Awards; Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'W19 General discussion:' started by Beautiful.Monster, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Guys, since W19 has introduced awards without a poll i would like to know all of your opinions on this, personally i despise them.
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  2. stimps 7

    stimps 7 Guest

    Spices are ok, depends really, you need to match the right kind to the right food. My favourties Pepper.
  3. leboy

    leboy Guest

    you despise them because they make the world a bit more interesting with people competing for them or cause you can never get any? :icon_rolleyes:
  4. unjustified

    unjustified Guest

    How do you despice things.. next time i get a curry thats to spicey i can just despice it :icon_surprised:
  5. Shush.


    you know what i meant.
  6. Zaany

    Zaany Guest

    Utterly useless. They should spend time doing something more productive :icon_razz:
  7. stimps 7

    stimps 7 Guest

    do i hear quarter price nobles?
  8. marv17

    marv17 Guest

    what are these awards anyway? i have never herd of them lol
  9. Waca Waca

    Waca Waca Guest

    Dekzy is just annoyed because they show how crap he is (smirk)
  10. Dekzy

    Dekzy Contributing Poster

    Aug 15, 2008
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    tbh (smirk)
  11. pillburydough

    pillburydough Contributing Poster

    Dec 23, 2008
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    I can't be bothered to compete for ODA ... Just seems unlikely - daily some people burn 1,000 nukes!
  12. King Muffin

    King Muffin Guest

    amen :icon_razz: half price/build time for troops anyone? :icon_redface:
  13. Isloman

    Isloman Guest

    That'll just make things too easy though :icon_cry:
  14. King Muffin

    King Muffin Guest

    i guess, but i hate waiting for nukes to rebuild :p

    i think i may have gotten the first award in w19 though :icon_razz: dang loyalty stayed at 1 :icon_cry:
  15. DrSneider

    DrSneider Guest

    its just awesome... seriously.
  16. slytown

    slytown Guest

    bout 3 minutes after they became activated i got a bloody noble train that took loyalty to 2 :icon_evil:

    I was like ... oh common ... just one more and at least i woulda gotten an award for this failure :icon_evil:
  17. Isloman

    Isloman Guest

    I was in the first 5 to get an award, got it for a self-conquer :icon_redface:
  18. =-ViNtAgE-=

    =-ViNtAgE-= Guest

    Lol, I like them, just as I like The West awards but I would really LOVE to see more awards. :icon_rolleyes:
  19. leboy

    leboy Guest

    first village i noble using only 3 nobles in bout 6 month and it happens a few hours after awards are activated :icon_razz:
  20. Isloman

    Isloman Guest

    I think some of the awards are a bit flawed, especially as this world is several years old now, for example, the "Great Power Of The Day" award goes to the person with the most villages each day, well that's obviously 5from9 and it's gonna stay that way for a while... It seems to me it was mainly for the early stages of the world where several people are constantly scrapping over the number 1 spot, so there was actually some achievement in gaining the award, whereas 5from9 has some nice headway so there's not much chance of anyone else getting that award... (this isn't a dig at 5from9, just making a point :icon_razz:)
    Same with the resurrection award, noone is gonna be able to get that now, and if anyone is a compulsive perfectionist like myself then that grey box will forever torment them on the awards section :icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry: