A-21 - To Victory!

Discussion in 'World 39' started by Hybrid Soul, May 6, 2012.

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  1. sidd 271

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    Congrats To A-21. Special thanks to THE CAMEL for letting me be the part of w39 dream team on Crazy4u account.I played for a short span of time in w39,but must say the leadership is one of the sleekest i have ever witnessed.
  2. Excellent job, nicely done. I can´t believe, its finally over. And WE WON :)

    In all honesty, I have never seen a tribe as good as this, members as good, as active, as helping, leadership as strong, as precise, as fair. Simply, A-21, best tribe I have been in and, I recon, for a very long time, i will not experience such a tribe again.

    Kind regards.


    PS: cheers sidd, its much appreciated...
  3. MinderBinder

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    I must say really congratz on wining the world I dunno who stayed from my old crew besides markarrow and David (anabolic ) , I wish you all best in life and this world will allways stay as one of the best I ever play and am really proud that I was once a part of it .

    Congratz people one more time
  4. imred

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    Anyone of you there in w62?
  5. One Last Shot

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    Sep 15, 2011
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  6. rohan white

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    Inception of En-Game

    The Original Idea

    A fun conversation with an enemy (GE) with a troublesome agenda to cause world war. East VS West and possible forcing an early end to world 39. Things didn't really go as planned and you ended up being a devil. You stated at one point that that was one of the best tribes you've ever been apart of....I lol'd back then.

    Smoking and Joking

    That thought stuck with me for a long time. Frustrated with the ongoings within ~RAID~ trying to down size to 10 active accounts and eat the rest while on the verge of a war with NOB!!. Max (JOKER) and I chuckled at GE's idea of forming one tribe of active members to fight the last fight for this world.

    1st Move

    Little did I know Max contacted UBM and got the ball rolling. We had a serious issue with NOB!! so as a payback for a little spy placed within our tribe we strategically injected players into their accounts, unknowingly under our influence....sorry David. GE you dont count you cant be controlled or influenced. (Just to clarify we've never done anything to hinder Nob!! in their war but was a backup just incase) I recruited 3 accounts within TDE who wanted the good fight (NOT JEREMY)

    Someone great once said "Tribal wars was like playing Chess" Hybrid.
    We took that to heart and planned an entire year in advanced.
    King Dragon's Ego

    The biggest mistake KD made "was not capitalizing on the hostility and lack of respect between the long time allies; ~Raid~ and NOB!!.". David
    This I completely agree upon. We would have gladly gone nuke for nuke and left ourselves wide open for TDE to swoop in and take us both out. Tensions within the tribes were that high.

    Stage 2

    We had a horde of empty and dead RX4U accounts that needed filling. We also had all out D on the Nob!! border expecting them to fire away at us at any moment. ~Raid~ Fought TDE/Devils with 8 active accounts and no Northern defense. UBM went to work bringing in the most important pieces to this victory.
    EDGE was able to convince the Great Hybrid Soul and FOC to come back to this world. This fill the necessary voids within the tribe and Gave both ~Raid~ and NOB!! a common ground of respect to stand upon.


    The most fitting code name ever. A 21 was formed and the rest is history........

    I have to say a special thank you to a few players.

    LightGod44..... You've been with me since day one in SIO. Thanks for believing in my leadership and sticking with me. I know you are currently deployed so I pray you make it home safely with all your parts in their correct places. Good luck mate.

    Max (Joker) my prayers go out to you and your family. This win was for you. I thank you for the opportunity to prove myself in this world. The trust you put in me to run your account and Tribe from behind the scenes. Allowing me to work freely with no parameters and providing me with a supporting cast any Duke would dream of. I take my hat off to you and thank you for everything you taught me about Life, business, family, friendship and leadership.

    GE from our epic external bouts to the in game LOL moments.
    This being my first world I studied your attacking style. I loved everything you did with OMEN and it was fun fighting against you.

    Littlebabyjesus (BIG BABY J) when we first meet I must admit i was a bit weary. I then saw your character and later your abilities. Max completely had faith in you so we decided to take you in.... This was one of the best decisions we've made on this world. Jack you have ran 3 of the biggest and most successful tribes this world have seen. V/Omen, Raid and now A 21. ALthough you might have not had the title of DUKE your work ethic both in game and managing our members was next to none. When ever there was anything that needed to be done you would make it happen without even being asked. You sir are the most Valuable player of this world. In the absence of leadership you were always there to keep the house in tact.

    Rooki (Fabi-lous) I remember our first meeting. Joker and I had some dealing with a tribe that was being a thorn in NOB!! side. I planned the op and launched but needed a little D to cover my tail. You left my villages stacked up for two months. Thanks for helping me expand my influence in southern k62. You have always been a trusted part of our organization and aided with a lot of important decisions. You have lead by example and were never too big, too busy not to help even the smallest player. You showed us how to truly enjoy this game and the word loyalty defines you. Enjoy your quality time with the lovely lady....she's been patiently waiting for 4 years now so enjoy. (thats a good woman)

    UBM .....to be honest buddy your inactive arse haven't really don't much in game (keeping it real lol) Your quality comes in in your ability to influence others, infiltrate other organizations and your behind the scenes work ethic is next to none. You my friend are one hell of a PNP. Thank you for making A 21 happen.

    Noff.... I... Told...You...I...Can...Snipe...(EPIC SNIPE) You know fighting a war against a tribe with the activity level of a TDE with 8 active accounts and nothing but dead accounts on your front lines. Running out of nobles to even take the big barbs within your territory. NOFF you and I sat multiple accounts all at once sniping and flaming TDE/Devils at a time where any lesser tribe would have rolled over, opened their legs and said enjoy. You pushed and challenged me to up my sniping level. You've made me a better player and kept us active members motivated enough to survive until ENGAME.

    HS a man that commands respect from all whom happen to be blessed enough to cross your path. For you to even put us in the same atmosphere is a true honor. I'm happy you came back to choreograph this epic come back. It was a true pleasure getting to know you and I know Max (joker) spoke highly of you and your abilities. I know he would have been honored to work along side you as well.

    Foc thank you for being you mate......Ride or Die so keep riding.

    David James homie Jen and the rest of Nob!!....thank you for pointing your nukes in the correct direction lol. You guys are awesome. Warmongers and that's what this game is about.

    The original members of Rx4u....you have once again proved why you are the best in this game. Thank you for sticking around.

    ~RAID~(SIO)....I thank you all for sticking with me through it all.... A well deserved victory for you guys. The little tribe that was never afraid of going after the Number one spot.

    V yes there is a couple of you apart of this.....thanks for coming for the ride.

    The other players that came back we thank you for your participation.

    To A-21 the greatest tribal system I've ever had the pleasure to be apart of. Please skype me if you ever need anything, be it business, game related or even advice.

    Well done

    You will always have a friend in me....
  7. One Last Shot

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    Sep 15, 2011
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    I really was never easy to predict - I didn't know what I was doing 99% of the time after leaving Omen :icon_razz:
    I can just about be controlled now! And I behaved myself there :icon_redface:

    That village trade stunt is my fondest memory of this game to date :lol:

    Hope to see you on another world in the future - maybe so I can subtly do that again :icon_razz:
  8. bimbogyp

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    Just won't be the same not flirting with Ro "the enemy" on the publics :icon_sad:
  9. Jagerblue

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    A bit late to the party, but whatever, gratz on winning A-21! Well deserved*! :lol:

    I still look back and think it sucks that TDE had to go inactive when A21 were on the ropes, this gratz definitely goes to the 8? people who managed to stick around during this time, defend like crazy and find people to fill the rest of your accounts while TDE just deteriorated and lost all direction.

    * The real ones who deserve it are those 8? people, the rest just came to pick up scraps. :p
  10. It's finally over.

    Hi Jager, I miss you and lodda. The best time was when we started w49 (?, can't really remember which world) three of us together with James. Good luck in rl!

  11. rizzla09

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    Well after the world is over but congrats and I miss the flaming me and Noff used to have good times.