Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

Lily Whitesheets

when asked why I didn't participate in our OP......

My Home was burned out, I had no internet and I'm living in a hotel now while construction is going on.

......true and sad actually........

now I have new everything. :)


Yeah?? Even new (insert witty comment here).

Barb Munchers...........

elrojo on 17.09. at 01:30
All you do is munch on barbs. They should call you Baron Barbmunchausen.

********* on 17.09. at 09:15
but i hardly take barbs? :L

since our war with **** started, including the players they kicked...
Side 1:
Players: **********
Side 2:
Tribes: ***** *****
Players: ******, ******

Timeframe: 05/09/2010 00:00:00 to 17/09/2010 09:13:43

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 57
Side 2: 0
Difference: 57

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 605,905
Side 2: 0
Difference: 605,905

elrojo on 17.09. at 10:32
102 barbs is hardly hardly taking barbs!!

********on 17.09. at 10:34
i took over this account lol so it's not me ;)

(Names have been hidden)


MajMcMuffins today at 20:55
Are you attacking one of my members?...

meridius1 today at 20:57
Now lets see your attacking me and have attacked my members.. so why would I order an attack on one of yours ......hmmm difficult one that

MajMcMuffins today at 20:58
Hey now i havent attacked you YET thats in a few hours -.-

meridius1 today at 21:01
Oh I see so they are not really on there way, there going to turn back just before they get here, how silly of me :)

MajMcMuffins today at 21:02
Lol I meant you cant say i have attacked you if i have only sent them at you. They havent hit so therefore i havent hit you YEt :)

meridius1 today at 21:04
Err I think youll find them actually heading my way is an attack, let me explain it, did you press a button that didnt say support? well go on what did the other button say...could it be ATTACK, there think that gives it away some what

MajMcMuffins today at 21:05
You cant prove it :)

meridius1 today at 21:07
What that you pressed attack, no you could have told them there was free beer and they made a run for it

Yo Kid who the hell are you?


MajMcMuffins today at 21:02
Lol I meant you cant say i have attacked you if i have only sent them at you. They havent hit so therefore i havent hit you YEt :)

hmmm, I think you'll find that is an attack!


My thoughts exactly...but hey ho you just cannot explain the game to some folk :)


Back on topic here is one of the best excuses I've heard: "a change of village coords" (W54)

While in most cases I would agree with you on the fact that a leader who isn't active brings the tribe down, I must disagree with you here. I can assure you he is active and his current point total is misleading as he had a change of village coords..


lol Dfix is the better so far

I quit cause ....... i did not get a puppy like everyone else :(


I didn't know you were a woman!! (Heard this one today!!):icon_biggrin:


I quit because "it is no fun playing this game anymore"!!

Wonder who said that??


"I only enjoy the making and building, not the fighting."
"you have the record of being the only person I have ever attacked"
" I was disappointed to see you attack me unmercifully. I have sustained many, many attacks by your tribe mates, and they were all decent in only taking a few villages - not everything."
"I really still cannot understand why you send so many attack to each village!"