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Dear players,

Welcome to the Tribal Wars International script library. In this forum, we use several sections which we will outline below.

Submit for Approval
This forum serves its name right; This is the forum where you need to submit all scripts you desire to have approved. Please make sure to read the information about the script approval process first.

Threads in this section are only visible to the thread creator and the Tribal Wars Script Approval staff.

Approved Private Scripts
Some script creators desire to keep their script creations private. This is possible. Please submit your script in the 'Submit for Approval' section and make sure to choose "Private" as script type.
Our script approval staff will then make sure your script gets approved and moved to the "Approved Private Scripts" section.

Threads in this section are only visible to the thread creator and the Tribal Wars Script Approval staff. We encourage all script creators to make public scripts however! Your script can help out the many and our community will make sure to show you their gratitude!

Approved Public Scripts
If you choose to make your script public, your thread will be moved to this section. As of this moment, your thread will be visible to everyone of the community. Well done!

Looking for a script? You can use the forum section's filtering options to search what you are looking for.

Alternatively, just click on a prefix to find more scripts of this type!

External / Independent Tools
External / Independent tools are approved by default. If your tool does not directly interact with the game and merely serves to display information on an external website or tool, or simply does some calculations for you outside of the game, it is considered an external tool. You can just publish your tool here!

Questions / Requests
Looking for a script? Wondering why something is not working? Want someone to script something for you? This is your place to be!

Post your question or request and our scripting community will happily help you out!
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