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Discussion in 'World 30' started by MRSoxS, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Badlapje

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    Silvereclips, allow me to reply on this bit. THE are our allies because they are what they are cracked up to be. No - they're not just holding the #1 spot till we take an interest. They got there through hard work and lots of wars. They got the OD to prove it, both in ODA and ODD.

    Please don't compare THE to HAM as if they are of the same material ... they're not. And given i've the inside scoop on both, i do believe i know what i'm talking about.
  2. silvereclipes

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    May 17, 2008
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    yeah when it was said we were baised because we were a Phoenix member just because Paj post something doesn't mean we all think the same.

    Now for BD I say without anything but respect for them because hands down they are the toughest bunch on this world at the moment in my opinion an yes THE has some dam tough fighters too but pound for pound BD stands out the clear winner if they squared off with THE.Yes they are friendly right now but all it takes is someone spouting off or doing something they shouldn't have an then its on even the best allies will turn on each other when that happens.

    And BH knows I teak his nose out of shape just to give him crap since we played on W4 and W6 in CHE together till I went with the STACHEWACKERS and we just love giving digs at each other but its never personal with us I went one way he went another.

    As for HAM they were good when they were active but like anything else when you gather up some of the old players they tend to get bored with a world an leave it after a while and then you tribe falls.

    As for THE owning ten K's an staying in the number 1 spot for a year till you do that your nothing but just a target for the number two tribe to come after you and it always happens too never fails on all the worlds I have played it always happens.
  3. Badlapje

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    i'm afraid you do not fully grasp the nature of our alliance, nor the safeguards in place to maintain it. BD takes it's alliances seriously, which is the reason we only have one ally. Is it possible that the alliance breaks up? Sure, just as it is possible that i get struck by lightning 5 times when i step out the door and miraculously survive. There is always that chance, but i wouldn't put my money on it.
  4. silvereclipes

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    May 17, 2008
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    Yes Bad THE was better then HAM but then think what was happening in HAM at the time all the players BH gathered to come to 30 got bored an left an he had a devils own time finding players to come play those accounts then finally he run out of the good ones an was left with a massive amount of inactive accounts when that happens your falling especially during a war with someone like your tribe.

    THE has proven they are tough fighters but really Bad think about it for a second where will they expand to next not much room left for them they have two option's go though TWC or GREEN slide down into CRY an cut off BD's expansion route or try to goble up the east which is not going to be as easy as it sounds because once a tribe gets to be to much a threat to other tribes they will gang bang them to hell just as it happened to SIN and not even BD will be able to save them like the ORDER couldn't save SIN even by sending everything they had at RMC to try to stop the bleeding SIN were suffering.

    But we have one plan in our future in Phoenix take care of die once an for all and all the off shoots that spout from their death an then for us one final war before we check out of this world and it will be a glorious battle between two gaints of this world.

    Yeah it took time an our nobling rate isn't that of die but now that we shattered their support base its eating time takes allot out of you when you have to deal with inactives support placed in your way when your rimming a player but that is now over with an as you see our diet has increased lately.
  5. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    THE hasn't got an inactivity problem so i don't foresee this in the future.

    They are nowhere near TWC or CRY so that won't be a problem. They still got a lot of expansion room, so i'm not sure why you think there's a problem there.

    True: the bigger you get the more likely it is that monsteralliances are formed to battle the monster. But i don't think we're at that stage just yet. If and when it get's to that we'll see what happens and who is on which side. So that's all assumptions now and still a long ways in the future. It doesn't decrease the merit of THE's accomplishments at all though. Sheer numbers can always overcome an enemy ... the question is how much does one need to overcome a given tribe? The more is needed, the bigger the compliment to the targetted tribe.
  6. Bullmastiff

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    Thanks mcnally....somewhat pleasantly surprised and appreciated.
  7. abscindo

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    Okay so this is all very interesting but to back things up a bit here Paj it is your precious Frazure that was first to go off topic in DIEs thread. If he would like to declare on Die this isn't the place. Perhaps you could write his declaration for him or at least hold his hand.

    Paj you argue for a victory against Die. that you will never secure. For months now I have been requesting that you pick up the pace only to make your wild dream at least appear possible. You will never succeed in being over-rated someone has to care first.

    Lastly this one is for the rest of you... you may have noticed how little Die posts here... It truly is a waste of time. There is always something to be pulled out of every post and twisted to suit phoenx. In the end it always comes back to their witty bitty size even though they will argue to the end that points mean nothing... so you must mean both high and low right?
  8. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    How about Die. get some positive Stats for once?
  9. Bullmastiff

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    I'm getting myself into this more than I had hoped but I will sorry Badlapje, but....

    1) Inactivity is always at least a concern, regardless of tribal colors...this has been pointed out by almost everyone. The analysis must be done from a relativistic approach, which in that case I'd have to agree that THE doesn't have a "problem"

    2) At the same time, wasn't the reason given for AK's "lacking" (quotes because I personally haven't looked) b/c he's doing all these constructive deeds sitting THE accounts. This is at least the mark of concern....maybe not a problem, but I got the impression that his ingame stats would be more attractive if he wasn't sitting....maybe I interpreted all of this wrong, but I doubt I have.....

    N.B. Badlapje - you seem to be an excellent debater and so I guess I get off on this type of challenging...hope you understand.
  10. silvereclipes

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    May 17, 2008
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    Right that is one thing THE hasn't got for a problem is inactivity problems which to my mind is one the things they have going for them and unless CBTF can pull a rabbit out of its hat I don't see that war lasting much longer either.but the additude will be a down fall granted Paj loves stirring the pot but that is paj be very glad its not previe doing it now there is the master of the flame he still makes me laugh just thinking of when he called Nakro the Duke of SIN Nik Nak.:lol:

    As for a multi tribes gang banging another I look at when it happens are they combined the same size as the one they are gang banging it took four tribes combined to equal the size of SIN to take them out an when it happened they were hit from all sides at once and it still took 9 months to finish them off of none stop warfare.

    When SIN fell they had a ODT of 1.9 billion points and now the ORDER is facing the same thing and they are already at the 1.8 billion ODT total an this fight just really started heating up an they are facing off with three tribes so far unless they keep insulting FEAR then they will be facing four again since they took in the SINers but like BD they stood with the allaince to the end an now they face what SIN faced total utter destruction HIRE declared so I am now busy on two worlds waging all out war and prepping what we in the STACHEWACKERS made us famous for the STACHE ride for one of their players he is getting the boot towards the exit because when your rimmed on 6 you leave last I looked we are down now under 756 players left on 6.:icon_eek:
  11. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    i got 50 caps in the first 48 hours so far! :icon_biggrin:
  12. Crispycargo

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    May 6, 2009
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    Ever heard of sleep?
    Yup, of course you did.

    Trust me, the only activty problem we have is playing TOO much.
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  13. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    Dont need to, its the same crap.

    Again, i say THE is overrated, and Ak needs t partake in game more...

    And i get all this.

    Your words individually may not be offensive, but when taken in context with everything else, they are indeed intended to be offensive.

    I said Get bent, but the the implications of your posts are subtle... So stop acting so innocent.

    Slander? I ask the guy why his ingame stats are so unattractive, and why he has the nerve to bash fraser in MY thread.


    Ahh, so you dont get credit for Erevos, as BD was helping, and "attacking the same enemy".

    Two can play that game, stud.

    Bd was helping you out, and as the two best tribes in w30.. one can only assume what really happened.

    How come BD didnt help you that much, yet CRY/ed are helping us so much?

    Come on, quit being a hypocrite still.

    I then pointed out your duke's personal ingame stats, and you then attempt to bash me out of the forums.

    I question any duke who has no personal ingame stats, and then you guys offer excuses..

    Yet, still i see nothing to "prove" me wrong, other than the aggression with which your posting...

    Not as amusing as the defensive posture your tribe has taken here...

    Your slandering me, as i have only spread my opinion, and the fact that Iceman has severely lacking personal ingame stats.

    Care to explain what is Crap? ?

    Obviously we cant say anything we like, your not permitting free thoughts in a thread that isnt even yours, in this case..

    You act like you own the forums, where i can post, what i can post... honestly, you guys are only the number one tribe in points/stats..

    Does not give you the right to bash others rights to free forums.

    So someone says something you dont like, its the real world. People are gonna do that, people are gonna get under your skin...

    I think maybe you should step back and think about just how FAR you guys have gone in the pursuit of removing my Word.


    Baseless opinions. Everything i post is baseless opinions.

    Well, here is another "baseless" comparison on the part of THE.

    BBS couldnt win his wars.. he ran his mouth in pnp cause its all he had.

    You cant do a thing to shut me up, in pnp or INGAME>

    I make a statement, THE Is overrated.

    You all come on here beating your chests, throwing stats, saying you can bash in phoenx without skipping a breath...

    I never said phoenx was better, (tho i did take a dig and say we could beat you) and i never compared THE to Phoenx.. i just made a statement..

    Maybe its you guys that need to grow up and realize that not everyone is gonna like you, specially when your this ugly daily.

    And, by your refusal to answer my replies to your posts, then i am quite certain you have no argument against me.

    "baseless opinions" is EXACTLY what your spewing, by accusing me of posting lies and "crap"...

    yet you seem to ignore my specifically tailored answers to yourself.

    You say phoenx/pajuno exxaggerates, i prove you wrong. No admission on your part.

    You say i continue to post bullshit, yet you have not addressed the fact that Iceman's ingame stats were lacking, and i made a simple reference to it...

    And now its "baseless opinions". I think you have become the bbs, unable to post a proper response cause you have no argument, and know your in the wrong here.

    Indeed. I have not posted lies. I have posted possible facts, and my opinion.

    I stated two things, and this entire forum barrage is getting out of hand, cause i stated two things that cant be argued.

    IN MY OPINION< the is overrated.

    Ak Iceman's personal ingame stats are not attractive enough to warrant his bashing of another duke in W30.

    Prove me wrong?

    Well, since we are friends, and he is fighting Die, he can post whatever he likes here about Die.

    You wont find a complaint from me.

    Never be secure? In the last few months.. you had 68 villages inside kd 64, we had 0 inside kd 74.

    Check your stats again, and tell me how it is?

    Sure, took some time to remove your squatters in our kd, how can it not when you have 15 sat accounts to move in support with??

    Im not worried about your opinion. you have not taken a successful village from Phoenx yet, and we have picked up the pace.

    last count, for the last week was 44-3.

    how much more embarrassing can it get? As it stands, you have done nothing yourself, while 44 noblements against 3??

    What the hell you doing over there?

    1. cause ungar worked for Nap while Mcnally/Kill declared??

    Dirty move?

    2. You had 5 times as many points to start our war, and now look at you.

    3. You lost last week 44-3 alone, 60+ vs 24 members...

    4. Kd 74 has a growing Phoenx Virus... what have you done to stop that?

    Because you have no moral high ground to stand upon.

    You have no ingame victories to post about, and you have no foreseeable future...

    hehe, i was thinking of starting a new thread, one where we declared our two tribes Equals, and start the challenge anew..

    Then, THE started the problems here, so i have not left the thread until they do.

    But you can go right back to staying in game, Abs, you have no future in Pnp as Die has no future.
  14. abscindo

    abscindo Guest

    My only position in this thread is that I with Die. will fight you to whatever unforeseeable end. Die will not be broken by phoenx.
  15. Bullmastiff

    Bullmastiff Guest

    Wait, so there's 110% activity and still a defensive (/excuse, if I may) when AK's ingame is questioned. I don't get it. Am I that slow?
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  16. Lethal Touch

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    Congratulations to Phoenx for entring top 20. It was about damn time :)

    About the war, it's been quite a long time since the start and still no visible changes. Phoenx has probaly gained some ground, and has upper hand on the frontline. But that is too slow to damage Die. in my opinion.

    Die has five Ks and it's imossible for you to noble them all, you're never going to win this war if you continue like this. Only thing that can brake Die. are internall issues. This is likely going to happen at some point simply because of the fact that they are losing a war against much smaller opponent. It already started by Kill(now dawn) splitting from the main tribe.

    Anyway, I believe Phoenx could speed up this process by recruiting few better players from the frontline. This would have a snowball effect and Die members would probably soon start jumping ships, joining other tribes, creating thier own etc.

    And a disclaimer, I'm completely unfamiliar with that region, so I don't know if there is a possibility of that happening.
  17. Bullmastiff

    Bullmastiff Guest

    Yep, ur absolutely right about that. However, I don't see Phoenix planning much recruiting in the near future. Here and there, yes, but no plans atm. Well, I take that back. There are plans for one player that will have some of this snowball effect you speak up, but not on the same level that you're suggesting could happen...unfortunately.

    tbh, we like fighting for territory, whether it's slow or not. And you are right, things are slow, but they are picking up and will continue to do so I believe. You can already see it in things stats cannot initially show. For a long while all nukes were focused on 6 players....ozzy, mark, csiz, paj, wookiee and myself. The ODDs show it for the most part. But now nukes are spreading out as new fronts develop, allowing the 6 of us to produce massive support and begin to tilt more offensive again.

    Dawn will begin to further split soon which will help our push. There are a lot of dawn players bitter at Die. for gobbling them and their friends up, taking the "good", and spitting out the "bad".
  18. Pajuno

    Pajuno Contributing Poster

    Jul 21, 2007
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    Thank you. we are eating at a faster rate every day, tho i am personally slowed atm due to nobles. (finally)

    As bull has stated, our fronts have spread out to include other players, so now we dont have to endure such pressure anymore.. our defenses are fully trained, we are finally leaning towards more offense, so be ready to see our increase in overall nukes/oda.

    With 44 nobles last week against die, and a 41 net gain over die/dawn, that is indeed speeding things up..

    Anyways, time will tell. I predict a faster finish to this war than Abs is predicting... Phoenx wont be recruiting players on the fronts to "speed things up" tho, so dont expect many survivors.

    Mcnally, thanks for the congrats on the top Twenty. Impressed to see that from you.
  19. theshearjoy

    theshearjoy Guest

    not part of this but from my observations what you got is a duke who leads from the front, THE appear to be more of a family (not in a family tribe sense no dont nuke me lol ) a duke who sits and helps his members? surely that's what every tribe member wants. its called there is no I in team,

    or do you got for dictator who plays his/her own game and quits when the going gets tough,

    or do you go for the egotistical monster lol,

    duke slating without basis is pretty low tbh and well off topic
  20. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    i'll put this at the top, i always like a good debate. If both sides use arguments then the worst that can happen is i learn something ... something i always enjoy.

    i did mean it relativistic. Part of what makes AK (and JP) such a great duke imo is how they manage to get the spirits up to prevent people from going inactive and how they can replace inactives fast & good. Pajuno does this well too though his style differs greatly, but AK/JP excell at it.

    yes it was, but nobody said it was inactive accounts. Part of how one keeps people playing this game is by making sure that even when under a massive attack one can preserve his RL (even if that means hardly logging in because a paper is due). Which means sitting is very important. And from experience i can say that truly good sitters are very scarce to come by. And by good i mean those rare individuals who can take an account and be at home in it 5 minutes after taking it, defending it if need be and expanding it where there's opportunity. AK consistently does this, if you want his full stats you should look at all the accounts he sat ... which from your perspective is impossible.

    Ultimately: i find the subject of the debate to be rather funny though. It is undeniable that THE is a very succesfull tribe, and even an anarchist like me will never ever argue that this is possible without good leadership. Even BD needs good leadership, although leadership entails a lot less work then it does elsewhere. THE isn't as exclusive as BD is, which means more work - a lot more in fact. THE is a wel-oiled machine, the ones who keep it running smoothly are AK and JP (in alphabetical order). I've seen it from the inside and i can attest to that.

    Could AK lead from the front? Prolly he could, and i'm sure that in the future he might just do that if it's needed. But we all are in this game for different reasons and we play the game differently to get our joy from it. If his main reason is to see THE succeed as a tribe, then all the more credit to him for putting his own "rankings" behind those of his tribe.