DNY - One of TW's greatest tribes ever?


Is that the crappy always being down server you keep recruiting for? :p


'always being down'? lol :p

Yep we had some issues which lasted for 3-4 days. Due to Minecraft all of a sudden disliking the opensource Java drivers for Linux. After we installed the official Sun JDK drivers the issues became less. That and a plugin which was causing issues resulted in the server being down :p

How ever right now it has been running since Saturday without issues. Like it has always ran :p

About 30 people play on it.

Besides 'keep recruiting'. Not really :p I couldn't care less if more or less people played on it. It's just that I enjoy playing with friends and seeing as quite a few people in DNY were decent people / i regard as friends I decided to post it up there. Don't like it, don't join :p I could not care less =D


JONO PLEASE JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!! i want to see your creative mind put to good use , help me finish building this giant bernerwurst


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You guys running Bukkit or hmod and with what plugins?

Also what are the server specs and how "fresh" (as in how massive areas near spawn been ruined) is the server?

I used to play minecraft alot. The last server I played I got banned from for drawing a gigantic obsidian penis on my flat-mate's version of the Great Wall of China. He found it hilarious - the mod didn't.

You have any idea how long it takes to mine out 2 stacks of obsidian? >.<

I even had every intention of removing it after a couple of hours once the novelty value wore off.


Yes we run bukkit. What plugins?

I cba to name them all. Quite a few, about 40 of them. Check the link to see which ones we run.


Server specs: A 3.0 Ghz Dual core with 2 GB's of ram. OS: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (linux)
100 mbit upload speed.

It's just a old computer that is at a friends place that has 100 mbit fiber internet

The server is about a month old now. And right now about 30 people play on it. Usually no more then 5-8 at a time. When you start walking from the spawn it takes you like 30 seconds to find terrain that isn't built on yet. Since people started colonies instead of all building as close as possible to the spawn. And we wanted it spacious so you're not building in your neighbors backyard.

We do have some 'rules' though. Like use your common sense and don't be a retard :p You won't get banned for building a penis however :p I might just remove it with worldedit / 1 command. But that's a different thing.

For Iconomy we use the following prices:


Those are buy prices from the server shop that has infinite stack. If you sell to the shop you only get 50-75% of that price for it, depending on the item.
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We use www.theminecraftserver.tk which is a DNS (Dynamic Name Server which does nothing but link you to the right ip basically, and its easier to remember). Just use that to connect.

Btw you have to connect with Asmodai_X or Asmodai-X. Because Minecraft does not like spaces in names. Normally you can't choose spaces in names if you bought the game but because we run it in offline mode you can. Otherwise we can't tp you around / give you permissions or anything.
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two greatest tribes ive ever seen:
World 5 - Pks
World 12 - DNY

Sadly my time on World 5 was dominated by a noobish ego as opposed to any sort of tactics so i can really comment on exact facts, etc. But i know from recent conversations with ex-World 5 players (that werent noobs :p) that Pks were a greta tribe.

I still think DNY is a tribe of bots

indeed Pks was a great tribe.