Adios W41


and nothing of value was lost

you should just shut up

I doubt you will be missed much if at all.

Jakeeboy you should shut up as well. i know of many people that do NOT like you at all

Sanchez it has been fun fighting a long side you for the longest time in w41. have fun with work and stay safe.

Have a good one man


well its always bad to a world when a good players leaves, and i dont think things should be taken too much sirious he did do some bad things but at the end of the day he was a good player no metter where his loyalties lay in...

see you around and i dont hate ya:icon_wink:


from the looks of it. you messed around with a lot players here :icon_confused:

And I dont even know you but have fun RL.

hey at least you wont be forgotten ayt? :icon_razz:


Ohmygawd it's amazing seeing you trying to type in your text here. =P


Well, their are many things i can say but I have to say that lord has done so many things by screwing others over and so on. one of the hardest people to touch so I'd have to say that its has been one of the most respectable players to play the game.

Its been a pleasure to be enemys with you. Thank you for all the good times


I'll miss you <3 :icon_cry:


Opponents defeated
As attacker
4 Lloyd-Christmas 15,02 Mio.
5 lordsanchez 14,86 Mio.

Side 1:
Players: Lloyd-Christmas

Side 2:
Players: lordsanchez

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1
Side 2: 0
Difference: 1


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 9,607
Side 2: 0
Difference: 9,607


So sad.


I'd like to thank most of you for the responses...

I had a blast with many of you...

I wouldn't have done nearly as well if it wasn't for players like wrathofflippinkane who made my time in chuck! such a great experience...

It truly was my most favorite tribe that I have ever had the opportunity and privelage to be a part of...

The women in OCD were awesome and kept my interest in the game ;)

I would also like to thank wss, lloyd and hanzel for the constant competitions with the first to 1mil points and the ODA competition with lloyd and much more..

This world has really taught me a lot..

I know and understand that many of you did not like my style of play, but the ones that played with me and near me whom I got a long with knew where my loyalties lied as well as I knew where their's lied...

Tbh, that's all I gave a crap about and their opinions are really all that matter to me, so "players" like jakee boy whom never had the oppurtinity to play with me wouldn't understand and would be understandably critical...

WSS my most loyal PA/friend in W41...

Many would say I was a snake and what not, but are more than welcome to their opinion, makes for good debate more than anything...

But, believe it or not, I was loyal to those who were loyal to me...

WSS, deedee, sarah, hanzel and cecil, red and so on..

I always looked out for my tribe mates and many of the decisions I made IG were not just for my own self-preservation, but also what I felt was the best for my team mates...

They know that...

Some day I will start in a pre-made with the right ppl;
Hanzel, wss, lloyd, jammer, cecil, lt, skafe and many more....

I enjoyed the back and forth with seth and the great pnp from jonathon from axes as well...

There was a method to my madness, but was always loyal and played as a team mate with those who did the same for/with me...

I can't forget about rednecks, even tho he speaks that awful American language :p

Either way I wish you all the best...

This will be my last post for a while...

Have fun all ;)

PS. congrats to lloyd, who managed to take 1 of the 3 villages in K55 next to his cluster and that were surrounded by OCD :lol:

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I won the race for points... Reminds me i gotta recruit troops now ='[

I have stopped getting bigger since u left... come back ='[ Unless tbolling wants a challenge its a sad lonely point-less road for me ='[

See you around in a future world... Maybe one were i can rim both you and LT just for the fun of it :p


I enjoyed the back and forth with seth and the great pnp from jonathon from axes as well...

Jeej, I got a mention.:icon_razz:

Anyway, take care. Let me know about the premade. :icon_wink:


Well, this is hard for me to absorb. But, even tho a lot of the time I would love nothing more than to blast you in your mouth you really are a great player and great personality. I have spoken with you via voice chat and in RL we would probably be best friends. I've said some things as have you but this is a game and I know about your job and I really do wish you the best bro. I know how dangerous your job is and I wish you safety, health and $$$. Please be safe and come back to TW ASAP so we can bash each other again. Regardless of what people say, you will be missed.