End of Era


Thank god I quit before he arrived.


Btw, unless you plan to make FORK lose, you can't really change the world, as they're going to win. Awkward.

mafia man

How bad can it be in honor so both duke and co-duke get that thing(we can't say name on here) were they cannot be attacked anymore as last resort

I knew honor was just a sorry excuse as a tribe but this is an all time low



I think this war is going to be wrapped up shortly. Honor players surely can't have that great of morale after all this.


Nope, we still have high morale in our camps :)

I mean, getting b*nned whilst on the frontlines is bad, but it could be worse, don't you think?


Please remember everyone that discussion of ingame bans is strictly prohibited by the Forum Rules.

I understand that the bans of certain players may be relevant to the discussion on hand. It is okay to mention that a player is banned in passing. DO NOT allege what a ban was for, discuss the circumstances of a ban, or attempt to use a ban as a mechanism to goad or bait another player.

Thanks :)


Hi guys overground here .. the real one not the nub idiot that took over my account a few weeks back.

I had to quit and pass on the account Due to r/l issues & had been looking for someone to take over for a couple of months but for some reason most shyed away due to the size of the acc lol.

The oppertunity a few weeks back of a player called majesty to take over was recommended to me came up so i bit the bullet and let them take over.... within 3 days they managed to get the account banned and 30% of the villages taken away for giving out troop details of another sit .... i went mad about this and took the acc back but was told it was some plot by fork players on another server who played in the same tribe with the player that had now taken over my account to get them banned b/s ... i dubiously accepted this and they assured me they would play the acc within the rules (not much choice as i couldnt run the acc myself due to r/l issues)
I just recieved a message on skype from my good bud masterk that the account had been banned again so checked things out and low and behold the damn idiot has been password shareing and another ban and loss of another shed load of villages.

[18/07/2012 23:14:37] overground: Account banned

The forum is not the right place to discuss a ban, please don't start a complaint topic. If you do want to appeal the ban, please use the support system. The account will only be unbanned if you open an appeal. If a punishment has been offered it is advised to just accept the punishment or the restart if it is offered as it is very unlikely that it will be changed. In those cases please only appeal if you have very good reasons. Please do read the rules again before appealing. We do not accept the excuse that the rules weren't known!

Reason for your ban:


» Accept punishment
» Raise appeal (Only successful and therefore necessary in exceptional cases)
Your account can not be attacked while this ban lasts.

I have now taken the account back & changed password ( the nub didn't change the e-mail to the acc ) & i have accepted the ban & once online will be deleting the account ... I am really disappointed in the actions of this player and the other players that apear to have cheated as well & feel ashamed that my name was inadvertently associated with this issue as i would never cheat & sincearly hope you guys believe that if you happen upon me in the future on TW

Bad decisions were made by honor in declaring the war and it would of only been a matter of time before fork won the war ..but it would have at least have been good if my old account went down fighting after all the time and effort i put into building it up & i would like to say thanks to the friends i have made and also to the guys at fork and congratulate them on the inevitable victory that will ensue in the near future.

So please believe me when i say i am not a cheat and never would .. i built the account up to 620 villages playing solo with only a couple of days of sitting for the duration of the whole account up until i handed over a few weeks back & i am truly sorry that my actions in passing this account on has come to this shameful debacle that will now cloud the name of overground on future servers if i chose to play on .net again.

Thanks for taking the time to read guys and i hope you all have fun up to the end game :)

Sincerely .....OG
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Well that was a truly good post to read, and one that I, and I think others will respect. It's nice when people are just plain honest.

You are not a player I know especially well due to my recent absence, and you weren't near my old account, or the new one I now play, but from what I have heard you deserve respect, and not to be tarnished by the actions of others, and i sincerely hope you won't feel this will follow you too long through .net, we all have a funny way of forgetting things after all.

All the best in your future endeavors Overground, and i hope we meet again.

mafia man

To overground

we at fork actually tried getting you guys accounts un-banned as we don't want to win this world this way and this easy even though it wasn't that hard vs honor.

I find you have had lots of class in your post above and respect you for it.

It cannot be said about your duke who last night jumped the gun on skype and blamed me of all people about getting all the accounts banned and found out what he really was a coward that cannot take responsability for his own actions.

Why would i get the accounts banned when i was nobling and catting 2 of the accounts that got banned. Now all my nukes that i spent where spent for nothing.

I found out the circumstances of the ban and if i'm the one that as anything to do with it why ain't i banned too as it seems your duke say's i'm the one responsible for it.

Good luck overground on other worlds if you play again

I Less Than 3 You

Despite my recent mails to the Honor camp to provide abit of entertainment for myself on a dull day, these bans are a disappointment for at least most in FORK. The final war is meant to be the best war, the biggest war, the most entertaining and the most anticipated war. But it seems none of these hopes ever became reality, so far. Despite the war swinging in FORK's favour anyway, the bans will surely make the biggest challenge Honor have faced in W58, even harder. So I wish all those in the enemy tribe the best of luck and let's hope you guys can find some spirit to ignite your war efforts and make this a solid war.

However there's still a long way to go with nothing over yet, so I'm sure that will be the case.
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Good luck overground, was nice to play alongside you.

I am dissapointed of how my tribe is fighting this war, truly dissapointed.
Even outnumbered we are doing horrible, every target FORK atacks quits. this is horrible! i mean, why quit?!
And now... Banned! Duke and co-duke. co-duke at the hospital sick or something like that...
Good job FORK. you are doing awesome.

p.s.: I recall we where allis once, please, dont threat us all as sh*t. some people in honor are and respectfull and friendly whit both, enemys and allis..


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I have now taken the account back & changed password ( the nub didn't change the e-mail to the acc ) & i have accepted the ban & once online will be deleting the account ... I am really disappointed in the actions of this player and the other players that apear to have cheated as well & feel ashamed that my name was inadvertently associated with this issue as i would never cheat & sincearly hope you guys believe that if you happen upon me in the future on TW

i do not know overground, he does not know me, but i can assure you he is not the reason for the recent ban, he does not even know who was on the account when it was banned (the second time)

some folks do know who was on the account, those who do know, they know it was me :icon_eek:

i understand how you feel mate, i would never want anybody believing i had cheated, especially if i had not
in fact, it was not me who got your account banned, i did not even change the email, i never planned to accept the account, i was only taking it on a temporary basis until w64 started

the reason your mates wanted me on that account was exactly because of the situation with the account, it was a front line account with the capacity to create a bunch of nobles and they needed somebody who was not a nub and could be trusted

i'm sorry it did not work out for you and i understand your confusion
but just to be clear, if we had spoke on skype, you would have no doubt they chose correctly what was the best way to get your account active and helping your mates

idk myself what was done to receive the ban (have been waiting to get with lucky and jester and con), apparently things were not executed correctly, but the plan was not to cheat, it was to get your account into trusted hands so it could be used to benefit your mates as quickly as possible, even if it was only a short term solution

i am not a nub, i am not a cheater, i am trustworthy
i do not think i need to prove that to anybody, i think most folks who know of me know that is true
since a few folks know it was me on the account when it got the second ban and since i was erroneously accused publicly by the account-holder, i just wanted to clear it up before anybody began wondering why i did not defend myself against these accusations

good luck to you overground