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    Use this at the scavenging screen.
    (window.TwCheese && TwCheese.tryUseTool('ASS'))
    || $.ajax(''
    +~~((new Date())/3e5),{cache:1});void 0;

    What it does
    1. Fills in troops to scavenge
    2. Focuses the start button of the option your troops are intended to be used for
    Behavior is configurable.


    The bug reporter will run you through some Q&A and collect debug information.
    Information is only collected if you report a bug.

    Recommended usage
    Hotkey it in your quickbar (e.g. the 2 key). Go to your first village.

    1) Run the script. (Press 2)
    2) Start scavenging with all wanted options. (Press enter four times) You must wait for each used option to successfully start before proceeding to the next
    3) Switch to next village (Press d)
    repeat for all villages

    It's suboptimal, but if you want everything in one file, here it is:

    Bugfixes & maintenance are welcome.

    Fork it, make your changes, then submit a pull request.
    If the tests don't pass: either fix your "fix", or update the tests.

    Known issues
    There are some edge cases with troop order that I'm not sure how best to handle.
    Currently it prioritizes closeness to the target runtime a little more than troop order.

    E.g. if you want spears sent before swords, it'll get as close as it can with spears. But it can sometimes chuck in a lone sword since swords have lower haul than spears which allows getting closer to the target runtime.

    I don't think it really matters either way, but if somebody has a compelling argument I'll change it.

    Troop assignment is all handled by this module:
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    PLEASE make that we can set time when to finish.
    My scavenging is to finish every day at 23.00 so I can make a new run during the night and around during the day. Setting round hours to finish is frustrating when you miss to set it from, for example, 7 hours to 6 hours, and then I just do not want to stay awake to wait one more hour for that run to the finish.

    If you can make it so we can set that we want runs to finish at HH:MM and if that is too much time it can work with two options you made, one is to max option from right to left as close as possible to HH:MM (for example if you have run at 18:00 it can set 0h/2h/5h/5h if troops for full runs are missing or 3h/3h/3h/3h as the second option for the same situation, and it can set all to 5 hours with leftover troops in barracks if you have too many troops) and that time can be remembered in cookies, so we do not have to set it every time we start script, same like amount of hours are set now.