Dynamic Starting Points for Barbarian Villages

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after playing this game for many years very extensively and efficiently, one thing has always bothered me quite a bit whenever a new world started:
Barbarian Villages always start at 26 points just like players do. Which means they have no pit levels built yet and have basically 5 Ressource production per hour (Multiplied by world speed).

However currently the Game Code does NOT allow to adjust that dynamically. You cannot make the players start 26 points and give barbarian villages a small increase in Pit Levels so players will have a more enjoyable time at the start of a new world. Especially on worlds with scavenging disabled.

The Problem:
I strongly think that the new player experience is affected quite a bit by the current settings. In Fact, over the years I had many new players message me how I grow so fast because they aren't able to plunder resources from barbs. Not being able to plunder res and grow is a very unpleasant experience and makes you quit the game faster.
Everybody knows this: You start a new world, you get the ingame quest to send out troops to a nearby barbarian village and what happens often is that your pillagers return with reports like this one:

As of right now there is only one counter measure to this problem that has existed already the past 20 years. Barbs do not start empty when a new World starts.
They start at 25% of their current warehouse capacity. Which means a new freshly spawned barb on the world map has 250/250/250 res in it ONCE.
However those res are generally gone and farmed out by experienced players who immediately snipe those resources as fast as they can - generally within 1 hour.
After that a very long drought of resources happens and slower players have no chance to catch up to those early birds.
This is highly discouraging new players and even many experienced ones to send out troops to farm as the risk of losing troops vs reward during the haul if someone spikes barbs is too high. It also is much more inefficient than just scavenging all day long. Another problem is that the growth rate for barbarian villages is naturally quite slow. Which means it can take up to 1 week for barbs to even start building pits (Timber Camp, Clay Pit, Iron Mine) so farm reports to start being somewhat decent and competitive to scavenging.

Solution: Update Game Code to still allow players to start at 26 points but be able to set building levels for barbarian villages to 1 instead of 0.
For Reference:
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A change like this one could incrementally help making tribal wars a more enjoyable time for all players.

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