Auto-Updating Maps by Nickjer


The wonderful self-updating maps made by nickjer have moved to W29! If you wish to see other worlds, here is the website -

Dominance Map Rules:
A top player or tribe in a continent must have as many or more points
listed on the map in a single continent to be displayed.

In the player dominance map the villages for the 15 players with
the most points in a continent are displayed (due to color issues).

Nobling Map Rules:
This map updates every 24 hours with the noblings that occured in
last day. If the same village is nobled multiple times, only the
most recent nobling right before the map update will count. The
top 15 tribes are displayed in the background with the villages
nobled in the past 24 hours showing as big squares in the foreground.

Fastest Noblers:
(# villages conquered since first nobled village)/(time since first
nobled village). Basically it shows the rate of ennoblements in
units of villages per day for the fastest players since their first
nobled village.

Top Points per Player Tribe Map:
Basically shows what the title says. (# points)/(# players) in each
tribe. A tribe needs more than 5 players to be shown (that is to weed
out the tribes that 2 or 3 high point players start up for fun). A great
map to find where the elite tribes are at since mass recruiting tribes
will plummet in the list.


Families List:


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TFHR has an academy tribe which should be added so they show up as a family.


what a great job with these maps, just awesome dude. keep it up


*dang. that maksapasteet dude has some killer ODA for having so few villas*

:D :D


What happened to DSL? Who are Shadow's leaders? Who currently plays the graylin account?



What happened to DSL? Who are Shadow's leaders? Who currently plays the graylin account?

DSL are no more, it's now Shadow, Shadow's leaders are DSL's leaders (Forsaken and Dallock) and Graylin plays the Graylin account.

That about sums up what you asked