Apathy say jump ,they asked "how high"



*clicky* link for those who have problem with spoiler

Sh*t just hit the roof

(sam in rambo mode)

Alex always crazy

Troops coming from all over the place



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Did you make the lovely strip sam? If so, Im impressed, your paint skills are l33t


Great job on the pnp Sam <3. Lets have some fun :icon_wink:


Good luck to AAA. If you survive you better hope Yarr does not come for you.


I wasn't impressed.

Me neither... at all.

BUT I am very interested to see how this one pans out. 322 could be the dark horse of this world... or they could turn out to be complete noobs, this will test them. Good luck to both tribes! :)


As much as i enjoyed this declaration - it is quite flawed and was a nice bit of pnp and nothing more as per sams usual workings lol

basher tribe for PMS? show me how / when / where? we have never been a basher tribe for anyone.

Apathy's puppet? we op someone and they join in when we run out of nobles to clear out the riff/raff and likewise - thats called being allies.

reaosn 1 - hmm so WE are the instigators of this new flutter? you have been nobling into k54 for some time now without any care for the NAP agreement - this has only recently become public because you stepped up your invasion and no longer just pissed me off but everyone else as well as our allies. Each member has privately threatened your members because you have shown repeated acts of war, I can tell ya now most of our members will not now to anyone so that was always going to be the response.

reason 2 - I like how the only point there where you have not a shred of evidence is that we were supporting apathy, nice work! - next!

reason 3 - tried to make a coalition against you? a couple of members shitting a brick at the thought of you guys launching on us is us trying to make a coaltion ok lets post the whole thing shall we?

[13/01/2013 17:32:41] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: (rofl)
[13/01/2013 17:32:56] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: AAA really fucked us..:(
[13/01/2013 17:33:05] .siv.: it was going to happen
[13/01/2013 17:33:37] hamada zein: yup
[13/01/2013 17:33:40] .siv.: stitch. will now play with Underground Authority
[13/01/2013 17:33:56] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: oh...
[13/01/2013 17:34:03] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: good for him..
[13/01/2013 17:34:21] .siv.: funny that they once booted stitch. as a refugee
[13/01/2013 17:34:41] .siv.: he will no doubt cause trouble again soon
[13/01/2013 17:35:18] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: does anyone read the public forums?
[13/01/2013 17:35:25] hamada zein: nope
[13/01/2013 17:35:56] hamada zein: post a link for it
[13/01/2013 17:36:21] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: http://forum.tribalwars.net/forumdisplay.php?368-World-65
[13/01/2013 17:36:23] .siv.: yea i do from time to time
[13/01/2013 17:36:33] .siv.: mostly full of shit so not much lately
[13/01/2013 17:37:13] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: Well, yesterday an AAA player said that they might offer as a merge/alliance...
[13/01/2013 17:37:19] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: he was joking of course
[13/01/2013 17:37:25 | Edited 17:37:58] hamada zein: red card for man city.. kompany
[13/01/2013 17:37:57] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: but then another said that if Apathy loose the war, Skull will be surrounded by AAA and that is true...
[13/01/2013 17:38:28] Kurtis: We should merge with AAA :p
[13/01/2013 17:39:04] hamada zein: is the war btween yarr and wobble stil goin on?
[13/01/2013 17:39:11 | Edited 17:39:14] Kurtis: yeah
[13/01/2013 17:39:29] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: yes it is.
[13/01/2013 17:39:36] Kurtis: I was speaking to a few of my friends in yarr about it the other day
[13/01/2013 17:42:22] .siv.: AAA will most likely try to continue their war with Apathy, not only to try to gain a new front vs wobble but also to save face, they have lost an obscene amount of troops against apathy and in the end they are level in terms of ops vs eachother, thats a tribe 4 times apathy size and could not do better
[13/01/2013 17:43:09] .siv.: War will be at our door soon, AAA has done nothing but stall us for time with this 'cross nobling' rubbish.
[13/01/2013 17:43:17] .siv.: I don't think we should wait for them to knock on the door
[13/01/2013 17:43:48] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: What you are saying is very serious siv.
[13/01/2013 17:44:58] hamada zein: so we shoudl take the war to them?
[13/01/2013 17:45:38] .siv.: what i am asying is what will happen within a week, do you really think AAA are going to honor anything? based on what we have already seen alone with the stitch. situation
[13/01/2013 17:46:07] .siv.: any issues i have raised with raveman were overly ignored
[13/01/2013 17:46:23] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: hard words
[13/01/2013 17:46:50] hamada zein: we could go to war with aaa if dream and apathy join us
[13/01/2013 17:47:00] hamada zein: but dream are kind of far from them
[13/01/2013 17:47:06] .siv.: these are words that should not come from me of course, which is why I stay out of political dealings, this needs to come from mikeys. But i say what i see
[13/01/2013 17:47:08] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: dream??
[13/01/2013 17:47:13] hamada zein: SVG
[13/01/2013 17:47:15] .siv.: lol
[13/01/2013 17:47:16] Kurtis: SVG has a good relationship with AAA, so wouldn't they go against us?
[13/01/2013 17:47:37] .siv.: SVG would most likely sit on the fence if it came to it
[13/01/2013 17:47:53] .siv.: being allied to both of us is a hard situation for them
[13/01/2013 17:47:55] Kurtis: We should merge with SVG lol
[13/01/2013 17:47:58] .siv.: best to stay neutral
[13/01/2013 17:48:05] Kurtis: they have 16 members
[13/01/2013 17:48:24] Kurtis: or merge with apathy
[13/01/2013 17:48:28] Kurtis: if we decide to join war
[13/01/2013 17:48:32] .siv.: it's a possibility with SVG i'd imagine..
[13/01/2013 17:48:43] hamada zein: why not we all merge together lol.. SVG, apathy and us. lol
[13/01/2013 17:48:58] Kurtis: If SVG, Skulls and apathy merged, we'd be like rank 3-4
[13/01/2013 17:49:05] .siv.: Apathy will not recruit another player let alone merge
[13/01/2013 17:49:32] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: ^^true
[13/01/2013 17:49:42] hamada zein: the time will come when they wil be obliged to change their mind
[13/01/2013 17:49:59] Kurtis: But, if we joined the war with Apathy, we may aswell just join them anyway
[13/01/2013 17:50:18] .siv.: the thing is, i know azazel - he wont merge with anyone, this is the show for them, they will play to the last man standing
[13/01/2013 17:50:37] Kurtis: We should try with SVG then if thats the case
[13/01/2013 17:50:40] .siv.: yea oi know what you mean
[13/01/2013 17:50:49] .siv.: that could be possible
[13/01/2013 17:50:56] Diego/BabyfaceNelson co: I dont like mergtes
[13/01/2013 17:51:05] .siv.: yea thats my only issue diego
[13/01/2013 17:51:08] .siv.: im the same
[13/01/2013 17:52:02] Kurtis: Skulls as we are, we're squished in the middle of apathy, AAA, SVG
[13/01/2013 17:52:23] Kurtis: I'd say merging or try merging with one of them would be a good move
[13/01/2013 17:52:51] Kurtis: I'm sure AAA wouldn't mind taking control of K54's centre, but that of course would mean we go against apathy

But joining SVG, we're still friends with everybody
[13/01/2013 17:52:57] Kurtis: (AAA, Apathy)
[13/01/2013 17:53:02] .siv.: yes
[13/01/2013 17:53:07] .siv.: but if we did that, what next?
[13/01/2013 17:53:32] Kurtis: South, west or North
[13/01/2013 17:53:42] Kurtis: Wobble yarr or AAA lol
[13/01/2013 17:53:56] .siv.: lol
[13/01/2013 17:54:19] .siv.: well i don't care who i war, i just want war but i of course am not going to cause it at the expense of our members
[13/01/2013 17:54:56] Alan Nash: guys last time i spoke to mikeys was thursday on skype and he told me when he gets back we war AAA
[13/01/2013 17:55:36] Kurtis: Warring AAA has its advantages, but if SVG gets involved then it won't look pretty

Also, the northern side of AAA i'd say is its strongest

yada yada yada, as you can see, it is a conversation between a couple of members discussing possibilities, nobody has approached anyone - funny that your spy is 1 of the people who has apparently conspired to form a coalition isn't it? LOL

moving swiftly on, this was always going to happen just wanted to straighten a couple of facts there. We will have as much fun as possible with this, cheers :)
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Sounds like some pretty smart council ya got yourself there ;) How big was the tree you all just fell out of?