lost.

    I was backtimed :icon_cry: Yet that wasnt ALL my troops, i have living LC
    But dont worry, Ill be back


    Sadly i wasnt online to dodge it myself, so i set a trusted player, a player who i knew would be able to dodge it easily.

    He was unlucky...

    Well im not going to keep on dragging on, This could last a while, or it might be a few days.

    I might fall, or i might survive.

    I bet you are all wondering who this tribe is?

    This is no fake declaration, we are not going to quit until we are nobled or catted down to our last point.

    I, Homepage... declare war on Fusion.

    Fusion, grab hold of your women and villages, because im coming for both.
    And if you feel the need you want to drag in your allies, The BlackW F. Do so. Ill be more than glad to take you on.

    Be ready guys, This will be a bumpy ride. Im behind, not for long.

    Game on :icon_cool:


    EDIT: i forgot the pictures, will add soon :icon_cool:
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  2. fincky

    fincky Guest

    Good luck mate I really mean it :ram:
  3. Jackmorrisey

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    I wouldn't be surprised if homepage... won :p
    Then again, since half of fusion seems to be farms, that shouldn't be too unexpected for anyone.
  4. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    Does that mean you are going to attack me? :icon_rolleyes: Because your in my 15*15 and your in BlackW

    Hey guys what did i say? Fusion and BlackW :icon_rolleyes:
  5. alllah

    alllah Guest

    err very poor troop count...maybe you were wise enough to hide a K of LC? Did mattcurr dodge for you? You had to ask allyboo...

    Since w27, i am nobling my first village, other supported or using only the axes, plus some LC... if i am alone of course...
  6. fincky

    fincky Guest

    hmm either I attack you and cat you down or your going to come for me later...I guess form the rim it will take you much longer to get to me :lol:
  7. sharney

    sharney Guest

    calm down mate its only a game it goes like this u attack our tribe we attack u

    simple we cleared our 7x7 and after that we were fine until we get attacked

    but yeah i like this game on u like the little lone ranger maybe u want to join a powerful tribe like


    to get back at us ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahaha

    lol well i can under stand why u are mad i would be 2 but i never messsed with us u did u payed the price we proved our point u hit us we hit u back

    now u owe me a pint for making me post again in external
  8. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    Fincky, ive just started rebuilding, i highly belive i already have more troops than you.

    Didnt i tell you all BlackW were going to start?

    EDIT: Sharney, this is not a mad guy here, ive just declared war. Ever heard of "Rebuilding" Well its what you do when your cleared :icon_rolleyes:

    Unlike your guys, if one of u are cleared u restart, simple :icon_rolleyes: 2 weeks ago my 15*15 was filled with about 10 Fusion and 10 BlackW, theres only around 7 now, 3 of which are my farms

    EDIT: Nah i have 1k LC left. If i had left that in the village i would have cleared his O :icon_rolleyes:
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  9. Michael Corleone.

    Michael Corleone. Part of the Furniture

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Is that all you do? Just troll mattcurr and Allyboo? :icon_neutral:
  10. fincky

    fincky Guest

    hmm I dont remember there being anymore members of blackw closer then myself and you havnt even tried to touch me...yet

    and homepage u would have no idea on my troop count...depends wether u share intel with suicidenote which I would say is pretty likely, but still nothing compares 2 a scout report which U dont have ;)
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  11. alllah

    alllah Guest

    Yes, maybe, why not? Everything for you! Would you send a killer mr. Mafioso(nobles)? :D

    I do what i want, when i want, how i want, and where i want... :)

    Edit: mr. homepage, i wish you luck, i like lonely warriors!
  12. fincky

    fincky Guest

    oh and another thing u lied in the thread title... Should say something along the lines of "myself and all my co-players vs 56" see I only have myself playing this account ;)
  13. sharney

    sharney Guest

    thing is hompage... u are acting like a little kid u got wiped why u gotta make a post saying all this why dont u just surprize us this just makes us want to wipe u more

    oh and no i dont know much of rebuilding as i have never had to do it unlike u :catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult::catapult:noob
  14. Jackmorrisey

    Jackmorrisey Non-stop Poster

    Aug 30, 2009
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    Homepage... is coplayed?
    I think thats a joke fincky.
    Theres no way they have 37 or something coplayers.
  15. Alliii

    Alliii Non-stop Poster

    May 21, 2009
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    You guys from BlackW and Fusion, all standing round thinking your all great for clearing him.

    Sharney, you really think you proved your point by clearing him? Really...

  16. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    Damn cba to use colours.

    So sharney, Have you ever had 10+ Villages? If you have never had to rebuild 3k axes and 1k lc then you must be a really bad player :icon_rolleyes:

    again again, this is a post for war, PnP... This is what the forum is for, if u cant handle it get off.

    Fincky... Co-players... So what? I have 37, still 1 account, 1 village, your tribe? 56 accounts, 60 villages :icon_rolleyes:

    60 villages vs 1, :icon_rolleyes:

    I was wiped, i mailed the guy who wiped me and i congratulated him, i told him this motivated me.

    Im not crying, im not angry,

    This is fun, keep flaming xD
  17. fincky

    fincky Guest

    well I wouldnt exactly call this flaming, more along the lines of idle banter..
    And maybe if i was also co-played b7 37 people and had been playing this game for more then 3 months I would be as cocky as you also.
    yeah thats right ive been playing for less then 3 months bring it on :D
  18. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    Cant belive you actualy belive that im co-played by so many... (chuckle)

    Attacks so soon man :(
  19. fincky

    fincky Guest

    yeah wasnt planning the attacks so soon...but im a little bored here:lol:

    Oh and how on earth am I meant 2 know your not really co-played by that many, seems like it could be possible if u have enough friends on here:icon_rolleyes:
  20. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    No body knows who i am fincky haha :p