Fancy a cup of TEA? lol


stop picking on ants. It's time for TEA to stop playing chicken and finish what you've started against pssst..

Pick on a tribe your own size,, come get us TEA..

screw tea,, I prefer coffee..

ATMOS i see your back to fail again

sips tea with pinky out


This Drama makes life little interesting. But only just a little. :)


High in protein (flex)'

I would love to see some TW support action on that declaration. Seriously when is it acceptable to personally attack someone on their appearance?

i would agree there is a line not to be crossed after all its only a game



Atmos leave those noobs alone, they are not worth your time mate.


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I'm still here murph and so is PSSST,, I thought TEA was going to bring us your best gameplay... I'm truly disappointed..

@turplepurple Bring your whole 40+ member tribe to come get us. We've been fighting your ass for the past 5 weeks... we still here..

Instead of asking us to come to you, why don't you come to us? You are still searching for that first TEA cap ;(