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Not dead yet, as you can see we had 1 million ODD increase in the last month.

Doesn't show them being very alive, if 3 players actively fighting the enemy at the fronts only gain a combined total of 1 million ODD over a span of 4 weeks... My 250k point account that I haven't played in ages has gained 1 mill ODD over 11 days... At a minimum they should keep each of you 3 under constant 300-500 incoming, mainly fakes with a few of their cat nukes sprinkled in... so unless you are dodging 99.5% of all incoming, RAM is being lazy (or dead) and not sending attacks.


Or it can probably be a hug offer to Decide's finest :)lol:), expressed the RAM way...
r2 that made me smurk then it lost its luster( maybe like a few people here)

and decide is dead enough said.

ODD gains isnt what you should look at as it shows nothing ODA gains are all off cham so decide by logic is dead


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the stats from last 62 days 6:09:16 hrs

Player Conquered villages Lost villages Difference Opponents defeated as attacker Opponents defeated as defender
ChamichA 89 3 86 42.542.256 5.314.361
inflrc 90 9 81 22.246.277 8.214.503
tanpancho 8 0 8 6.320.298 131.985

thats not only me smurks. DECIDE is still alive
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3 players? not even a tribe dude. your brothers with the same cause and outside supports.


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Side 1:
Tribes: DECIDE
Side 2:
Tribes: RAM

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 150
Side 2: 1,815
Difference: 1,665

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 127
Side 2: 10
Difference: 117

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 1,426,339
Side 2: 16,460,934
Difference: 15,034,595

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,208,884
Side 2: 96,182
Difference: 1,112,702

Hmmm ,,, I cant agree with you when i`m looking at this stats ...


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3 players? not even a tribe dude. your brothers with the same cause and outside supports.
I think RAM is no more than 3 players as well :icon_wink:

So Decide is winning in this 3 vs 3 duel :lol:

"Annihhilating" is probably a better word that I should use ...

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I just want to point out that individually my war stats against BH are better than chams and inflrc :p. They are more active in one area of the front and we are more active than them in another area. We are taking big losses off brind and they are taking big losses in k47. Good fighting


once again i said band of brothers a tribe would be more then i would take a guess at 5 or 6 enough people to fill in the seats of higher power of the tribe. duke barons, diplomat, and the others im forgeting atm. i doubt the whole tribe of RAM is inactive:\ cham and inflrc your telling me BH isnt supporting you when i was there they sent massive amounts of support. your just not considerd a tribe in my eyes its all based on my opinion. ou can fight me on it but changing my mind will never happen. i also doubt that RAM is trying on DECIDE now because well im sure they all see you as a side show while you old buddies that went to BH get crushed lol. i was looking at the stats and the main tribe is doing good but your side tribe is losing:\


why does everyone assume im in RAM? lol im a shadow player. i gave everyone a shot to get me and about 3 tribe turned me down for a few resons. one try was i was 2 much of a talker in pnp, another responded twice and i guess he deleted my mail and another i figured out just got lucky with accounts and where total noobs. im happy in my new home but doesnt mean im in RAM lol. im leaving my mark on this world indirectly and without soud i move throught the world making tears and smiles.

buuuut just to shut everyone up i am in RAM. what account? i wont tell but that makes 2 active players plus everyone besides 2 people:\
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im not a liar:\ so i would be willing r2.

i just talked with him via PM like 10 mins ago before i ran to the store. atm idk


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Are you willing to take the lie detector test? :lol:

Bah, I will just ask Karma. (Where is he btw?)
I never understand why people want to go to sooo much trouble just keep what account they're playing a secret.

hmmm... maybe I'll give it a try... you know just to see what's so wonderful about it :lol: (not that I expect to be able to keep it up for long anyway, lol)

soooo.... r2, who are you attacking these days?? I could always provide you with a rerun of a series THE/DECIDE episode :icon_razz:


lol i keep it like this to mess with r2. its obvious who i play:p and if r2 ever gets it right ill surely tell him. i use to look up to him if he doesnt remember right lol. change of tribe wont make me change my respect that i have for him


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r2, who are you attacking these days??
I guess not you once more (thank God :)) Or is it you, as well - lol ??? Someone is/are rebuilding the rubble my troops create :icon_smile:

if he doesnt remember right
I remember everything little one. (I do have a backup drive installed :icon_cool:)
Now, as for the who plays who in this world -since it is somehow old- noone knows the absolut truth about abandoned and then piloted or coplayed accounts. It is all good though. If all players left and no pilots found, this would have been a farming world :icon_wink: - soon to come to an end.


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I am curious about something, in few weeks we will be 1,000 players but how many of us will still be the same original player who joined this world?

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It's sad to see that this world will never change. As usual Chamichnoob is bragging about nobling easy villages. He'll never get tired of his fake glory.
W30 is just fools gold and false promises. Naught but the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The way tribes are run these days, the average tribe member is expected to do incredulous things. People need to open their eyes and stop being so gullible.

Anyone can noble out pointwhores, when its a gangbang to begin with. It's no real achievement or accomplishment when it's a tribal beat-down of one or two players. So get off your high-horse. When I see some stats of you nobling villages from an ACTIVE player, who has CREDIBILITY, then I will admit that it is worthy of posting.

Bragging about gang-banging somebody is like bragging about beating up an old-lady or a child. It is in no way credible or big, or clever.
The entire BH and RAM war is a farce. That is what has become of W30. Fools gold. People bragging over false achievements, and all you that acknowledge these false hero's are naught but sheep.

Yeah so Cham you have the biggest ODA, so what? What does that mean?
All it means is you sat at your PC long enough to nuke more sitter villages than somebody else?
And you are foolish enough to think it actually means anything? All it means is you have more time to sit around at the PC all day than others.

As for RAM, I was hoping that our business relationship could have been more fruitful. But I was fooled by you not once but twice, think yourselves lucky, I've only every been fooled once by tribes. You guys are the only ones to make a fool of me not only once but twice. And that is a real achievement. :icon_cool:
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how where you fooled? i was taking a break off when all this happen i wanna know what went down buddy:(