Being able to select catapults target in the new multi attack feature

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- Mr. President

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I've found an error in the new multi attack feature.
If i want to send multiple attacks in the same second of catapults, I can only choose one specific target, so all of my catapults in all the attacks i may sent in that bulk of attacks will only go to that specific building.
An option should be added to let us choose where the catas will beat in the secondary attacks.
As you can see, I can only choose one building target.

Eakshow McGee

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Voting no on the fact that i think the new function should have been a pure Fake-train feature and not an Anti-Snipe/Cat-train feature. Which means that i don't see the need on having the option to have multiple targets.

Reading the game update post for this, its specifically mentions Fake-train as its use/purpose of being added.


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Voting yes simply because it will be fun to drop two or three different buildings at the same time )))