Event Attack of the Horde


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The enemy is at your doorsteps! The barbarian hordes rallied up and marched against your kingdom.
You are vastly outnumbered so use your wits and finesse to break their siege!
Attack of the Horde!

Dear players,

the horde is attacking once again! They will arrive on March 15th around 2 PM and give you the chance to use your elite troops and counter-attack and break the siege for valuable rewards.
The event will end on March 19th.

To Battle!

Your task in this event will be to break through the siege by attacking the five strategic weak spots in the hostile army. To successfully break through you have to guess which unit is correct in which position. For this, you have to select a unit for each spot and send them into battle. After each attack you will get an overview of the result, helping you to determine how to successfully win the battle.

If a unit was correct will be indicated by colors. Green means that this was the right unit for this spot. Yellow means that the unit is right for this battle, but it wasn't used in the correct spot. Red means that this unit is not needed for the current battle. Each attack you sent will require one Attack Plan. Your generals will come up with one new Attack Plan per hour, allowing you to send attacks whenever you feel ready for it.


Once all spots are correct you will win the battle and can create a new one. Starting a new battle will require two Attack Plans. When a new battle is started the slots are randomized again and a new selection of units is required to win.


During the event you will be able to gain "Guidons", which can be spent in the event shop for valuable rewards. You will receive 150 Guidons for every correct unit, so a total of 750 Guidons per battle. Additional Guidons are awarded for winning a battle. Up to 500 Guidons can be gained this way, but the total amount depends on the amount of tries it takes you to win the battle. The more attacks you need the fewer rewards you will get.

The event shop will remain open for 24h after the event has ended. After that the event and any leftover Guidons will be removed from the game.

We hope you enjoy our new event! Please share your feedback in our feedback thread.
Your Tribal Wars Team