1. bobertini

    View Incoming Support from non-active Rally Point.

    Currently the "Incoming Support" table will only update for the active Rally Point i.e. "what is displayed in this table is basically what it says, Incoming support in the specific rally point you are currently in". What this means, if you go to the map, then go to the village information and...
  2. Improve self conquer

    Please, in self conquering situations, make it so: - AM queues don't reset - incoming attacks dont get renamed to default this would be pretty helpful
  3. RedAlert

    Update UI of some Send Attack button on mobile app

    This suggestion is fairly simple and the work needed to implement it should also be fairly simple. Male the Send attack button bigger on mobile. Like twice bigger than it currently it. The idea behind the suggestion is to make this button more easily clickable since sometimes you might click...
  4. Adding Sigil Info to Request Support Text

    Currently the request support text does not show any information about the active sigil(s) in the targeted village(s). This is an important information when trying to stack or snipe for someone. I am suggesting to add the sigil information per targeted village. Before: After:
  5. Hide unattackable villages for iOS app

    Hello, I wish for a setting to hide unattackable villages for the iOS app, as there is both in browser and on the android app. On the android app, there are two crossed swords that hides unattackable villages. Please implement this for the iOS app as well, either this way or as an option...
  6. Snowbrand

    Show inc attacks and support separately on the map overview.

    It would be much better if we were able to quickly see how many attacks and how many inc support commands we have inccoming to a villa, while quickly hovering over it on the map or if you would go into the village info screen from the map. Just seeing the amount of inc (attacks+support combined)...
  7. Snowbrand

    In Progress Autofill MA with "additional attack"

    Suggestion: Add MA to autofill on archer worlds, for the "additional attack" option. Reason, it's an offensive unite and not a defensive unite, so it should be included just like axes and lc.
  8. Failed Vote Casual - have beginner's protection for barbs

    I pity the poor fools that get conned into starting on existing casual worlds and then see the 26 point barb that was created for them as a potential target, simply vanish or get stacked by casual game millionnaires. They must be cursing themselves when they see the state of the casual world...
  9. Failed Vote Auto-tag worlds

    Alright so with the recent noble bot i think its time to look over the way this game requires 24h activity. Noble bot gives a really unfair advantage which only favours the already strong/top tribes. All the new and less experienced players will have no way to set this up. Which got me...

    Duplicate Ignore commands

    Hello, I suggest enabling the feature to ignore commands similar to "ignore incoming attacks", because if you start sending many scam or fake attacks, it will be annoying and useless on your display
  11. Include Mounted Archer In Attack Items

    I'm not sure if this was voted on before, but Mounted Archers are too weak atm, and of the main reasons is because gold/silver attack buffs do not apply to them. Archers are strong enough that they get used despite the general defence items not applying to them, but that is not the case for...
  12. Powderfull

    Rejected Cencel support on village screen

    Hi, It would be helpfull to be able to cancel support on the village screen. You can cancel attacks from here but not support, this issue happens mostly when using mass support
  13. bobertini

    Incoming Troops display on the Village Overview for allied support commands

    In the update 8.268, it states that the following must be true: The table with Incoming units will be visible only when: 1. The incoming support is coming from a friend/tribemate 2. There is at least one incoming support unit 3. The support sent is send by the player to his own village...
  14. bobertini

    Failed Vote Merge incoming overview page for sits

    First and foremost, this isn't a feature designed to support multi accounts (the illegal type) however it may seem. If you have numerous sits, you are forced to have multiple tabs and the risk of accidentally closing one is possible. My suggestion is that the incoming overviews can be merged...
  15. Say Bye

    Incoming overview - filter in between times

    I think it would be very useful if players can filter their incomings by time intervals. Interval inputs have to be datetime, not only date, in hh:mm:ss format.
  16. Say Bye

    Duplicate New filters on command page

    That would be amazing if we have some new filters on Commands page: Red commands Brown commands Green commands Contains noble Contans X or more cats - X is given by the player in an input field
  17. bobertini

    Show return time for Uber setting

    Just two small tweaks. 1) Returning support (i.e. withdrawn etc.) doesn't count as incoming support. 2) On worlds with uber settings, there is no return timestamp for when your troops will return after automatically getting sent home if dodging via non-tribe villages. Just wanna add a third...
  18. SwedishBlueCheese

    Filtering incomming troops from tribe

    Would like to add Origin tribe: or atleast be able to filter green incs from ppl you got shared commands with. Right now you have to sort by every player and takes a lot extra time as they dont show up as green before WT tags it as green even if you got shared commands and see that its green.
  19. Commands and Villages Notes on Attack/Support Confirmation Page

    Currently, the attack/support confirmation page does not show any commands heading to the target village or village notes. This makes it more difficult to time attacks or support without having another window/tab open to check the landing times. I am suggesting adding the "Notebook" and "Own...
  20. Submitted 'Add Additional Support' Command

    Please can you add an 'Add Additional Support' command? Much like you have an 'Add Additional Attack' option when sending attacks, which adds up to 4 attacks at a delay of so many milliseconds, you should be able to send support in the same way. I think having the ability to create multiple...