A True Story about [V].

Discussion in 'World 36' started by Lord Haseo, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Kosciuszko

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    I miss him :(
  2. wwetnaojw

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    Wwowowowo im outa touch on W36.... ha its only been like 2 weeks since i quit lol...
  3. ancient mariner

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    Mar 3, 2010
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    You talk big for yourself MR Internaler.First get your stats up in the war to bully me up.Ask in Dvader Council that how much big part did i played in this war.And yep i suckin english i admit it so you also do in TW admit to it yourself ,you are only good for talking nothing much you can do other than talking.
  4. Mr Lanky

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    I was on holiday and thus not here to post. You will most likely claim it as a lie and say I was hiding. I don't care.


    Don't fret I'm back.

    pfffft sissy...

    Sorry I wanted to repeat this and reiterate... LAME. I'm done. Good to be home.
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  5. Lord Haseo

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    It's Shaun brother, not Chris. :D

    My problems with Noreth relate to a few seperate issues in the way he handled the war, as it was his duty to co-ordinate his members to fight us. Sure, he managed to salvage [V] from disbandment or crumbling but really, has he managed to salvage a reputation for the name itself?

    As you mentioned in this post, which is quite a large book too by the way haha, he saved the tribe and did a lot of work. But he took charge of our war as I can provide snippets from skype logs with numerous members of [V] that he was handling ops. Never once did one occur. To me, thats sentencing his members to death. Basically leaving them in the cold. But to continue talking trash on the internal forums about our members and myself begs the question of what has he done against us?

    That answer is quite simple. Nothing. Not a fake, not a nuke, not even a single capture. That isn't leading by example. That isn't trying to save face. That isn't fighting for survival of his tribe or tribes members.

    So I have my reasons to dislike his approach but I also understand that RL does happen. I wish him the best of luck in RL.

    Also perhaps talk to me when you can start playing again and I will see what I can do for you. :)
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    So whats going on.. this forum seems kinda dead :(
  7. madara05

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  8. thats because i think everybody knows the story of V now :p
  9. We're thinking of taking it to the next level, and calling ourselves W in the future..
  10. Prototype.

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    May 23, 2009
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    Damn. This world is still alive :eek:
  11. astew229

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    oh boy
  12. Haha, hello Proto! Thanks for the account, it's doing rather nicely :)
  13. StewyHax

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    You obviously havent realised that i quit this world, officially after the war started.. Unofficially months before the war started. So hush please sir unless you want to argue about why my stats in the war are a big fat zero, Zero attacks sent zero scouts sent zero fakes and zero caps, I dont even defend against your few members who have scouted me. I dont care how much work you have done i just care that you have and always will be on borrowed time on this world. You have no right to be here due to the overall lack of win that you produce.
  14. astew229

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    I believe this section can be closed

  15. Caveman 10345

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    Jul 23, 2009
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    Your still alive :O
  16. Jiimmi

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    Your alive too Craig? :icon_surprised:
  17. Someone in (V) get me an account. You guys are dead so there should be plenty. I want to have some fun. Or someone in Vader or XVI get me an account. I want to eat.
  18. Shadowzilla

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    ahhhh Haseo. Always a pleasure reading your pnp. Honestly after the first page it all became pointless blather. But still made me smile.
  19. Caveman 10345

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    Jul 23, 2009
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    Your alive as well :O
  20. lol... w36 is still alive...