drw and -vs- against epic

who will win

  • drw&-vs-

    Votes: 38 64.4%
  • epic

    Votes: 21 35.6%

  • Total voters


That picture doesn’t say anything.

You lost near enough 100 nukes.

ODD of 5million.

Number 1 ODD for this server at the moment.

Let alone a lot of those villages were recapped.

In total I lost 3 10ks and 4 2ks.

If you say that’s a W, then you were really not expecting a lot from this OP.


Yea, what kind of fools want to actually win the video game they are playing? :confused:


Just cus your shitty account isnt going to win the world does not mean you will come on forum saying crap about wanting to win in this game lol
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here is some real stats:
OP on Henry which is to date the biggest op this world has seen, 100~nukes of which like 70+ just went splat + ~ hundreds of nobles killed

merely a setback, infact 1 day later he has the same amount of points as before the OP

Now compared to a small scale op on arctic penguin a day before that about 1/3rd the size of the one from VS/WET:

fighting real players instead of dead accounts will yield different results. I told you that before. That one picture above only shows the losses, not the recaps. That graph right here shows the true story how "good" WET really is.

So here is something to laugh: This Carl Sagan guy has sent me like 3 nukes worth of pop and split them up like this in fangs yesterday. I was wondering where the heck I got 40k units defeated... well here is why:

Go press delete already and farm pp on w107


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Why some dukes just make you wonder why you bother playing under them:

Veronika7747 today at 13:09Quote Edit Delete

Now I understand the reason for this:

Subject Cross is no longer sharing their commands with you
Sent Apr 15, 2019 19:41:03
Command sharing status
Cross has withdrawn their permission for you to see their commands.

Apr 16
05:20 The tribe is now allied with Uni.

Nothing to do to help this tribe with our wars.... but to help the duke to move out of danger...


Well done duke Cross!

001 (492|449) K44 K44 9,551 kalix111[Uni] Cross[EPIC] 2019-04-18 11:49:15

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