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Since I am somewhat bored... After aTo's failed attempt on Alpha, yes you killed our inactives (have a cookie!). It's time for some good ol Rhyming.

There once was a man named Xillah,
Whose fetish was in no way vanilla.
He wanked over barbies,
While drunk on Barcardis,
And grunting just like a gorilla!


There was no ball to get rolling, as death said, you ate up the crap players and our inactives, once they had cleaned up, your 'OP' on the first active player Alpha, well, that didnt go well for you.
Well, can I know why in a tribe that count him self as elite tribe, there is still have in that point of the game "crap" and "inactive" players? (Not aTo member, just wonder, really)


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I never called the tribe elite, it is certainly not elite, however, I find it amusing how aTo seem to believe that they are going to start steamrolling *SP* because they took out some of our crap players. Also, it is not hugely far into the game, it seems Death is just overstating our tribe, we have good members, and weak members, like the majority of tribes, it is just unlucky that our weak players were the frontline with aTo whilst they did not have weak members on the front lines. If the war had been on the western borders this would have been a very different matter.

However, it is surprising considering most players were contributing quite well to all previous OP's, I dont think the lack of participation was seen coming, or the lack of communication necessary from a front line player.

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I know you stole that
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I don't like barbies.


May I just add that every tribe has in-actives. If you've been around the block on how TW goes, there is no tribe that has not got to deal with inactives (Internals).

Secondly, as Jai has already said. Our aTo front was weak, now that some of the dead-weight on that front is gone, life will be much easier communicating and defending against aTo aggression. Alpha was active. They OP'ed Alpha. They gave us free ODD. Thanks.

And to clarify, I have never said *SP* is an elite tribe. It isn't. That however does not mean we do not have good players here, even apart from the "cream" of the crust. There are members here that have proven themselves capable, and I believe they have a very promising TW career ahead of them. Likewise, there were others that buckled under pressure, and will need to be dealt with because they don't have what it takes to cope with this world.

Every tribe will go through this upon their first serious war, its inevitable. No point denying it won't happen, because you don't really know what your tribe is made of until you see it in action. That is just how it goes, the players that just tag along for the free ride will be noticed. <==== Unless you are blind.

Anyways, that is that.
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Congrats on both sides for the cease fire decision. Now let the merge commence ;)