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Discussion in 'World 43' started by Homepage..., Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. fincky

    fincky Guest

    meh, even if I knew your true game name and not your alias I still wouldnt know who you are.
  2. zoned

    zoned Guest

    So how goes the battle homepage...

    I'm in the same pickle but got 2 tribes attacking me (curses family tribes) :icon_rolleyes:

    GOD-OF-KINGS Guest

    Good luck to anyone who finds themselves backed into a corner by the masses.
  4. fincky

    fincky Guest

    why curse family tribes? I thought u would enjoy nobling us all :icon_rolleyes:

    And Homepage isnt enjoying this fight to much :( LC and axes dont make a great defense.
  5. Tamtar

    Tamtar Guest

    I see this as exactly what Homepage condemned in the first post. One guy, thinks he's "l33t" taking on a whole tribe. He'll invariably stop posting in a bit when it turns out that the tribe had one decent member that backtimes him, then rims him. This happens on 9/10 worlds :lol:

    Good luck though.
  6. Karmaeffect

    Karmaeffect Guest

    Useless thread. I really don't see the point. So, you got cleared so you declare war but you have no troops? o.o

    Ok, moving on.
  7. bonasera

    bonasera Member

    Nov 24, 2009
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    He actually tried to hire our mafioso to kill youz. We refused for the reasons following-

    1) No one knows your identity :) Not even me :p
  8. fincky

    fincky Guest

    He actually got backtimed and lost 75% (4000 or so troops) of his army before he posted this thread. then I finished off his last thousand or so after he made this thread, probably wouldnt have attacked so soon but this thread and the arrogance made me send right away :lol:
  9. Alliii

    Alliii Non-stop Poster

    May 21, 2009
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    I would be embarrassed to be him if what you say is true fincky. This guy proved to be a good player IMO, from the start he was up there top 5 ODA for a long time, he had good growth, and to see that he got into top 15 ODD by only defending with offense, must mean he had quite alot of troops.

    But really, its not good that he posted this thread only to be finished within the next day.

    Another good player goes down, i always knew 1 player vs 1 tribe would never end up in the player winning (unless the player is bigger than the tribe)

    This guy was good, he was a wreckless grower, and he caused the war by attacking almost every fusion/blackW member in his 15*15 from what ive heard.
  10. fincky

    fincky Guest

    yeah well I cant speak for fusion but I dont know what BlackW members he actually attacked, if any they were inactives and dont belong in the tribe or anywhere but the rim and from my map i am the closest member from Black and fusion and he just attacked me for the first time with 10 axes 10 lc and 5 rams or something.

    Nothing against the guy but its a war game and tribless player in the core that attacks a large tribe? wont last long :)
  11. walshaw00

    walshaw00 Guest

    You mean 2 tribes vs 2.

    It all started with you attacking a player as he was recruited into TDL. saying he was a refugee, now they are attacking me :icon_sad: and have recruited my farm :icon_sad: Would send a report of me clearing but only got 10 reports of farming 8k resources in a troop less village.

    Go TDL/irelax. (irelax kicked their duke today) poor nick
  12. Tamtar

    Tamtar Guest

    I see he's not coming back to defend himself, so I can only assume that I was right and
    1) he's been defeated
    2) he will not be seen on these forums again :icon_razz:

    Sad to see a good player go, but even sadder to see a good player get cocky about being cleared (or whatever) in the first place. 1 man vs tribe never works, it's not worth the attempt.
  13. fincky

    fincky Guest

    Yes you are right
  14. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    You are right, and after this message you will not see me on the forums again :icon_neutral:

    Never do 1 man vs a tribe, you will always lose, I had 400hours of axes qued in the rax until it was catted to 0 :icon_neutral:

    Well played fusion and BlackW
  15. fincky

    fincky Guest

    BlackW and Fusion despite everyone saying we are nooby family tribes are going to be a force to be reckoned with in K55 go our :spear:

    And yeah homepage i thought it would be faster taking your barracks and stable both to 0 before the farm :)
    good luck in the future :)
  16. Sawyer1

    Sawyer1 Still Going Strong

    Jul 25, 2008
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    Obviously If there is a full tribe, and a family in 1 K it is going to be a little difficult to take them down...

    Eventually when K wars is over you will not lat though, unless one of you guys wars the other, and takes total control of the area alone. If that don't happen you guys won't grow as good in a month or so as a non-hugging tribe.
  17. fincky

    fincky Guest

    Aww but we like hugging everyone, the more friends the better.
  18. Tamtar

    Tamtar Guest

    best of luck to you on future worlds. No one is disputing the fact you're a good player, we've just seen this a million times before :icon_sad:

    Secretely I was hoping it would be different, but I knew it wouldn't be
  19. Homepage...

    Homepage... Guest

    Weren't these the good days...

    On another note would like to say to fincky congratulations on making it this far, really surprised me.
  20. wee jock

    wee jock Guest

    The secret to this game is being a sprinter at the start then developing your hurdling technique before settling down for the marathon to the end.

    Or you can be like Finky and just hug everyone. :lol:

    Thats the main reason why all those in Frost have sore ribbs :icon_redface: