Bored and alone in k33

Discussion in 'W36 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by Skevans, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Skevans

    Skevans Guest

    I've been playing this world since early April and I'm getting mighty bored of it!

    |=PW=| kicked me a month ago for not developing fast enough, although I'm clearly larger than their largest player.

    No other tribe wants to invite me, and so I wonder why bother?

    Surely someone remembers me from world ten, where I use the same log in name, or would like an experienced player in their midst?
  2. Skevans

    Skevans Guest


    still waiting for a decent invite, does no one like me?
  3. Nudist

    Nudist Contributing Poster

    Jan 15, 2008
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    nobling 1.7k barbs won't help.
  4. wynndoo

    wynndoo Guest

    i agree with that post :icon_rolleyes: oh....
  5. Skevans

    Skevans Guest

    Your right. however without the comfort blanket and support of a tribe i am unlikely to attack plaers that are tribed am I? Especially when you consider i am in the heart of a top ranked tribe.

    Of course I could attack player villages, but there aren't any close enough with a decent enough size to attract me.

    What a connundrum.
  6. Yarric

    Yarric Guest

    Well then you either have to send a long nobal train or nobal barbs forever
  7. Actually. If its a larger tribe you are probably better off. I don't see a large tribe coordinating an op to get rid of one person that isn't in a tribe. Smaller tribes will war you until you are off the world though!!!11!1!!11
  8. Con Og

    Con Og Guest

    The points of a village are not everything, the location is also very important .
  9. Better be a damn good location if its a crappy village.

    Also, i find village location is MUCH more important on a church world. This not being a church world, i am less lenient on location.
  10. finally you arrived in some tribe where you own half of points.. nice though :)