20 Years of Memories!


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Just checking back in with this report from some years ago. Dont intend to enter the competition, which is why I post no video.
Been a long time since I have checked back in, fun to see some people still around!

And yes, I basicly accomplished nothing in my days (biggest noob), which is why I relive the glory days with this report over and over again <3

Good luck guys!

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So disappointed in TW after 20 years all the "developers" can come up with is some coloured name change items and the usual useless buffs ...after 20 years!!! What happened to the forward thinking developers who gave out as buffs free account manager..free PP loot assistant etc things that actually mattered not the usual sigil and archer buffs and the absolute useless 2% free space for Defence or Offence... TW watered down ...after near 15yrs playing and ive lost count of the money ive spent playing this game to be continually disappointed.


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Once upon a Star, there was a bright young man. He live quite happily working as an IT Professional in a top London Design agency. One summer day, he was chilling in the server room....avoiding all the looney go-getters......

I stumble on a sweet little game called Tribal Wars. Now I love games..... At the moment my favourite game is POLYTPIA and CHESS has always been my favourite board game. But I digress, Yes Tribal War, this sweet little game that totally controlled my life. I start playing pro pre-made after W14 where I could have been top a 10 finisher. But at that time I lacked diplo skill........lol, I still do.

My greatest achievement. Coming 2nd in W53 and being last man standing as I joined the Winning tribe - Then won the Game. As there was no one to fight, once I left. I was playing 16 hours a day and it hurt my career and destroyed my marriage. But looking back at it all now, it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. The community was so giving and hopefully still is. I have already tried this new mentoring system and its great. Every one is so friendly.

So I am back........... And ready to play. Reach out if you know/knew me. Or even if you don't./ I love talking about the old times. Scripting opera, so you stood a chance against the pay to play players (so was using every advantage we could) We only need to outlast them, till their money run out and then aggressively attack them into submission. It was also so much fun hearing them squeal.
When half our tribes were not using pay to pay tools and only wits, strategy and skill..........Them were they days.

Well thats enough of me bragging, I am not big on ego.
I live by my actions.........

I am LiJiT or lijit.co.uk
We help the internet..........


jayjayjay68 (I would very much like my account back please. You can gift any prem that was on it :p
Raven24 My co-player and partner. (Doubt she will ever play again) She was mental anyway :p


Sorry for any spelling or grammar issues (Grammar police be aware...... I bite)
Read my profile......
I am Lijit.......WoofWoooof


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