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Discussion in 'World 28' started by TribalHugBrat, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. I just checked W27 Forum, why is your Forum so dead???

    I never seen a Forum so dead before...

    How sad...

  2. because we flamed most of them out. It was busy once but due to spam and flaming it died
  3. austen3:16

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    Dec 28, 2006
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    lwt him he needs something 2 nobel
  4. no its just barbs are more than players. they are the biggest tribe out there
  5. northcampus

    northcampus Guest

    first,spell their name correctly, "lardingd" "ornyto" robj --> "Major.Disaster"...lardingd is the best player i've ever seen..but not playing TW anymore..that's one factor why i left W27.robj is very good player.If they were playing,then W27 would not be bored:)they are not from W27:icon_wink:
  6. they played in world 27 for 2 months. And erm soory for the mispelling
  7. So, what is your answer TribalHugBrat...will W27 agree???
  8. Lol i cant believe world 28 is so serious. I doubt it as we are spammer/flamers not gamers to start a new world just to check this cr@* but I guess your world can start this and we will watch you all :p
  9. Gammlen

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    It isn't really... it's just our wannabes who act that way, other then zellgadus, hes always looking for a fight... anyways, shush now kids, don't make me come back there and take away your DVDs again!
  10. LoL...:icon_wink:

    Anyway, W28...is not so serious???

    Oh, so that is why WSS was destroyed...
  11. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    WSS were just too little serious again, we need some kind of serious, and their kind wasn't serious enough to fit in anywhere
  12. I see...then, how about HIRE???

    Are they too serious for you???
  13. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    They're seriously bad, that counts as a kind of serious too, doesn't it?
  14. LoL...

    Yup...it does...I guess...:icon_surprised: