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Hello my beautiful external readers. It is once again I, Nicki Minaj, your favourite popstar who brought you the likes of 'Super Bass', 'Feeling Myself' and 'Stupid Hoe'; to update you on what is going on within Freak. A lot has happened since the beginning of W83; and I am here to put it all into perspective for you. Let us get started, shall we?

A New Hope

Freak and GOAT began world 83 with a bang. Members from GOAT moved to Freak as a result of leadership complications. Some within GOAT were unhappy with how the tribe was being led and so they left. Out of this came a feud between these two tribes. Both were scared that a cat war would ensue and so both councils took it upon themselves to implement a NAP to safeguard the growth of both tribes. Sure, this NAP prevented each tribe's mutual destruction, yet it did little to improve the hostile atmosphere.

The GOAT Strikes Back

Relations were strained and emotions were running high. Freak had NAP'd every tribe on the planet to safeguard their growth; including Blood:


GOAT and Blood were not on the best of terms. If you are interested in finding out what happened there, feel free to check back to my other thread. Anyway, GOAT and Blood decided to war one another - fair enough. Prior to this, GOAT council and Freak council had been in talks to merge with one another. it made sense, no? Why fight when Freak and GOAT could merge and easily crush Blood. And so merge talks took place. October 23rd was the designated date for the merge (I think). But what happened next? Greg, Duke of Freak, went MIA as a result of real life issues (supposedly) and so the merge was pushed back. And what was happening while Greg was supposedly afk? He was talking in Freak council chat - scheming and planning GOATs demise and the backstab which would eventually take place. But Nicki Bae, I hear you external readers cry, how do you know this? Well... After Freak declared on GOAT invites were sent and GOAT quickly crumbled. A member of GOAT was introduced into Freak council to hopefully tame any resentment GOAT had for Freak. But what happened when this member was invited into the GOAT council chat? ...

He could see all the past messages.


So yes. Here we have in our hands 450 odd pages (100,000 words) of Freak Council chat since the very beginning of the world. Council chat which depicts the backstab of GOAT and the lies and the deceit. Not to mention the general douchey-ness of the Freak Council. Here are some of my favourite quotes from, what I like to call, the Burn Book; a place where Freak leadership would write nasty things about tribal wars players!




Here is my favourite bit! Greg staging arguments between himself and council so they could send GOAT the screenshots!



There are oh so many more examples of Freak leadership faking skype conversations to send to Blood/GOAT. I wish I had the time to post them all. I will be auctioning off the word document to the highest bidder. So get it while you can! Anyway, let me continue...

The Return of the Hilary Duff

Obviously ex-GOAT were annoyed at this.


Freak stabbed us in the back, lied about this 'merge' and played us for weeks on end? How is that respectable? How do they expect us to stay in Freak and work for the tribe after what they did to us? Anyway, as many of you know I left Freak a few days ago and joined YASSS. Apparently this 'YASSS' is Freak's secret basher tribe but that is not the case. YASSS is mine, and mine only. I was annoyed and emotional; so I left Freak. I had plans to turn on Freak and noble them, well why shouldn't I, payback right? In my emotional 48 hours I came across Xancrazy in Blood. He wanted to join me in YASSS as Blood was going downhill. Fair enough, why not invite him. Invite sent. Next I hear Freak have planned an OP on Xancrazy and were already launching - so what do I do? Send Xancrazy support to safeguard his most isolated villages. What do I get in return? Xancrazy reveals all my 'plans' to Baldur, and hangs me out to dry. Rightfully so I am furious. Xancrazy rolled over and joined Freak because of a few nukes - big deal. To cut the story down a little, the Hilary Duff account decided to rejoin Freak and bide their time before finally leaving and hitting surrounding Freak players in the future when the time was right. That time is now. Xancrazy is inexperienced and untrustworthy. I stay loyal to my friends and when I give an individual my word I abide by it. This cannot be said for xancrazy.

The Xancrazy Menace

Baldur recruited xancrazy to 'spite' me in all honesty. The xancrazy OP was already in full swing - yet Baldur cancels it which outraged some players who had lost nukes hitting their targets. He knew that xancrazy was inexperienced and disloyal yet he went ahead and recruited him from blood - even though Greg had promised that no one in blood would be recruited.......


Attack of the GOATs

And so we get to the events of today.


Freak is crumbling. Sinful Angel posted a personal comment on the externals bashing Freak and was instantaneously kicked by Baldur. Many were unhappy with this, alongside the xancrazy situation and so left Freak. There are countless other reasons why people are planning to leave/ have left Freak but I won't go into them. Alongside a heated skype conversation amongst Freak, Cool. was the first member to leave sending this circular: (He explains it better than I ever could).

Cool. Nov 03, 19:35

The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
"God's plans for the redemption of his world"
synonyms: saving, saving/freeing from sin, vindication, absolution

"God's redemption of his people"

Dear [ally]Freak[/ally],

I'm writing this message with desire for change, I have left Freak in protest against the current leadership. My regard for in-game morals give me little to no respect for the leadership of this tribe. I know you share my views but I can only hope you dare to act on them.

Our current leadership have proved unworthy of being able to handle a tribe of such caliber.

-Out-of-touch/Absence will not win us this world.

[17:09:42] Danny • Cool. ツ: That is not your call to make
[17:09:53] Baldur: yes it is
[17:10:01] Baldur: greg has been away for
[17:10:04] Baldur: over 36 hours
[17:10:22] Baldur: in his absence i don't stand for shit like this

-Disregard/Lack of courtesy for our players will demotivate our tribe when we need motivation the most.

Nov 02 20:09 koss left the tribe.
Nov 02 20:00 Contagious conquered 010 | Miftonftw Infected | from miftonftw (Freak)
Nov 02 19:56 xancrazy joined the tribe.
Nov 02 19:54 xancrazy has been invited by Hard at Twerk.
Nov 02 18:54 xancrazy (YASSS) conquered 012 xan from Spawhawk
Nov 02 17:45 Nebula. created the thread Blood opping meeeeeee in Support
Nov 02 16:43 Nebula. conquered [026] UNLEASH THE FURRYYY from Gaurdian (Blood.)
Nov 02 15:41 minimalanimal conquered 0005 from xancrazy (Blood.)
Nov 02 12:01 xancrazy (Blood.) conquered 020 xan from Spawhawk

[02:24:43] Riccardo Allocca (Spawhawk): I mean if they have invited the guy that took them not much I can do, he is all over me lol
[02:25:54] Riccardo Allocca (Spawhawk): Well I will let them sort it out, I love the work you all did, I unerstand it can be hard <3
[02:26:07] Riccardo Allocca (Spawhawk): this isnt me having a go at any of you just so you know (kiss)
[02:27:37] Riccardo Allocca (Spawhawk): But yeah I just dont have the patience to catch up lol no will I have the time I think lol you get really sleepy when you get hurt for some weird reason
[02:28:44] Riccardo Allocca (Spawhawk): Why am I still being attacked by a "tribe member"

Bless your kindness and patience Riccardo, you didn't deserve this.

-Secrecy will make our members feel unworthy/untrusted/out of loop. Equality will drive us to success.

[01:03:39] Baldur: Do you trust us? Would we want to screw you over? I am doing this for the tribe due to things i can't really disclose to you at this point.
[16:21:11] Baldur: Like i don't trust you i havent talked to you before that
[16:21:25] Baldur: why should i tell you stuff when i hardly know you
[16:24:37] Baldur: also i really fail to see how i act like im in charge.
I act like im above you on the "tier" list but i hardly ever act like im in charge I almost always go to greg with any issues reguarding the tribe you

With the change I will bring there will be NO TIER LIST.

With the change I bring you will be relieved of your strings. I condone no puppeteers to lead a serious rank 1 tribe.

[16:25:54] Baldur: hahahahaha
[16:25:59] Baldur: greg will agree on me
[16:26:01] Baldur: with me
[16:26:14] Baldur: when i say one of the best leaders in tw
[16:26:20] Baldur: treats everyone like puppets
[16:26:28] Danny • Cool. ツ: Wrong
[16:26:29] Baldur: people just act differently and lead differently
[16:26:32] Baldur: Wrong?
[16:26:34] Danny • Cool. ツ: Wrong
[16:26:37] Danny • Cool. ツ: Very wrong
[16:26:41] Baldur: hahahahahhaha
[16:26:49] Baldur: ask greg
[16:27:00] Baldur: if someone would tell him he is wrong
[16:27:02] Baldur: he kicks them
[16:27:07] Danny • Cool. ツ: There's a difference between being strict and treating people like muppets
[16:27:17] Baldur: no he treats them like puppets
[16:27:34] Baldur: everyone calls him god
[16:27:40] Baldur: or they get kicked out of the tribal chat
[16:27:44] Baldur: no one owns their nukes
[16:27:49] Baldur: if he wants them
[16:27:51] Baldur: he uses them
[16:28:03] Baldur: ( for the tribe )
[16:28:12] Baldur: and if you think "ohh that would never work"
[16:28:14] Baldur: then you are wrong

A friendly and motivating leadership who approaches their tribemates/friends with a tribal Op is what will bring success not a puppeteer demanding you nuke this and that "for the tribe" aka the leaderships circle of friends/high point players.

If you're reading this you are my tribemate and my friend, I am asking you to help me bring this change, without you're help you will not be spared the stress, the bad reputation, the unfriendly atmosphere, the mockery and ultimately the failure that Freak will bring you.

I speak from experience, I've been under bad and good leadership and the most motivating, the most successful, the most enjoyable tribes regardless of winning or losing are the ones that that are lead by a respectable leadership.

Join my protest friends and we will bring change. Only you can make this happen!

Revenge of the Freak Council (?)

Greg = Missing.
Baldur = Mental Breakdown.

Final Note:

Do not trust Freak. And never backstab a GOAT.

A Goat never forgets. -Beyonce

Ps. Apologies if some areas do not make complete sense. I did not have this planned, only began writing an hour or so ago. I hope this helps clear some issues up.
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Never Try to get Freaky with Goats




Freak just got Shrekt, no hard feelings you got a beautiful send off <3


Yes GOAT! This is hilarious. Also pretty funny that some old GOAT members are posting here with positive GOAT remarks and are still in Freak :icon_redface:


This is funny and terrible at the same time lol :) good luck to both sides.


I wouldn't give Baldur too much shit here guys. He's working as second in command to his leader: Greg - and when he vanishes, Baldur is left to deal with everyone's shit alone. In my experience of him, he's an honest player who doesn't like to get involved in the Freaky scheming... But suppose I don't know everything that's gone on!

But if we're gonna mock someone in this thread the focus should be on Gregory; for he's been single handedly smashing up his own tribe over the past few days- on multiple occasions.

Brenny - Sinful Angel
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To be fair, the fault seems to lie on the leadership as a whole.

GG Freak. Welcome back Goat.


If i had time I would provide my own side of story about all these, but too much going on right now. Nicki Minaj covered a lot of it though in that sexy pnp, and boy i didnt even know about the fake arguments in Freak council (facepalm)

Angel of Fire

Oh hey does anyone remmeber some chick saying freak were all back-stabbing liars? Im sure i saw a post like that around here somewhere and OH WAIT IM THE ONE WHO SAID IT.

Well at least it has finally come to light, like i told you all, nothing but snakes ;)