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yes some of the scripts have reduced the some of the fun .... yea always failing I guess...


So many good memories from this world. Some people play TW because they know they are good and love amassing villages and showing that they have mastered every facet ingame, others are born leaders and cannot get enough of the diplomacy involved and tact required. I on the other hand play this game knowing i'm exceedingly average, but always manage to stick around and i do this for the social aspect, because the people you get to meet from all over the world gives you a different viewpoint that would not otherwise be available in your daily life.

In no particular order:

theangrychicken TAC took me in twice, once when he and Benoke formed monkeyz and a second time with the FAIL merge. Man of few words..... really did have a good sense of......humour.... and an....awesome tribemate.

Drew Waylander what can i say? not too often you get a leader who leads by example, does all the things that need to be done behind the scenes and finds the time to be amiable away from the game.

Pavlina tireless worker and an absolute sweetheart ( I still need a co on 53 ;) )

Cbirds enjoy my villages bro ;)

Arabela (kiss) miss chatting with you babe! hope the little one is healthy and happy!

Hallzy Jake the most entertaining, by far. you never knew what was gonna happen next.

other notables

Phyrus (Vedad)
Bumblebee (amazing leader)
jayjay -best player out there imho (and kicks my ass on 53 when it suits him lol)
Chief Ed
Forklift (still have mad respect for him)

so many others, but im gonna be late for work. W14 was a blast and everyone here deserves mad props for toughing it out, no matter what tribe you are in!


WOW, it's been a while since I checked the forums and I thought nothing special is going on. But this one is awesome.
I just have to say I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE GETTING THERE,,, finally!!!
But I’m going to miss playing with you all for sure. I remember the first day I started this world and this day isn't the day I thought I'd be still here, quit many times and got back because of friends I couldn't miss anymore.
Drew, you're great player, leader, and can make anything possible in this game. I'm not the cause that you got through; it was you keeping me and all tribe together. Apart from game you had influence on my life bro, a reason that I survived and I’m where I am right now. I respect you because of that really appreciate it. Just a few hours away, hope to see you soon.
Pavlina, you're more than you are. Taking care of my account more than I did myself. Thanks. Besides always making me feel better and motivated after our talks. Missed taking to you (hugs)
Dabookman, a great leader with marvellous thoughts. Having an eye on everything. And thanks for the heads up for Geordie before coming here, made me prepared a bit, but still learning, haha
a2cip My bro, with a different way of thinking which always made me surprised. Always available to support me, missed playing with you.
Phyrrus of Epirus, Pasha Not many villages but a great player and also a leadership member. FOE wouldn't survive without him
Arabela I'm really proud of playing with you, my sisy. Won't forget you
Wobba Great respect to a great leader TW won't see again like him. Got the first villages in most wars.
TAC................. NO
Cheif Always admitting your comments. And also like your profile picture
Choy2x2001 A great player who responded my mails even sooner than I sent them.
And have to mention few old failures not around anymore:

Owjan who is my rl friend and is the only reason I joined this world and I happened to know you all.

And finally thanks to you all tribe mates because you’re all great...

FAIL and OWNED, Rest In Peace



Hi Jay

I´m honored to be on a list from such a great player as yourself. You and Garrock have been the "to beat" I have always looked at. (ofcouse others too, but counting players I have played with) and as you say , Cynz never stops attacking :)


First... thanks Nic... means alot coming from you... of course to beat me or Jay you need to be more active :icon_idea:

14 was and still is the most memorable world for me as well... such a great world, so many competitive tribes and players. Purely best player of 14 it's hard to say... N-Ro was so very good, and helped advance my game quite alot... then shortly after we defeated PWN 14, our tribe came into some brief contact with Griaxe I realize it's pure speculation, but in my mind he had the best overall start on world 14, he was a beast before he chose to pursue w13 ahead of 14....

Metaller, Arabela, VH, Jay, Tammy, Hurod, DamienC, Countzero, Bandaglion, ToxicJ, Sp.ag, TAC, Free-eek (yes he played 14, it is where I met him), Spyder, Cynz who joined TW at the same time as I did from another game and so many others...

Truth is, Jay & I put a tribe together for 47, and the bulk of the members on that tribe played on world 14.. it had a great start, the best of world 47 I'd wager, I'd put a team from 14 against any tribe in any world, and I'd expect us to dominate.

I know I left 14 rather early (only 400 villages)... and in the time since I've left TW 3 times :lol: but my core group of TW friends remains mostly those I met on w14... hehehe, Martin won't stop following me.

Thanks to everyone on 14... Best world I've seen!


All the people from the original TW are all pretty famous.