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that K was owned by too many tribes from the first time... I remember it from TOW, before it they was a different tribe! after war with NUTS they went to R.O.T, after a while that K was owned by NUTS, and again after a while that owned by OwP :D

Too many changes for a K like that with so much good members there


hehe, i think that K was owned by OwP by recruiting alone. Nothing to brag about IMO.


K65 , and surrounding Continents (K64, K66, K54-K56, K74-K76)

I saw a couple of requests for K65, and I don't think one has been done. Maybe I waited too long to get to K65 because I think I can safely declare that CoD own K65:
[spoil]Rank TAG Points Villages

1 CoD 3,19 Mio. 473
2 BD 171.406 32
3 Soul 157.066 46
4 -CS- 132.860 45
5 Frenzy 130.039 20

They are something like 20 times the size of the next biggest tribe in K65. If you look at K65, they are just everywhere. So, I thought a K65 and surrounding continents analysis might be more useful....

Looking at K65 and the surrounding 8 K's it looks a bit like:

Purple=CoD : White = FRST : Orange = ICARUS : Red = Frenzy : Blue = WFF : Yellow = F.S.U. : Light Blue = BD : Green = P(v)

TAG : World Rank : Points : Members : Average : Villages : OD Rank : Continent

CoD...... : 04 : 3.7 Mill : 42 : 88K : 555 : 7th : K65
FRST..... : 01 : 7.6 Mill : 59 :128K :1108 : 1st : K54, K55
ICARUS.. : 08 : 2.8 Mill : 38 : 75K : 454 : 8th : K56
Frenzy....: 05 : 3.4 Mill : 60 : 67K : 652 : 4th : K64
WFF.......: 27 : 0.9 Mill : 44 : 21K : 192 : 16th : K66
F.S.U.....: 18 : 1.3 Mill : 41 : 32K : 271 : 23rd : K74
BD.........: 21 : 1.1 Mill : 37 : 31K : 227 : 25th : K75
P(V).......: 31 : 0.8 Mill : 16 : 51K : 159 : 35th : K76[/spoil]

[spoil]CoD...... : 04 : 3.7 Mill : 42 : _88K : _555 : 7th : K65

Dominant geographic coverage of K65 and dominant points. The challenge that they have is that they are sort of boxed in on all sides and so expansion may prove to be a problem, although probably lesser a problem in the direction of the south and east.

In my last look at CoD on 23 January, I said:

44 members with an average of 55K points each. This is a tribe which seems to leak a LOT of information. They keep rimmed players on their books and, pun or not they are 'family' with another tribe.

To their credit they do have dominance of K65 and are surrounded on two and a half sides by other top tribes. They are also consolidating by nobling out their inactives (hint: you can dismiss them when you have taken all of their villages)

It may be unfair, but I think this tribe still needs to prove itself to be in the top ranks. It looks like a tribe of somewhat skilled and somewhat lucky players with leadership that might, or might not, make it. Its like a cake recipe with all of the right ingredients, a new chef and a new kitchen. It could be the making of a Michelin 2 star performance - or a souffle that falls badly.

Cake or Death? I guess we will know in a month or so.

I think others have spoken about having more confidence that they'll be successful. They have done some trimming, plugged a leak and lifted the average points per player. Their OD rank shows that they are careful about how they use their troops, which is not neccesarily a bad thing.

Nobling activity shows that they still take a lot or barbs or tribeless players. You have to imagine that morale is getting harder and harder if they continue to pick on the weak, so barbs don't present that issue which might be why they still take them. Most of the "losses" have been internal nobling.

This still makes me think that they need to prove themselves at Rank 4. They have not been tested in a major conflict. We don't know if they can co-ordinate attacks, consistently deliver good trains, snipe, backtime, scramble in support or make the astute tactical decisions required in war which require high player activity levels, player committment and fast thinking. I'm not saying that they can't do it, just that they don't seem to have had to do it yet.

If they were to expand, the South, East and South-East look less densely populated and the tribes in those directions are substantially lower ranked. Having said that, BD is entering K65 from the south and WFF has put a toe in the water on the East.

They may not want conflict on two fronts, at least not without help. At the same time, it might be in the interest of some of those around them to form at least a temporary alliance.

It does seem that they have been very smart in dominating K65 and have probably got some smart diplomacy. The calls on diplomacy might come soon - an ally might say "Will you help is in our war on xxxx?" Depending upon how they respond and how they perform, that might make or break any diplomacy.

We have recently seen MOAR! carve out a space for itself, put diplomacy in place to avoid conflict and quietly settle down to nobling every barb they could see. The problem seems to have been that the diplomacy was not as smooth as soon as it could have been. Once their neighbours got fed up with MOAR! eating up every single farm in the area, they made themselves the only viable targets for their one-time allies.

For me, CoD still don't have the evidence that they are going to remain as a top 5 tribe.[/spoil]

Lets go clockwise, starting at 12 o'clock....

[spoil]FRST.... : 01 : 7.6 Mill : 59 : 128K : 1108 : 1st : K54, K55

The dominant tribe of K55, to the north of K65. I previously looked at FRST in the Top 20 tribe analysis and wrote:

Dominance of K54 and with an enclave in the SE of K55, these two sections bookend a chunk of KKnD. NwN to their north are a buffer between these guys and NUTS.

58 members, they weigh in at 74K each on average which is nothing to be sneezed at, but there are other top tribes that pack more punch per player.

This tribe has been the beneficiary of some other tribal failures. Being in a core continent has meant that they have been able to have their choice of other players from those failures and have picked players that have proven they can survive in that core environment.

Their most recent "lost" villages have all been internal noblings as they take out the inactives. Their most recent gains have been where they hammer smaller tribes or tribeless players. There is a risk that these guys are 'soft'. I'm not saying that they ARE, or that all of them ARE, but there is a risk that they are. I know that the gossip levels are high on this front, but evidence to back it up is not enough that I'd want to publish it yet.

They do have nowhere to go unless they battle with another Top 20 tribe. I think that they are going to need smart diplomacy ... REALLY smart diplomacy to avoid becoming urban infill for other tribes. Either that or they need to pick a path and smash their way through another top tribe. This will give them expansion room as well as dispelling any rumours about 'softness'. I know which tribe I would pick if I was them, but I just want to wait and see what they do.

(Hint: chewing on KKnD, while it may be satisfying does not get you out of the box that you are in. Don't make it your coffin.)

Since then their enclave in K55 has grown to a holding of over 400 villages, over twice the number of the second ranked ribe in that continent. Average player size has grown to 128K and, OMG, they have added an academy. :icon_eek:

55% of their noblings in the period I checked were in K55. They seem to just be taking villages off whoever they encounter. Where they take barbs, they are of a size that indicates they were an abadndoned village of a live player and there is only one recent inexplicable nobling of a tiny player ... who knows why.

ODA is rank one with ODD rank two, so it seems that a few people have taken pot shots at them and they have weathered the storm.

There is still a bit of 'free' space in the SW corner of K55 (free in that none of the tribes analysed here control it) and so FRST could go there, and fill out the NE corner, for total domination of the unoccupied space. Then the only space left would be to the South and South-East of K55 where FRST will encounter CoD and ICARUS respectictively, which both have some villages in K55.

With the recent influx of players from -COG- and NwN, FRST are looking like a pretty solid wall in K55. They also have K54 wrapped up, so there is not a lot of room for growth out of K65 to the North or North-West.[/spoil]

[spoil]ICARUS : 08 : 2.8 Mill : 38 : _75K : _454 : 8th : K56

Another tribe I have reviewed previously when I looked at K56:

Ranked 5th in the world with an average of 55K points per player and about 1.6mill for the tribe. They control the southern third of K56 and have a pretty good dominance of the overall SE half of the K.

OD rank is 5th, but the majority of it is from ODD where they are ranked first.

They seem happy to welcome tribe hoppers and sometimes hold them for up to two days. Or maybe the whole LOL, KaF, ICARUS thing is an organised dance and they don't care that their points are up and down like a bride's nightie. They have managed to hold a few members that came from EoS which is proving a bit more effective that trying to noble villages from that tribe.

There are a couple of snack-size TDP villages right in the middle of ICARUS territory. I'm not sure why they are still there unless they are just live farms or target practice for smaller members.

I hear that their activity levels are not too bad and at least one member is philosophical about leaving the game at this time and gifting his villages to anyone that wants them.

They have a bit of a PnP presence and have made generally sensible contributions from my recollections. They admit to bias in their own self-assessment. They have their own PnP flamer who is feeling the squeeze and so has not bothered to reveal his ign.

I don't know, I get mixed signals from them. They have been up there for a while and are still there. They have taken an ODD pounding, but withstood it so it seems that the tribe rallies around when under attack. If they can replace those swords, spears and black horsies faster than than the incoming nukes, they should be OK until they come under fire from more determined opposition.

They seem to have a cheer squad academy forming, which is better than nothing I guess.

Mixed signals. I think it is for them to lose. They look like they are playing more defense than offense and that is not usually a long-term winning strategy - although you can just wear down your attackers until they give up and go away if you are active enough and good enough at it.

Well, since then they have dropped a little in world ranking but are still Top 10 and running 8th on OD. This is mostly on the ODD side, so they still seem to be running more of a defense strategy. They have double the villages of the next biggest tribe in K56, but they probably only 'dominate' the SW corner of the continent.

At 75K points per player, they are a little lighter weight than CoD, but they do have a proven tribal defense capability so if CoD wanted to expand to the north east, it might be hard going.

I suspect that there is a bit of tension between CoD and ICARUS. Two Top 10 tribes, now sharing a reasonable front, but also intersecting with FRST. That has got to be a powder-keg waiting to ignite and its likely to be 2 on 1; or 1 on 1 with the third coming in over the top when the other two are exhausted.

Maybe ICARUS can find a common interest with CoD to avoid direct conflict with each other. I'm not necessarily suggesting FRST, but really good players and really good leaders use their heads as much as their troops. I'm sure ICARUS leadership will remember who CoD has been allied with in the past and whether there is a favour to be returned. "The enemy of mine enemy is my friend", but equally "You better know who your enemies allies are before you plow headlong into war"

It is still for ICARUS to loose in my opinion. I'm not sure if the dip in rankings is their defense strategy slowly being worn down, or just other tribes rising around them. They are still Top 10, have sustained it for a while and that makes them more proven than hundreds of other tribes.

Just checked nobling. They still noble quite a few barbs and tribeless players but it looks like they are taking more than a casual interest in WFF villages, which leads us nicely to K66[/spoil]

[spoil]WFF.......: 27 : 0.9 Mill : 44 : _21K : _192 : 16th : K66

Moving to K66 we find WFF. This is the largest tribe in this continent, but it by no means dominates it. CoD already have a long peninsula in from the west, ICARUS have a decent chunk from the north and P(V) have a few villages in the SE corner. KKnD even have a decent batch of villages.

Their OD rank is quite a lot higher than tribe rank on both Attack and Defense, but mostly on defence, so lets see what they have been nobling, or what has been nobling them......

It looks like they have been set upon by all tribes. Probably not warfare, just opportunistic attacks, although there may be an orchestrated pattern emerging. They have been nobling barbs and the tribeless or weak. This might not be working for them as their points have started to fall recently.

I've heard that they might be under-active and I'm not sure if it is players disillusioned with being under attack and getting nobled - so they are giving up, or players who got lazy and started getting attacked and nobled because they were not watching.

Either way, it seems that WFF leadership has got a bit of remedial work to do. They may have to trim the inactives and get very focussed on nobling live players. They might have a chance for smart diplomacy or recruiting as the continent should have settled down now and they should have an idea of the better players in other tribes that they might recruit and weld into a single dominant tribe for K66.

In the absence of that, tribes like ICARUS and CoD are likely to keep expanding into the continent and crowd out the locals like WFF. As CoD may have limited directions to expand, as K66 still has lots of 'free' space and as the dominant tribe (WFF) is smaller than CoD and maybe struggling, it seems like an easy option for CoD to move east.

To avoid this, WFF may have to think outside the box.[/spoil]

[spoil]P(V)........: 31 : 0.8 Mill : 16 : _51K : _159 : 35th : K76

Moving to the South East we come to K76 and encounter P(V). Only 16 members with an average of 54K points, they are sprinkled liberally over K76 with plenty of free space between them.

When I saw this, I though that they must be a recent construction from hand picked players in the last week or so, but it seems that there is a controlling mind with a long-term agenda.

The tribe came into existence before Xmas and has done some periodic selective recruiting since. Only three departures, two inactives (one nobled out by the tribe) and a guy that has gone solo. It says quite a bit about the recruitment selections. Very interesting.

Their nobling choices have been for live players, often tribeless but live player nonetheless. Their ODA is up at their tribe rank level and its their ODD that drags the average down. Nobody seems to have attacked these guys much yet.

Hmm. I like these guys. They have space to grow, there seems to be intelligent leadership, they take out players ahead of barbs and they have been sitting a bit below the radar. I think if CoD came SE, these guys might put up a descent fight (although they have not had to prove that yet)[/spoil]

[spoil]BD..........: 21 : 1.1 Mill : 37 :_31K : _227 : 25th : K75

I don't think I've looked at this tribe before. I know there were a lot of postings about wars and conflicts there for a while so I'll have to go back and do some reading... Oh, thats right, KNITS, various GATES and various others.

There does seem to have been a long running skirmish with CoD.

Not quite the hitting power of a tribe like P(V) even though they are higher ranked. This is a function of having almost twice as many members. The points spread is pretty huge for a Top 20 tribe, ranging from under 200 points to almost 100K. Perhaps the little guys are sitting some of the larger accounts, but I think it is just that the leaders have not kept the players active and have not dismissed them yet.

BD share control of K75 with AAA, which has almost as many villages and is ranked about the same as BD. BD have the northern half of the continent and AAA have the southern half.

Its a bit unfortunate that BD still have a contact on their tribal profile who is not a member of the tribe. This sort of indicates that the leadership may not be attentive to what is going on, who is leaving, and if they had a key role in the tribe.

There does seem to be some house-cleaning going on, with a few significant players leaving and being nobled out (probably for inactivity), but others being attacked by other tribes. Maybe there were some sacraficial lambs, players dismissed and left to fend for themselves so that BD is not attacked?

I guess the inactives did not leave arrangements to have sitters or hand over their accounts before they went inactive. Overall, it shows a leadership group that is trying to do the best it can, but maybe has not taught the members well enough, or has not got their respect.

They do seem to have a preference to noble live players but it seems that CoD might be the main tribe taking villages off them. In fact the nobling looks more than casual. It looks like a takeover. A few of the higher pointed BD players have switched to CoD recently so maybe CoD have decided to expand south out of K65. The long-running skirmish is starting to look serious.

If this is the case, it might be interesting to know the diplomacy between CoD and AAA or BD and AAA. (Simple as ABC really). Presumably if BD and AAA were allies, they would easily stand against CoD. Presumably if CoD and AAA were allies, they could start to gang BD and help make the path easier for CoD. I think we have a king-maker tribe who may need to choose their diplomacy carefully.

BD have OD rank a bit below tribe rank. As their attacks are on the weaker, that explains ODA and if they are not really working well as a tribe to kill incoming nukes, that explains the ODD being a bit low for the amount of conflict they have been in.

It's make or break time for BD I think. Can the leaders trim the fat, put smart diplomacy in place, pick up the activity levels, co-ordinate better and teach their members the skills before it's too late for them? Maybe.[/spoil]

[spoil]F.S.U......: 18 : 1.3 Mill : 41 : _32K : _271 : 23rd : K74

Moving to the South West we encounter F.S.U as the dominant tribe. While they probably only have geographic coverage of three quarters of K74, they have about 6 times the number of villages of the second ranked tribe.

A pretty fierce sounding tribal profile with threats of attacking people who send stupid mails, of dismissing the inactive and of only having elite players. They are not quite living the dream as they have some inactives (yes I have seen the yellow dots) and their 2 village members, if the are 'elite' are not really giving their best to this world. I do know that they have one fairly lowly ranked player who, by all reports can do better, but I'm happy to see them doing nicely here.

F.S.U. are in the Top 20 and have slightly better hitting power than BD, for example. They are also able to attack decent sized players from other tribes.

I understand that they may have a bit of leadership regieme change going on, but that it is running smoothly.

They seem to mostly noble live players and they seem to have acquired a taste for members from Al0ne and their academy, MOTIVE. It will be interesting to see how Al0ne respond because I understand that they are inclined to go 'tribal' on people when they think that they are backed into a corner. Most of their F.S.U's 'losses' have been internal noblings as they tidy up the inactives. Their ODA rank is a bit below tribal rank, so they have not hit really hard targets yet and their ODD rank shows that their defense has not been tested.

Overall, I think they look pretty decent and are unlikely to be a pushover.[/spoil]

[spoil]Frenzy....: 05 : 3.4 Mill : 60 : _67K : _652 : 4th : K64

Never heard of them? That's because they came into existence on 1 February. Its what happens if you give a -COG- to an Insane person => they go into a Frenzy.

I had not looked at -COG- before, but I had this to say about Insane previously:

Another tribe with lots of members and modest average points (54 members, 35K points average). Modest is all relative, we are talking about the top tribes here.

These guys sit in K63, controlling the NE corner, but I think that the SW corner was part of the rim not all that long ago and has not really developed enough yet to be worth populating.

Some known capable players, some opportunistic members, some literary references and also one of their teeniest members is actually capable of much better things than are being seen in this world. As I said somewhere before, even good players can have a bad world.

They seem to be mostly hitting barbs or tribeless players, but that just might reflect their options. For bigger prey they will need to expand North or East. Such a move would probably be the making or breaking of them.

As other tribes seem to be taking pot-shots at them, we might see some action sooner rather than later. Their OD rank shows that they are holding their own so far, but as the competition for the Top 20 gets more fierce, they will need to strut their stuff.

Well we know that one of the things they did was to merge with -COG-. They now have much bigger fire-power than when I last looked at Insane, but not that many extra members so they must have done some pruning and been selective when Insane and -COG- joined togerher.

They have pretty good geographic control of K64 (and half of K63), although FRST have about 100 villages in a wedge. The other 400 belong to Frenzy and minor tribes are just waiting to be nobled.

It seems that the merger may not have been entirely smooth as there have been some high profile departures since it all started and at least some of the departing players seem a bit bitter about Frenzy.

They have got straight down to business and started nobling the dissidents and other players. I guess they don't have a lot of big tribe targets so they hit the small ones, which I can sort of understand. However, nobling barbs? Tiny barbs? Over-nobling yourself to noble them? C'mon, if you want the rest of the world to take you seriously you need to chuck these players and noble them or tell them they can't noble another target until it has been approved by the leadership and will not be an embarrassment to you all.

Given the command that Frenzy have of K64 and half of K63, moving west out of K65 is not really a viable option for CoD at this stage.

Frenzy's main risk is the leadership challenge of bringing two tribes together to create a loyal and effective new tribe. I've been through a couple of mergers myself, both different, both good, but it takes a LOT of leadership time as far as I can see and it takes GOOD leaders to make it work.[/spoil]

Which leads us back to the North West where we find FRST again....

Given that most of the core, outer core and even rim continents now have dominant tribes, I think I might call this the last continent analysis. However, I do have some other projects in mind which might be equally interesting. I hope that you all think so when I publish them later.


In concerns about K47.

There has been no war declared on ROSE and at this stage we are not to worried about them. But if you want one just pm me ;)

APOC are yet to see a real challenge in this world and that is why we are seen as these pointwhores that some state us to be.

But only time will show who the real point whores are :icon_biggrin:


another excellent report capacitor... don't stop writing them - they're really enjoyable reads :icon_smile:

I'm sure ICARUS leadership will remember who CoD has been allied with in the past and whether there is a favour to be returned. "The enemy of mine enemy is my friend", but equally "You better know who your enemies allies are before you plow headlong into war"
who were they allied with... moar?


In concerns about K47.

There has been no war declared on ROSE and at this stage we are not to worried about them. But if you want one just pm me ;)

APOC are yet to see a real challenge in this world and that is why we are seen as these pointwhores that some state us to be.

But only time will show who the real point whores are :icon_biggrin:
Be careful 'bout your predictions is all I can say ;)

Audience of One

Capacitor; I love your analysises (?), they are always a good read. If it isn't too time-consuming/bothering, could you do one for K37 please?
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K 47 and 37 Analysis

is the only tribe worth mentioning by now


FROST didn`t add an academy. A group in K55 created a tribe called FROST 2 hoping we won`t attack them. I am not sure what our plan is with them but it is not an authorized academy.


Another very nice analysis, looking forward to reading your next projects (they both sounded pretty good :icon_wink: )

As for our academy, well I got this mail...

Motek on 04.02. at 17:58
You will need our help to support your villages to take on kknd and all the other villages in different contienents. We can support your villages and take over our k while you guys attack and we support your villages to expand out. We are here together frst-2 and frst. You will need the help....And in the future you never know what tribes will combine to take over the world....
Seems like we don't have a choice :icon_eek: Although if you check our nobling history in a week you should see our response...


Seems like we don't have a choice :icon_eek: Although if you check our nobling history in a week you should see our response...
You know as well as i do that you couldn't have conquered all those villages without the support given you by FRST-2.... i bet they even supported you when you took one of their villages :icon_biggrin:


FROST didn`t add an academy. A group in K55 created a tribe called FROST 2 hoping we won`t attack them. I am not sure what our plan is with them but it is not an authorized academy.
Thanks for clearing that up Thinger. I was a bit surprised....


FRST-2 is behind all the 'sucess' of FRST.
indeed. its a double bluff i tells ya. making out they're nothing to do with one another when really FRST-2 is the power behind the throne.... the puppetmasters if you will.... the pied pipers of w43, making the susceptible FRST players dance to their tune! :icon_eek:
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Lost serenity

Yea Frst-2 are scared ex-Kknd members trying to protect themselves- simply put, orange dots :)

but overall great report :)