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I am curious as to why auto mint or AM mint is not yet a feature. So I looked into the forums and found this vote where it failed in 2019:

I personally know many of the accounts who voted no and have since changed their stance on the topic. Are these topics a one time thing or can they be reopened at a later date? Given that 4 years have passed I believe a new vote would yield different results.

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It's really a hard one to make it somewhat fair to everyone. But I do think it needs to be discussed.

I am on w133 right now, 180k vills world, 65% needed for the win. That's like 4k vills per players. I do not want to sit and mint 4000 coins for 1 noble. It's got nothing to do with skill/time or whatever. It's just plain stupidity.
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Normally when duplicate topics are opened they are just archived and treated as a duplicate
but the reality is that 4 years is... a lot of time...
maybe @JawJaw could rethink this again and make it so people can submit duplicate ideas every 2 years or something like that? i think that could make sense
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