Best tribe on W1 of all time.


wow talk about nostalgia. come back to this place for the first time since late 06 and seeing this here...

as a former RoBAC member i'd have to tip my hat to TW. even though we were the smaller, tighter tribe we couldn't match them at all in terms of military coordination.


DVADER back in the day all the way. :) Proud I called TW home also though.

Edit: Jesus all these old ass names I remember...
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How can you claim RoBAC is better when...
they lost the war
"only UnDo ever really managed to resist"
you guys saw us demolish tribe after tribe and ignored the threat
you were number 1 on points and we took it from you

The only excuse you have is that you were outnumbered by our players. However, you guys had more points, villages, and allies.
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Glad it's over and I can go back to playing my console games. I barely have time to do that, but now I have a little more time. Don't have to worry about villages being taken or building armies to protect my villages. The game was so much work with very little rewards. One of the reasons I stopped playing WoW. Lots to do, but ate up to much time to acquire rewards. Plus you had to play for it every month which became ridiculous.


Former BUM (Barmy Ugly Men) and LOPW (Lords of something War)? (Was along time ago)

Just returned to the game.


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RoBac :D and yes I'm bringing back this thread, so what? :icon_biggrin:

Lord Haste

Obviously the clan who won W1 was TW :)
We rocked W1 and W2 and W8 (under the Clorox tag).



of any world. until rule changes TW maxed out the skill curve of this game in less than 6 months.


My vote is for TW as well. We always win. We owned that world. Its like playing Civ5. Once total domination is a foregone conclusion we give up and start a new game.


Saw some tw2 commercial on TV so I just had to come and see if this was still online.

TW obviously


So many old names... makes me soo happy.

As to the question, there is no doubt it was TW.

1) Came to the game after the top teams of the day had a decent head start (RoBaC, Death, a few others)
2) Signed up en masse at the Outer Rings. Then used Massive coordination efforts to establish a stranglehold on everyone within the "Blue Ring of Death".
3) Managed to frame (i think) Destiny (2nd largest tribe in w1 at the time) for betraying our alliance, and used that framing as an excuse to attack and crush their leadership and end that tribe of over 200 players in under 48hrs.
4) Proceeded to move inward eventually defeating RoBaC and Death.
5) Had Admins create rules to try and reduce our strength (Tribe Limits, etc)
6) Got an Admin to quit
7) Best Propaganda Threads ever - TY LogRoller
8) Got Many other Strong tribes to pay Tithes without even having to attack them.

And the Topping on the Cake. TW stood for a Tribes Fansite... and the only reason we came over to is we felt affronted that they were "trying to steal our name". It was posted on our forums (and our primary game was years dead so we had the time), and people started signing up On a Lark... and we ended up with over 300 members within a week and took it all over.



I was apart of TW on W1 and W2 and we held the top spot on both worlds for a couple years when the worlds were at their peak/prime. Played off and on since than, still have never seen a tribe with the same level of coordination that TW had.


TW for life, As an OG from TW my heart will never belong to another tribe, My brothers may have moved on but I still play around on a few worlds.


I loved WL very upset to see them fall :)

Hell was a surprise, very good players


Damn.. they are up to World 88 now. Crazy. Can't believe people are still playing this time consuming game. I joined HELL after my tribe disbanded and we won World One. Most people just got tired of playing and quit. There were tribes that were greater then HELL on World 1, they just didn't feel like sticking around till the end and winning the world. Real Life activities were more important for most people who left. I was in HOT on World One originally and TW on World 2. TW easily won World 2 and there were really no one to challenge us. Once that was established all the leaders decided to leave the game. We went from like 9 or 10 TW tribes to 2. I eventually just quit in the end. I don't remember who the last tribe was. I quit this game about 6+ years ago.


Holy shite look at these names..good old blast from the past! wow how long ago was it world 1 started?...TW for sure btw :)