Checks and Balances

Discussion in 'World 30' started by MRSoxS, May 28, 2009.

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    this, and many other public relations nightmares are so much more important to leading a tribe then personal stats.

    super heroic stats will do you no good if you cant otherwise keep your tribe together.

    Now after saying that, [CRY] are keeping themselves together, their recent history can be excluded, that history was a serious blow, but they remain, and are as active as they can be.

    Ok... despite Frasers "very" public image, the fact he can keep the tribe going like it is tells me alot more then he show's in a majority of his post's. I am impressed (for the moment anyway, its tenuous).

    Now think about this statement, and then think how Cshipley was able to keep us together through that mud pit you drug us into.

    Get your priorities straight and remember the tribe comes before yourself. Become a real nightmare of a duke for tribal wars.

    Kudos to you Fraser for keeping [CRY] together this long, you're still going to get rimmed though! :icon_twisted:

    bleh, god that is so true. I hope to someday have this feel for sitting, but atm I'm a little lost whenever I log into someone else's account to sit, specially if its layout is drastically different then mine.
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    May 17, 2008
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    yes good setters are hard to come by an great ones are even more rare.

    seems I get that blessing if you call it that sometimes I swear its a curse but I also know when I need one I can always ask an there is normally another good setter there to take mine an treat it like their own as I do the ones I set I'm not happy if I haven't made their grow while they are away.

    And then there is the ones who don't have a clue what to do an end up doing nothing but logging in but I always make sure when I am done they have a better set up an that anyone else who sets it can do a great job at setting it too its those when you first go on an you see a nightmare looking you in the face that is the test of a great setter from the so so setter the great one will fix the nightmare an the so so one is lost in the nightmare.:icon_eek:
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    excellent post.

    *stands up, and claps*

    Finally, fight club, something prim and proper.

    Fraser has not forgotten his tribe comes first. I have been witness to some of his decision making process.. he thinks well for the tribe first, friends second, and finally himself.. (Imho)

    But good post fightclub, i thought i would never see the day.
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    I read the spoiler :p.

    Yes, thankyou Fightclubx, i dont know about the rimming part though :lol:
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    I am back now so on with the wars i lost 10 villages wich will take me a couple of days to get back and back on with the fun of warring which i am excited about .
    Side 1:
    Tribes: [CRY] Phoenx

    Side 2:
    Players: s.mcnally

    Timeframe: Forever

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 6,169
    Side 2: 291
    Difference: 5,878


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 14
    Side 2: 21
    Difference: 7


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 42,079,228
    Side 2: 2,433,941
    Difference: 39,645,287


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 119,813
    Side 2: 192,525
    Difference: 72,712

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    Wrong thread. we have a new thread now.
  7. MRSoxS

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    sorry mick been away totally forgot about the new thread :icon_biggrin: