Brother & Sisters Join Me In This Long Fight!


I am currently at war with Barbarians. I will not let them take so many villages away from this world! I will noble them all!

I moved to this world about a month ago and I looked at my square and I was happy with it.
Seven reds and a PA, life was good so I decided to stay.
But when it came near, all the reds dissappeared,
They decided to fade away!
It became apparent a new boss was in town where they had nuked until all reds were dead!
At first I was patient surely these grey dots would settle and not take anymore!
However, later they started taken not just K55
but started picking fights with the rim to my outrage!

So now after time, I am back again, with nobles running to villages.
I am now keeping score I will have all greys to none!
So come with me and noble this tribe of which they call themselves...

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A word of warning, due to a long scientific research analysis from some of the top rank players of previous worlds on w32 and w14 we have concluded that the Barbarians strike at the dead of night leaving no trace except nobling villages that have not logged on for 30 plus days! We must defeat them before they take anymore of us away!


Must have at least one noble against these [word was removed for inappropriate language]!
Must have a world past experiences or are willing to learn about the art of nobling Barbs with spears only!
Must be able to train 20 seconds or more!
Must NOT farm the greys as it angers them, we must take them by suprise.

Leave your Profile Details
Nobles to date
and if any worlds you have previous been in.

Thanks! Danke! Grazi!

Soon everything will be red or blue!


Gud luck.But there will be moar and moar grey in the future, ......... Muhahahha.


Thats what i thought but apparently rules changed to 30+ on, or they havent updated their system anyway...or i don't know. But yes but 30 days seems to be the cut off point going barb if they didn't at 14 days.


Lmao! This thread is so much win. Lmao! :))))))

The barbarians are done for now. The fellowship is here to fell them down!


I lol'd at greymaker being one of the first posters in a war against Barbs thread lmao. OP gotta take on their general too.


I am glad that finally someone has accepted the massive barbarian threat, and had the courage to take arms against them.

You have me.