Auto Updating Maps - W75


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The whole point of a family is that all the tribes in a family behave as one large tribe. If you don't want to see tribes lumped into families then remove families from the maps. Wouldn't make sense to have some maps list families and other maps list separate tribes.Currently there are user made maps that do top individual tribes. Also you can easily hand make top 15 tribes map on twstats. But good luck getting top 15 tribes with a family listed as a single tribe, that will take a lot of handwork. Especially if there are rim tribes that form a very large family that can contend with central tribes in terms of points.

So decide guys. It's either have family tribes or get rid of them all together ^.^


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Ill do it. Not sure how to get started but i will happily do it once i figure out how.


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would be awesome to have family tribes listed again, thought that was what ayok was posting, got all excited :p


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Why not listing top 15 ODD players too while having ODA guys in the category of "Player Maps"? -.-
because nobody cares once you've being rimmed :)

But I do agree there should be a top 15 ODD, although most of them will have being rimmed lol, still interesting


Think the maps can be expanded a bit to include left out continents.