DSy4 VS Ronin


Sidd is an excellent player, no doubt. He just has been kept in the dark for way too long. This is not the first time Sidd has been left in the dark.

Back when DSY4 broke its nap and gave me 24 hours (officially.. but i saw attacks coming in within 10 hours), Sidd still had no idea that I was being attacked. His knowledge of what was going on and what was actually going on were totally off. I remembered I warned Sidd that if my core was to go, infect and dsy4 would be side to side with nothing left to eat. What Tollx says makes sense. Any decent tribe would break an nap if its villages were right beside the real contender of the game. KNOWING THAT DSY4 is waging a full war in the west, which tribe could be so stupid to say "lets wait for them to finish and be civil. Lets play fair..."?


You think DSY4 would have finished the war with Ronin within the 3 day grace period? You've been staring at a screen for too long, mate.


that 3 day grace period would have been plenty of time to stack the lines....


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Just Infect vs. DSy4, Infect having more caps :)

:D Then that's a nice start then. It will be interesting to see what happens as the world progresses. Will DSy4 crack under the pressure of the initial losses after the war declaration, or will they rebound and even out the war stats? Will infect be able to keep up the amount of caps they are making towards DSy4? Another question is will Ronin stay sided with Infect, or will they go off and do their own thing in an attempt for more world dominance?

Where do "I Will" and ~TR~ stand in regards to the world wars?

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~TR~ is allied to DSy4 and is at war with Ronin.

I Will is NAPed/allied with Ronin.

There's the information for you :)


It does not answer his first, but certainly his second question. And tbh, that first question really can only be answered by Ronin themselves .. :)



Seems as if Dsy4 caps are in fashion at the moment.